Monday Blues

Ok, this should be more like weekend blues. I had my pals from high school over. We used to be roommates (yeah, we had rooms, only they couldn’t be locked from the ourside..). One CN didn’t make it coz she is apparently a busy artist, but we plan to have another sleepover soon.Vee and others made it..and we had fun..

The weather was awful so we didn’t even go swimming as we had planned, but we will swim when they are here next, come rain come sunshine…we caught up, gossiped and talked about all topics under the sun.

We wondered, female is to dildo as male is to……..??!! (Xs, do ur research…)


10 Responses

  1. i shall stay mum on such….. items, they are there in surprising abundance of choice!

    ok, perhaps a link…

  2. male is to vaseline.


  3. pocket p….?

  4. What is a dildo?

  5. lol@ peace…… opinion? baselin 😀

  6. as male is to Pa(l)mela and her 5 friends

  7. @ seinlife

    this was asked totally out of curiosity..but that this stuff actually exists?? don’t u think that the world is perhaps becoming too liberal…??? I feel like JC is coming soon.

    i’d tell u to google it but then u might come up with gross pictures and people will think u r a porn addict, so just get a (dick)ctionary…..

    yeah, i get..

  8. hey i think you should just take 1tot early monday morning it def sorts the blues!

  9. hey, caro…. hiyo ni advice speaking from experiences, i presume? 🙂

  10. Male is to fleshlight…google it!

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