Tusker Project fame-the end

So, Tusker Project Fame is finally over. Esther, that Ugandan chick, deserved to win, hands down. I never heard her struggle with her voice and singing at any one time in the academy. She was always cool, calm and composed, ever the sophisticated lady. I could say when I grow up, I want to be Esther, but then, am already grown up.


Wendy, am sure it feels bad to have come so close, then lose it last minute. I always wondered what people saw when they said she looked hot, but then beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Let’s hope she wont be a one-hit wonder and that she’ll go on and angusha an album sooner so people can listen to the musician she has become, or is she just a celeb now?


David, so mellow voiced, and all those cute cornrows. But then I guess chicks wasted their votes on Hemedi, the drama king.


Victor only got to top 4 coz he is Kenyan, but then not all musicians are exactly talented. A lot rides on image, personality and style.



Hard to say anything, he was just sweet.



He had the talent, but then not much in the looks department. Am willing to bet that majority of the voters were chicks, and besides, he’s not a Kenyan, and that is not a good thing. How else can you explain Victor’s remaining in top 4?



When you are from another country, have little talent and not much endowment in looks, it is a miracle to make it to top 8. Linah is one of those walking miracles. (this is a bit mean, but when u become a celeb, be prepared to swallow some nasty stuff..people hate on you big time. It’s the celeb’s life.)



This guy was the drama king. I could say something mean like “even if he was taken to an old people’s home, he’d still have crushes.” But let me digress, and say this guy has a lot of growing up to do, and maybe one day he should star in a local soap opera, something like, “Better Days” on KTN or even Vitimbi in KBC. He can be Mzee Ojwang’s adopted son who’s driving kina Mama Kayai crazy!! (both literally and figuratively.)


I wonder what I shall be watching on TV now, pop idols usually has bad timings, I only watch TV on Saturday and Sunday night, and I can’t stand soap operas, which are in plenty during the weekend.


7 Responses

  1. LOL still waiting for your answer Xs!

    now i don’t think i want to find out…

  2. Oops that comment was for the previos post – damn phone blogging 🙂
    Ok on TPF2 I wasn’t too much of a fan but last nights performances were tight, Esther had to win cos she has been most consistent I guess but the best performances of the night were Wendys but it was rather too late to change the tide. Victor did not belong anywhere near the top 4!!

    glad u agree with me…as for phone blogging hmm…i love typing fast but my fone is one fo those whose greatest functionality is being able to display a foto of Obama as the wallpaper

  3. oooh, was just told about this, wasn’t a fan…. Uganda oyee! thought a Kenyan would win…

    maybe you should get tv series on dvd and watch the weekend away… or do you prefer reality shows?

    of course been watching series..i love heroes….the bulk of my entertainment is movies mostly…and during the weekend, am out of campus, swimming, hanging out and stuff

  4. I really wanted Wendy to win but oh well, Esther is great.

    there has to be one winner, after all

  5. Ok, Kirima got scared there for a bit – REREAD The whole post just looking for the question…..haya

    So Esther Won…..Hmmmm, she’s cute……now she’s 5M bob richer, good for her…..

    As for the others, maybe next time…. And yes HEMEDI, try the local soaps…..

    next time i might even get me contesting..

  6. Woohoo Esther won! Ad hv bn shockd if she dint! As 4 steve. . .i just dint lyk him. Therez just smthn abt hm tht me dint lyk! Ad hv suggested u invest in movies n serises. . .bt me knws beta! Hehehe 😉

    nzembi, we all know how when i say u got tv in the room, kumbe u have a 7-inch black and white crt box, which shows rice most of the time as u go to the balcony trying to adjust the aerial..or the tv card that is a grand idea but the images are 100% grainy….

    as for series and movies…that’s what friends are for

  7. @kirima..vocab update, its called moblogging.
    now on TPF2, hmm i only wish they looked as good as the photoshoot…otherwise, with the five em, wudnt mind getting a lift with the ‘moose’ uv ’em all.

    i dont get the “a lift iwht the moose uv em all”…am sure no celeb looks as good as they do in fotos..

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