If fuel prices go up.. Cowasaki technology

(This is an interlude between the memoirs)

A solution for all those who have been complaining about fuel prices, but dont want to try boda bodas or cycling or motorcycling..

i can totally picture Xs on the Cowasaki! made just right to ur specifications


9 Responses

  1. Kuku wewe

    wassa matter Xs? don’t like a fresian cow? we could get a local breed…

  2. crazy

    but interesting…it cracked me up too

  3. As for me it seems fine and funny,what about my 80 yr old grandma?
    Imagine all those cows on the streets,and in the carparks!(cowparks)

    well, they could get a well fed, gently bred slow cow….

  4. tihiii!!

    that means you agree….cowasaki is the next in thing, order yours and get it custom bred for free!

  5. if it was an option, am all for it..but only after Xs has done some trials for the rest of us:-)

    trials on the way, am contacting Xs as we speak..

  6. LOL!!! tickled me silly

  7. Where can I get one of those? I think my brudda would totally fit on one of things…might even try to tint the cow-hide.. Lovely blog, BTW.

  8. @ a son of his mother

    tinting the cowhide? that might work…. pimp it up..

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