Where is my muse?

Once in a while, I do reach points like this when nothing is forthcoming from my brain. Sentences remain unfinished and I just jot that down as poetry….. so I have decided to write the top 10 songs that take me there as of this moment. this list varies from time to time. I am a versatile listener, as long as a song is good, it doens’t matter which genre..am all ears
1. Forgive me-CNote

2.Linkin Park- Shadow of the day, Leave out all the Rest. Basically, the whole latest album, minutes to midnight

3. Lady in Red– Chris DeBarge: I like this song coz one day I’d like to wear a red dress, black stilletos, go out for a romantic dinner, and dance in his arms to this song.

4.UB-40- I got U babe

5. Morgan Heritage-Am coming home...the part that gets to me is this: “so many times when am so far away, thoughts of u carry me through my day, it’s not easy for a man to live this way, but i do and that’s why i try…but when i come home…”.

6. Only a woman can love u so much... Michael Bolton

7.I remember-Keysha Cole

8. So Cold– Crossfade

9.i am a simple girl i dream about loving u..u’ll be mine someday– Carol Atemi. I must say i was a bit apprehensive about listening to afro fusion but her songs turned out to be nice. form the new album Hatimaye. i have a copy though its not genuine(have i ever had one in this ear of cd-writing?), so i have no idea the exact title of the songs, but that is a line from the chorus of my best song in the album

10.Lollipop-Lil wayne- ignoring the meaning of the song, it is quite creative, methinks.


12 Responses

  1. the earworm is back [lollipop]. this is not good at all.

    maybe it has to do with the bad boy looks that lil wayne has got 😉

  2. that song lollipop’s begining to grow on me. and i so love so sold-crossfade

    me, i liked it from the very start. but i really feel the crossfade one…

  3. Lollipop-my gawd!Its an awesome playlist apart from this track me thinks.i listnd to minutes to midnight last year,loved every track.

    minutes to midnight is definitely worth listening to…

  4. Weelll…apparently we suffer a similar affliction; the breakdown of mental circuitry, that is. Been on your site, commented, and never actually realized savvy 08 was the author… Methinks I need a muse, too.

    well, kama umeshindwa ku-connect savvy with savvy08? 😉

  5. Good selection Savvy,love them except one which I don’t know,this one by Carol Atemi,what do I do so that you hook me up with it,juz as you did?

    i could send a CD by express mail to Paris, how about that? just send my ur postal address quick quick (haraka haraka)

  6. Girl you don’t like ella ella ella – under my umbrella ella? hehehehe.

    i like the new one, take a bow! straight to the point

    I always enjoy your posts. I agree with you collection except a few I dont know. The ones I most agree are Lady in Red and Only a woman like you. Lovely timeless songs.

    which one don’t u know? crossfade’s cold is rock…. carol atemi’s is local and really good, heard it recenlty myself….ub 40 and morgan heritage are reggae groups worth listening too..forget the jah jah.. songs

  7. I see you are a music langa just like me! hehehehe…That Atemi song is off the hook.

    music langa langa? that i am..

  8. your music selection is quite wide, i like, with the esception of lollipop.

    as i said..i listen to all good music..

  9. *exception

  10. wow, seems your music collection coincides with mine…from cross fade, to so cold ( cross fade) have u listened to viva la vida and violet hill? niiiiiiiice!….. to linkin park’s ‘leave out all the rest’. it’s my fave in that album….the other one i adore is last breathe….by some group i cant recall…the one that goes \ am six feet from the edge..

    Matchbox 20 have sang: am six feet from the edge and am thinking…maybe six feet isn’t so deep..

    yeah. as for muse, men i think al also come ups with such a post, when aint inspiring you, perform an oracle…like doing other things. you cant always have mojo to write. i listen to rock when such moments knock. phew! the longest comment i have left anywhere in a long time….keep us posted!

    sure will keep u posted.. when such moments occur, i generally like to be alone..just quiet preferably listening to only the songs i really feel..

  11. Last Breath is by “creed” not match box 20. Loved the song and as usual I listened and rewound until it got off my sysytem.

    yes, that one….i dont think i can tire of it…

  12. The song ‘ someday’ was written by Chris Adwar and is in Atemi’s album Hatimaye.

    Please buy the original- its only 500/-

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