Surviving life as a boarder (part 1)

Bonus photo-The Library

so quaint looking!

This is for unyc, who wonders how life as a boarder is. And for an aunt who wonders how you operate with 3 roommates (though she wont be reading this..). mark you, I said roommates not housemates. That means that privacy is only a dream away. So daily life is a struggle to overcome modesty and shyness. Thank God boarding high school gave me a start.

So the alarm goes off at 5.30 a.m. You naturally reach out and snooze it. But a minute later, a roommates’ also goes off and from there its an alarms galore. Thankfully, am trained to sleep through it all, so I doze off amidst noises of opening lockers and banging doors as guys go to the washroom. Around 7.30, a classmate comes in to ask for some clarification in some notes, coz there is a CAT at 8. You leap out of bed like the karate student u are, fully awake and rush to the shower. Of course by now, the hot water is over and the shower is ice cold. You tell yourself it is more refreshing than a warm shower anyway. And you are in a panicky mood coz there is that CAT you had forgotten about,  but then your IQ is above average so u take deep calming breaths as u brush your teeth.

Dressing is an art, especially if u are shy or have some insecurity about your body. So when u get out of the shower, u go to the room, hang out your ‘unmentionables’ at the line at the balcony. If you hall faces the guys’ hall, be sure there will be a few peeping toms hoping your towel will fall. You now start dressing, making sure ur towel is still in place. A minute to 8, u are fully dressed, but no time for breakfast, combing your hair, make up or such like stuff, heck, u don’t even make your bed, even though your roommates will frown at you coz u are making the room have an untidy feel, but you can’t care about their feelings at  a time like now.

Now, about what you wear when you go to bed. This occurs to you as you shove your sleeping clothes(unfolded) into the locker. if you are one of those people who love sleeping in your bday suit, this is not a good place to do it. You surely do not want your roommate who’s stumbling to the bathroom at odd hours to see ‘things’ as your blankets are all on the floor and u are in an acrobatic posture. This is the time to invest in a long sleeved cotton nightdress, complete with old tracks, woolen socks, a marvin or more commonly, mitumba stockings. For the record, let me add I don’t wear anything on my head when I go sleep.

If you have one of those sexy outfits for bedtime, save them for more private quarters. The guy you might want to impress is most likely not around, and as you head for the shower, u’ll meet that creep who keeps giving u the eye, and ur skin will literally be crawling as he scans u head to toe, u wish u had that long-sleeved cotton nightdress am advising you to get. The creep might crown it all with a lewd message, interspersed with several “please-call-me’s”. To make an already bad day worse, as u get out of the shower karaoking a song like Nelly’s Hot in here:

 It’s getting hot in here (so what?)
 So take off your clothes…
 I am getting so hot…
 Am gonna take my clothes off…
 Just a lil bit..just a lil’ bit…get it all off..
Then you open the door, almost doing the jiggle that goes with it. And who do you find? The chairman of the Christian Union, having a prayer session with his sisters-in-christ. Awkward does not even begin to express the tension in the air. You do not have the grace to say hi as he does his best to avert his eyes, and you quickly grab the clothes u were to wear and dress in the bathroom.

You are not spared either if you are a guy. You can’t get away sleeping in just your boxers. That chick you have a secret crush on might be coming to your room as early as 7 o’clock to borrow assignment so she can download (copy, photocopy, dub..), and u sure as hell don’t want her seeing ur scrawny chest, or your fries-influenced one-pack. Of course u have been meaning to get that six pack, and a month of the low down gym at the students center has only served to increase your appetite.

On the days your alarm goes off and you actually wake up, intending to be the first in class, you make your bed, even time to listen to the radio as you take breakfast (instant coffee in a plastic cup, washed down with loaf or mandazi or oily doughnuts.). the radio is belting out gospel tunes and the presenter is irritating, but you stick to what your roommates want. By 7.45, you are ready to go to class, so you consult the timetable and oh no! this is the day your first class starts at 2p.m. Now you rue the wasted sleep.

That is why I love my Wednesdays, my classes start at 8.00 and end at 10 a.m. my roommates are usually busy, so I have the room to myself, for the day. I choose the music I want to listen to, at the volume I like, I wash my clothes and tidy up the room, then lie on my bed and read a novel, or doze in this cold weather.

That’s it for my mornings….part 2 is afternoons


13 Responses

  1. ….as we await part 2

  2. “if you are one of those people who love sleeping in your bday suit, this is not a good place to do it. You surely do not want your roommate who’s stumbling to the bathroom at odd hours to see ‘things’ as your blankets are all on the floor and u are in an acrobatic posture.” lol… that really amused me

    and yes, also seriously awaiting part 2.

    @ 31337 and sybella
    am working on it…

  3. Memoris are made of this. Real drama was where you are in a mixed hostel its true where I was the mens and ladies hostels were interconnected.
    LOL on hanging the unmentionables on the window, reminds me of when you had a member of the opposite gender in the room tradition demanded you display that ‘bendera’ out the window to announce to all comers to keep off

    what sort of bendera?….

  4. lol.. the roomates again!! damn gal! iza-jo!! ati…”Then you open the door, almost doing the jiggle that goes with it. And who do you find? The chairman of the Christian Union, having a prayer session with his sisters-in-christ….” LOL! si u still do yo thing..atleast u’ll know at the end of it, therez some1 actually praying for u!! hehehehe

    am enjoying the good life, with or without the prayers

  5. The b/day suit must be out for sure.Those hostels… Alarms,lockers banging,then the Chaiman of the CU having a prayer session. You are damn right, there is no privacy and the shy ones just get over it ama? This was funny ,however true!…….But campuses have produced people,so……..

    campus life is fun…u just have to go with the flow

  6. I have finished Uni but Iam gonna spend another year in hostel until i get a juicy job. My hostel is more secure compared to rentals. Thanks for sharing.

    u are welcome..there is adequate security in the campus halls, only thing missing is privacy..but since God said its good to share…

  7. ha ha this is way too funny. Memories memories memories. Worse still if you’ve never been to boarding school before. You go to campo already mature and you’re expected to live without the privacy.

    You’re lucky if you didn’t have roommates with itchy fingers.

    Ebu hiyo part 2 ikuje haraka. Lol.

  8. Wowzy! So i take it you have no sex life? 😦

    🙂 there is a sex life, u just have to go to great lengths of sending your roommates for exile..details later

  9. The campus lyf will prepare u for worse. I hav lived the experience,only not with students. and just for the record,sex life has been happening,with or without roomates. here is where ipod has been saving situations.

    that is why it is good to have saved roommates coz they only exile u so that they can have bible study. i dont think it has gone that far, where roommates dont care if u are there or not, they just tell u to look for alternative accomodation

  10. i lyked your article in full coz twas quite realistic and 4 those who jst hold prayer meetintgs and endless friends of the opposite sexa at odd hrsof the nyt ,gve some fair deal of privacy 4 those who wanna dress!

    I feel you..

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  13. Campus life was very eventful.
    Things like exile, cooking in the Halls, boring lectures and so much more.

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