Grandfather passes on

My grandfather passed away on Thursday. Not my grandfather, per se, since he is my dad’s grandfather but everyone called him grandpa. I dedicate this to him. He was more than 100 years for sure.

For years you toiled on
Ever since i was born
you were always there
sitting under you tree
with your spectacles, you cane and your chair

i remember the few times i came to visit you
and asked you to tell me a story
and you always told me the same story over and over again
you even sang the song that went with it
except now with the passing of years
i can harldy recall the story
but i do remember when you told me you built the railway
and came back home with 5 shillings
which you subsequently built your life with

i remember the day grandma passed away
i could hear the catch in my dad’s voice when he spoke at her funeral
though it was 9 years ago
time passes quickly
and i know you missed her terribly
i can only hope that u are now reunited with her
and u are as happy as you can be

i did not visit much these last years of your life
perhaps i feared you might not recgnize me
or maybe it was the distance
whatever the reason, and i know how lame this sounds
am sorry i hadn’t seen you in a long time
and even now i shall not be attending
you last ceremony on earth
i can only pray for your soul to rest in peace
perhaps one day we shall meet
for we are all mortals
and death catches up with us
no matter how we run


10 Responses

  1. ooooh pole sana for your loss. Maybe your (great)grand pa rest in eternal peace

    thanks Xs…am sure he is resting now.. Gee, I sound like one of those pastors

  2. r i p to ur grandpa. lovely piece

    thanks diary of a g

  3. Risala za rambirambi na zikufikie popote ulipo.

    zilinifikia mahali nilikuwa na nikazipokea, asante sana Bomseh. mola naye akubariki uliko huko Afrika Kusini.

  4. my heartfelt condolences.


  5. that would be your great great grandfather, i think… sorry about that but its a good thing that you had him in your life for a while…

    yeah, i heard he was a quiet and kind great man, so that makes him my ‘great’ great grandfather

  6. my condolences, may God rest your grandpa in eternal peace.

    amen to that

  7. Oh what a beautiful tribute.
    Celebrate his long life…….

    he lived a long life, i hope he had no regrets

  8. Pole sana for ur great grandpa’s passing. May he rest in peace.


  9. My heartfelt condolences. You were lucky to have him.

  10. condolences from me.

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