Of Tusker Project Fame, the weekend and school grades

Sunday, 1st June, 2008. 11pm.

So its on Friday. People are making plans for the weekend. Even your usually plotless friend has invited over her handsome ex and is skiving Friday afternoon classes. But for the life of me, I can’t get myself a excuse good enough excuse not to go to my afte classes; hanging around as a fifth wheel perhaps? Don’t think so. Luckily, it’s a computer unit so I get to surf, read blogs under the glare of the lecturer, and somehow manage to write notes at the same time. It’s already 5’oclock, and what to do now? People are leaving the campus grounds in droves.. I could go home, but then we are talking a 10hr bus ride or an impromptu visit to an aunt in the city. I consider this as I go to my room, only to find no electricity..now what to do? Boring place without lights..am in bed as early as 8.30, and sleep for like 12 hours (is this normal?)…

Saturday? Oh, yeah, church day. It’s now what? 10 am? A bit too late, not much inclination anyway. Right, now about that plan. I could go to my aunts’ places and flash around my transcript around..could loosen a few purses. What’s in the transcript? 17 units (14As, 2Bs and one C.). Then I picture the long bumpy loud matatu ride to town, more noise as I get into yet another mat, find single aunt planning to go out (“hello there! So happy to see u! how is school?”, have some tea. U want a soda? Am going out, make sure u lock the door when I go out. Here is the transcript. Very good, all these As, and the C??? Ahh..usijali, I’ll be back later, si unarudi shule kesho?) It is so predictable…

I love the lazing around anyway. Nothing to do but lie on my bed all day and tackle a 700 page novel. It’s night, and there is Tusker Project Fame on TV. Jacob gets sent home coz he is the biggest competition, half hearted performances, Ian the Goofer dressing down Kenyan Victor, and the usual wish wash drama…am tired of the theatrics. Am having an alone day in my room for once, my roommates having left for home or wherever.. I play music all night, attempt to read, and try the free Safaricom offer…of course by now everyone is aware of it and no calls are going through. You want to say a quick hello to an old acquaintance, who , after hearing the call is free, continues to make idle conversation for 20 minutes while u roll ur eyes around….
Sunday morning. Have I really been here all weekend? And tomorrow is yet another free day.

Not that I long for classes, but wondering what will make the day worth looking forward to..think… or even live through today. I can’t believe am sooo bila plan, except novel after another. Am now in my second novel. At night, there is TPF2 again. Who was that who was saying Hemedi looks like Usher? Are you blind? Guy can’t even sing… I see nothing in him worth screaming about. Has anyone seen that Ug chick, Esther? She is so sophisticated, can sing and hasn’t been on probation even once. Does Judge Ian have a crush on her? I wouldn’t blame him. More performances..what am I doing in the tv room? I can count the number of times I’ve been here. Am not a tv fan when am in school.

Sunday night: typing this on the computer. Wondering how tomorrow will turn out. What an actionless weekend. Fine with me, am okay in my solitude. Except these calls still can’t go through… it’s not like Safcom built extra satellites (transmitters, whatever) to handle the free calls, so who’s laughing now? Veery annoying. Ok, am beginning to sound irrelevant so let’s end it here.


4 Responses

  1. Woiyee. . .sowii 4the lousy wknd. Thank God me is on holiday. Woohoo! U mean thse bloody blackouts stil happen? Damn juja!

    yes, damn juja. they always say that this is coz of ‘transformer’ thieves…incidentally, i came to learn about transformer or transformer oil thefts at this place.. and especially during exams, the frequency increases 10fold

  2. I feel you on ‘Have I really been here all weekend? And tomorrow is yet another free day’ and everything.

    thanks..i shall make sure i have definite plans for the next weekend..though it is not so bad to just lie in the whole day..(like i did on monday). i finished another novel that day.

  3. hi hemedi is da bomb haters get a life.wendy no looks

    u get a life! hemedi can’t sing, doesn’t even look remotely like Usher and mistakes any attraction for love. he seems like even if he was put in a home for the elderly, he will still have crushes!

  4. Looking forward to another amazing weekend

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