Lousy net, am the SI unit!!

Here i am at the supposed university of technology. We have internet in our rooms, supposedly. But it is supplied with some other wires people would mistake for clothes lines! The pictures better describe them. Don’t worry about the quality of the photos, am yet to get me one of those digital cams, so I had to make do with a phone. Lakini, how is Africa supposed to develop when we have lousy net as ours? We are supposed to be beyond broadband, beyond fibre optics and even beyond wireless! We are supposed to set the pace!

Now you know why I don’t blog as much. Just as am about to hit the Publish button, or post a comment, a strong wind or even a gentle breeze blows the internet away…

The horror cobwebs!

and it gets worse

what is that??

and yet another one..

clothes lines ndio hizo

they come down from heaven


23 Responses

  1. We sure do need fast net. But I think the wiring could have been done better, even with our slow net! route them neatly to make them look nice, and also to make troubleshooting easy should the need arise!

    trouble shooting is not that hectic..you just follow your wire to where it leads you! but then neatness is not an issue,as long as you ge that net..

  2. Hehe, at least u have the internet…

    Some guys walk distances to get to an internet cafe.

    But that is suicidal. Lol…

    suicidal it is..sometimes i usually i feel as if someone can be ‘nyongwad’ when they are rushing to the bathroom at odd hours of the night and they dont see the wires hanging in the corridor if the pegs holding them fail…

  3. wireless. infinitely less messy. less unreliable. and less expensive to install and maintain.

    there is this belief that if u cant see it, it is not there…in this case, wireless is thought slow..

  4. those wires are killer! lol… and cheri is right, at least you do have the internet available

    well, we do have the net though, that’s what i should keep in mind

  5. aaaa, wewe, u cant be serious. those wires look like, i dont know. nothing like wires. bad.

    they look like what? suicide ropes? šŸ˜‰

  6. LOL. Ati u have Internet in your rooms? Eish…. why didn’t think of that 8-10 years ago?

    yes we do..well, 8-10 years ago, was there internet in kenya?

  7. Na uwache kudanganya sisi – those are cloth lines. LOL

    ziko multipurpose, they can also serve as lines for the ‘small’ šŸ™‚ clothes!

  8. Well if the campo guys don’t want to cable the place, what can the students do .. .kienyeji spagetti cabling!

    spagetti cabling..i was thinking more of spider cobwebs..

  9. I thought they are clothes lines, the last 2 have pegs hanging.

    the ‘pegs’ are clips for holding the wires onto the ceiling in the corridor!

  10. Well, I hear wires ‘wire’ up everything in our life! Haha. Anyways, u should be happy that u have net so close. But, eish! that wiring!???!

    well, i can asssure u that the rest of my life is not thaaat wired!

  11. ha ha ha! I could swear I saw pegs! Does someone get tempted to hang clothes on the internet wiring? They could serve double purpose you know.

    But that could also be masking tape no? Whichever way it’s funny Lol.

    Start thinking wireless dear. You’ll like it.

    am thinking wireless, just not acting on it…yet. yes, it is masking tape, to tape the wires to the walls/ceilings

  12. Kwani hujafua leo? Why are the lines empty?

  13. LOL…. eish mami… i didnt think it looks tht bad!! but enyee tis quite a sight. many a times av been tempted to swing over to hall 5 or 4 via the wires from my room… lol! but atleast we have internet,unlike some pple…

  14. CHICK, YOU WIN!!!

  15. Like the ones at my work place

  16. hahahaha., thats funny! for real!

    ati the internet gets blown away by the wind! That was trully hilarious! Even in sudan we had better internet than that, and ati sudan is the 5th world! haki who is your VC? he should resign immediately

  18. Is that wiring done by the uni admin or have the students set up the net thmselves? Its definately progress to have net in the rooms but lakini your campus should be the front runner in showcasing proper IT development afterall its alumni are some of the leaders in IT today

  19. @ nzembi
    they do look like the kambas for Tarzan, swinging from hall to hall…

    @half and half
    the Vc’s contract expired…except a new one doenst really mean changes are going to take place…there is too much inertia…

    well, people know stuff, they just dont care about neatness…its the artwork of the students

  20. Broadband indeed!

  21. Atleast the posts are coming.

  22. That is some ouch internet you got there. Lucky us we have wifi in our hostel. But then again its Kenya so its super slow sometimes. You have to dangle on the window seal with your lapatapa just to get good reception. And fights have been started because, ‘alikuwa anablock internet akiwa amesimama mbele ya comp’

    That was in 2008; now we also have free wi-fi in the rooms

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