School Opens

Hey, i know it is my first post and it is supposed to be interesting…so, let’s get to it.

Campus opened its doors to first years and continuing students. Usually, I report on the first day, not that am soo eager to begin learning but rather coz I love the freedom that campus offers. I mean, I can come back at 2 am and no one will worry where I have been all night..(I’d rather not elaborate…).

There are 3 types of people when school opens. Those that say, “How can I stay in campus? It is soo booring…” and then they head for home. I just want to ask, if u can be bored in campo, home ndio hutaboeka? get real…if u are bored in school, u’ll be bored at home coz u are most probably a boring persona anyway.

Then there is the type that is actually bored coz they have a more exciting life outside campus, but mark  my words, it is not at home where they have fun. If it is chicks, they’d go over the their boyfriend’s place and spend two weeks of exhausting sex slave and come back when studies beginning with full shopping bags for the nights they had to put up with. Get a life! If it is a dude, and let’s assume he doesn’t have a “Wambui Otieno” galfriend, he’d probably be drinking all nite and coming to school to sleep druing the day, so u never actually see him until school begins.

Finally, there is the me type. Ok, this was supposed to be a blog about campus gossip but I must add that the gossip is centered around me. I don’t claim that campus is boring, and neither is it exciting. But I do have good times, catching up with my pals Ed (Idiot), Phil (Idiota) and Danni…they may become a constant feature here so watch out..During this first week, we hang out a lot. Watch movies, gossip, sit at the Student’s center alll afternoon sipping Alvaro and bitching about passers-by. This is the time to discover old flames and see if they can be rekindled, or perhaps discover new guys with whom to flirt with and watch movies with on Friday nights.

With pals like mine, who know everything from the colour of ur underwear to whom u made out with last nite, it is fun to be in campus. More is yet to come, but for now, adios….


16 Responses

  1. New blog… and am first here ha? I like the way uv described the categories of guys/ chics on campus… Used to be fun back then… I reported always on the first day… to hook up with girl friend(of that given time) and have as much sex as possible to compensate for the days we were off campus… and of course hit the club like they were going to close down after week one… Welcome to wordpress.

  2. Good luck to U!

    thanks you, simon

  3. hmmm. settling in with my popcorn…bring on the stories!

    i aim to u better fill up the popcorn

  4. Hey hey welcome to the neighbourhood. Enjoy campus, thea’s a lot to do… Wish i could go back… Can i?

    anytime.. we have IDPs here, as in guys who just live in campus though they are not studying..they leave with a Bachelor of Being Around (BBA)

  5. faooooooooooo! and am proud of the turn you have taken, seems interesting and i’ll be yua number one fan!

    am sure guys are thinking u are crazy coz u are shouting fao and u are like 3rd, it’s just that am still getting acquinted with this wordpress and am wondering why they keep asking me to moderate the comments…

  6. Zax..luckily (or unluckily), there was no boyfriend before i left, though there were flirt mates with whom u watch movies and drink alvaro, and if the worst comes to worst, make out….

    as for clubbing, i just met someone today who told me they dont like to go Thika coz the clubs are crowded with jkuat students…or on weekends, u’ll find them club hopping in Westie..

  7. Boyfulani, Fao where?
    Savvy, Welcome to the dark side, await for all your revelations, its been many many many years since I was in campus! sigh……Nostalgia
    Thanks for visiting and karibu again

    many years? why do u sound young to me?

  8. Karibu wordpress!
    Campus days were the best will try and remember the good old times with the help of your blog

    hopefully, i will be alive long enough to reminisce my campus days..let now go and make the future memories

  9. Welcome to the blogging and bring on the campus storos. i think that’s been missing in the KE blogshpere….I like your first post.


    thanks 3N..

  10. stopping over…. I will Watch and observe. I AM TAKING notes

    make sure u don’t doze off, taking notes is a like taking a sleeping pill

  11. I’m sure everyone will want to see Kip’s famous notebook!!!!

    infamous for that matter

  12. haha, u mean i never left a comment here?

    comment acknowledged boyfulani. i know u are my number one fan.

  13. Weuwee. . .fls strange readn abt my campus! Hehehe.

    feels strange reading a comment on someone who might know me..

  14. I can’t believe I just discovered this blog. This is fantastic!!!!
    Can’t wait to catch up!

    You are welcome, anytime

  15. […] Posted on May 21, 2009 by savvy08 It’s been roughly a year since I wrote my first post on […]

  16. therz anther category….those who show up a month later…. hehe,

    am sure you are in that category…

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