Cleansing myself

So, finally classes began and people are now almost studying. Before I begin my semester, I guess it is a good idea to ‘cleanse’ myself, to borrow from Half n Half.
Here goes:

Cruelest Thing I have done so far

I still feel guilty about this. In high school, I must confess I wasn’t at my best behaviour. I read novels like crazy, and I was in a class where half of us were novel addicts. There were many ways to get a novel: exchange, beg, borrow, steal… name it all. So this one time, I told this girl in my class, Esther, that I was going to 4A(our rival class) to steal a novel. Then I went, gave it to Regz (another addict) and made her swear an oath not to whisper anything to anyone until things cooled down. The following day, some chicks from 4A came to our class demanding the novel, and since everyone thought I was innocent, they ‘tetead’ me, even fought and by the end of the night, our windows were broken. Where was I all this time? In dorm, asleep. Everyone thought Esther a traitor, how could she want to cause me trouble so soon after my suspension? I had just been suspended the previous week and was told any more mistakes would ensure me a permanent expulsion. I couldn’t look at Esther in the face after that, knowing I was guilty after all. I have never apologized to her.

One thing that I have done that I will never regret

Why does everything have to do with high school? There is this teacher who used to confisticate our novels everytime he found us reading any. Then he would ask us to go for them at the end of the term. So this one time, he took my novel after I had reached an ‘unputdownable’ part. I was really mad, but waited patiently until the end of the term. When I went for it, I knocked and went in, only to find him not in the office..but on his shelf, were rows and rows of  novels….I was practically salivating…no telling what I did (ok, I packed as many as I could into my sweatshirt…)

One thing that I regret doing

I regret getting suspended, wearing it like a badge of honor. The worst part was telling my parents. See, one moment we are sitting in class instead of going for evening prayer in church. Then the teacher on duty decides we should be suspended for not going to church, supporter by the nun, Jay-Z (short for Jezebel), and the tiny principal who hated my guts. So early Thursday morning, instead of completing the ongoing mock exams (it was 2nd term, form four), we are loitering in town in conspicuous red uniform, wondering just how the hell we’ll begin telling our parents of our suspension…ok, this is a whole post on its own… I just wish my paroz were never involved, they were so disappointed in me, they never even said a word. Just the silent treatment.

Best Revenge

Ummm.. I have to think of this one. I do not think anyone has ever treated me badly to the point of taking revenge personally, so that is why no moment of sweet revenge can come to mind. Generally, my anger is spontaneous and ends there….

Worst Fantasy

There are times when I wish I was a sniper. Then I’d kill all those corrupt people in the government. This is a fantasy I have carried for some time, you know, being an assassin but for all the right reasons… killing perpetrators of injustices, feeling the echo of the gunshots as I blow their brains to eternity.. otherwise nothing personal.
Of course, am not adding the times I wish I could stand up to my parents during arguments and say what is on my mind, shatter a glass against the wall, for once. .except I just sit quiet and meek, seething inside.

Worst Lie I have ever told

Well, there have been many. Times when my parents call and am in a place with loud music (could be a mat, a club etc…) and I just know I cant answer and when I call back later, I’ll tell them I was in the library, church so I couldn’t answer. The worst lie so far…all of them are bad enough. Like saying campus will close a week after it actually did, like saying I need money for nonexistent tours and projects.

One person I could kill if I could get away with it..

Can’t think of one…just imagine all that burden of knowing u took a life..i couldn’t live with it.

Moment I wish I could reverse

There is this time I was ‘working’ just before reporting to campus. Nothing professional about it, I had done some web design course, and thought I’d  put my skills into use. So I was working for this guy whom I consider not too bright. We had to take some photos using an expensive digital cam for the website, and he left me in charge of it. Evening came, and instead of leaving the cam where I had been instructed, I decided to leave with it. On my way, I passed by a cyber to surf, and yes, I left it there! I was so worried, I went back the following morning and those assholes of attendants said they had not seen anything. It is only after reporting the matter to the cops, got an abstract, almost got locked up, my ‘boss’ threatening to throw me in ( I could be in cahoots with the cyber attendants, who knew), and my dad reminding me how he never thought I should work in the first place, look where it had got me. It was a nightmare, but finally, those assholes at the cyber returned it with a sorry ass excuse ati some regulars had taken it by accident and returned it. I was just glad to have the cam back, and didn’t bother checking their story. I quit immediately after that.

One bad thing I wish I could do before I die

Well, I wouldn’t admit this if u met me face to face, but there was this fly chick in high skul…enuf said..
 Now you can crucify me!


10 Responses

  1. more pornography! yay! *peers hard at monitor*

    peer all u want, even bring a magnifying glass….no trace of norpo there…

  2. Your worst fantasy, I can’t remember how many times I thought of it in January. I always fantasized killing Kibaki and Raila to save the millions of Kenyans suffering during that dark period in our history.

    Sex is bad, it is evident in everyone’s “One bad thing I wish I could do before I die.” It is always about sex, no? Proves that death and sex are very much related, like I like to imagine, and believe.

    makes me wonder why we all think sex is bad??? sex and death related, am not too sure…just reading a novel right now about a serial killer who mutilates women and cuts them up…thus achieving a sexual nirvana(orgasm)???

  3. @bomseh – that reminds me your quote on death and sex was brilliant on the former template.

    Can you do the ‘one bad thing i wish I could do before I die’ as a post by itself…I am a sucker for potential lesbian stories…LOL

    as you cleary is a potential let’s leave it at that

  4. Ehe? Wat wit è mama? Share gal!

    maybe someday..just not right now..patience but watch this space

  5. @3N – I don’t know why it is not showing in the current template, but I actually believe in it, “Death and sex are the two irresistable forces of life, to cum is to prepare to die.” Yaani literally, in one way or another.

  6. will follow up on that link shortly…sounds like an interesting read.

  7. ha, i like the post. those things…reminds me of my high school life..same experiences, i love novels and yes, they were once the cause of my suspension, ha…the novel i was heavily burried in was called ‘kill me quick’ by meja mwangi..wa…i have never finished it since.

    there was a nun who took a novel of mine called ‘the man who made husbands jealous’. she never returned it. No, the novel I was reading was ‘a dangerous fortune’ by Ken Follet..but I got it back and read it. There was a time my class teacher took a novel by Collin Falconer that I was reading, coz she wanted me to study…I never got it back.The list is long…I could go on…

  8. i so get you on the suspension bit- the worst thing is telling your folks! i was walking home from the bus stop wondering how im gonna have this cnonversation when who stops to give me a lift? MY FATHER- that was the most awkward ride home-ever!

    i had to use an aunt as an intermediatary…uzuri she understood, she just said “hizo ni story za Catholic Schools..” it is good to have relaz sometimes. (relaz-relatives)

  9. Savvy girl, u r naughty… giggles giggles

  10. Naughty savvy girl. Love it sweet

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