Types of Dressers

I do not run a fashion magazine, and no, neither am I an aspiring fashion designer, and am not so fashion crazy either. But trust me, I have to comment on this…I have been trying to customize my blog, mdogo mdogo but with the lousy net am having, it is an achievement to even blogroll one person.

So here are the types of dressers:

1.The Classy dresser
If it is a chick, she knows the difference between classy and trashy. She most always is neat, and not a single hair out of place. She most definitely wears make up, but knows the rule of less is more. She doesn’t show too much cleavage, or wear too tight clothes, her shoes always match her clothes or her handbag or belt….an example is some chick, I cant remember her name and she should be in 4th year now. All I remember is that she is an exkotetian.
If it is a guy, he can either be smart casual or in official wear. His shoes match, he is always neat and tidy…. I could give some examples but I don’t want them to know I admire them….
My words: Keep it up..
2.The Trashy Dresser
Oh, you probably know this one. Too much make up, too much ass and boobs. I remember there is this one time my pal Idiota and I were walking along the paths when we met a chick who’s in 4th year now but her bro is a second yr student. She was wearing one of those low cut tops, and she doesn’t understand that u still need to wear a bra. Here are some excerpts of the conversation:
 Me: Look at that chick…what is she wearing?
 Idiota: That looks disgusting, one boob is here the other there…
 Me: Looks like a car could pass through..
 Idiota: A car?! A lorry is more like it…

My words: Do our streets look like K-street? If u want to be in a porn movie at least enda Hollywood, they accept all freaks and at least u get paid. Otherwise, cover up  those disgusting parts..

3. The ‘Shagmondo’ dresser
He will wear a suit yes, but it is most likely a hideos yellow-brown colour and worn horribly with white sneakers and a green tie.His home is probably very remote and they don’t care about colors, a suit is a suit and shoes are shoes…. They are also probably wearing 05 jeans, if they aren’t in the suits. This would be worn with some red bandana acting like a pseudo belt, and a shady bouncing walking style not forgetting earphones coz they just bought new fones after getting helb loans….

As for the chicks, she is either in a longish skirt, probably green and a yellow t-shirt. Girls, get this, please: u do not wear a skirt with a tisho. She would be very comfortable with a head scarf lakini coz she is in campo, she will wear a horrible weave. She may or may not ‘shanuka’ after a while and will definitely join the trashy dresser type. Perhaps she is not so influenced so she will become a casual dresser.

My words: It is good to be yourself, we accept u as u are….

4. The Casual dresser
In case u are wondering where I fall in, perhaps it is in this category. I do not try too hard to impress though I may dress up once in a while. If it is a chick, jeans form almost her entire wardrobe, u cant miss a number of t-shirts and sweatshirts. She may have bad days (hair, shoes clothes…) or good days (she will draw wows the days she is classily dressed…) . I’d say her style is ok…though many aspire to be classy dressers, it is just that it takes too much effort.

For dudes, jeans and t-shirt and sneakers…and once in a while, they dress up into suits and draw comments. If they have bad days, they will wear bad shorts that show off hairy legs, and torn slippers…

My Words: Just a little more effort everyday can have u looking classy all the time, but is it really worth it?

5. The Confused dresser
Right. I know you are wondering. This guy will come to class everyday in bathroom slippers, and it is not because he doesn’t have shoes. He is still in his PJs, or the tracks he slipped in, probably drank all nite and just woke up wild-eyed and rushed to class. If not, he was playing games (comp or otherwise) and fell asleep at 5 am, and came to a 7 o’clock class at 7.30 only to find a CAT going on…..His hair is more often that not uncombed, even on his best day.

If it is a chick, I only have words for you. You are a shame, u are supposed to know better. The least u can do is wake up early enough for a shower and a little hair combing before rushing to class. And get some shoes, they don’t cost an arm or a leg…that’s y there is mitumba?

My Words: Wake up and open your eyes

So, which type of dresser are you?



8 Responses

  1. how about a little of each?

    including the trashy dresser? hmmm..which parts do you expose?

  2. Depends with the day, and availability of clean clothes.

    Why do I believe you?

  3. I fall between classy & casual dresser….. me thinks..

    most people fall in this category too…

  4. I believe in dressing for the occassion. I mostly fall under the casual dresser if I’m only going to class and studying. For most other occassions where socializing is involved, I’ll go with classy.

    As for those trashy dressers, I think they deserve more tongue lashing than you gave. This past weekend I was at the mall and there was this chick wearing white see through pants, with white panties that didn’t even fit her (they stopped in the middle of her butt). And she had on a red tank top that left her love handles hanging all over the place and her boobs were practically falling out. Ladies, please dress according to your body type. Such fashion faux pas really drive me nuts. Ok, I’m done ranting on your blog 🙂

    Rant all you want, trashy dressers deserve more than just tongue lashing…Besides, some big mamas just cant understand that they can still be smart without squeezing themselves into undersize clothes that leave ‘love handles’ and other loose parts hanging out! Gross!

  5. Can I be a Classy Shagzmodo?

    he he he….its acceptable to express your inner self…except i suspect the shagzmodo will outclass the classy part…u cracked me up

  6. I think I can just put all of my friends into one category or a hybrid of two. My one housemate is a classy dresser and the other dude is a total shagmondo. The latter is a guy that wears tracksuit bottoms with SHIRTS or formal navy blue trousers with Converse sneakers. Combination that look so much more shake than they sound. I just bite my tongue when we hang out and pretend I don’t see what he’s wearing..ok, not that I imagine him naked because that would be gay but I just mentally block it out.

    I think I’m a casual/ethnic dresser. It also helps that I’m tall and lean so I can pull off anything. 😀

    Ok, now I’m just bragging. 😛

    tall and lean people tend to pull of anythint they wear, but I’d advise the rest of mankind vertically challenged to mind what they wear. good for you.

  7. ha! @ bomseh. i totally fall in to that category.

    so u just look for anything available and clean? one day u will pata a luminous green t-shirt advertising cow dewormers, brown tracks u cant recall buying and yellow socks ur ex gave you as the only clean clothes then u can walk around looking like a 3rd rate clown, ha!

  8. First year of campus. Was a confused dresser. As long as I am not naked and something distances me from the hot tarmac, then class i will not miss. But I was very confused those days. Would wake up for a 8 Oclock class at 8.15

    Hope now you’re less confused!

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