Getting off the BT

X has been on the BT for a long time. Of course, long is a relative term here. But I assure you it is long..

So finally, X (not Xs) has burnt her bridges. She assured me she has moved on. It was one weird conversation, trust me. She told me she is on the prowl again, the few potentials around her are not challenging, she is a hunter and likes to chase her prey…so she told me I could put up her requirements on the net, just in case. She is not looking for love over then net, she says that is stupid, really. This is a ‘just-in-case’ situation.

The Do’s and Don’ts of katiaring X.
1. Offer me money. It doesn’t matter at what stage the supposed relationship is, offering me money just sounds like you want to pay for services rendered, or you are expecting something in return ( I hope you get the insinuation.). If I need something, I’ll probably ask for it.

Instead, you want to impress me, fine, get me a gift. I don’t mean something expensive. A good novel will do. Or a CD written by you (read pirated..). Gifts don’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful. Oh, u can foot the bills too 🙂

2. Call me to tell me you want to make love to me
This may be romantic to some people, but to me it doesn’t. I mean, how do you call just to tell me you want to have sex with me? This is not an ‘I’ll make love to you’ situation by Boyz 11 men. What am I supposed to say to that? I want to have sex with you too??

Instead, how about you be more subtle? Like say you were thinking about’s not what you are saying, it is how you say it. So let me hear it in your voice and not your words.

3. Flash me
I don’t know about you, but flashing is as annoying as hell. My small bro is bad enough, he is in high school and it is excusable for him to flash me with ‘private numbers’, or strange numbers. But a whole grown person? If you don’t have credit, don’t call. Otherwise if you have something to say, why not just buy credit and call? This also goes for those who cut off the phone when you are mid-sentence, and it’s not like u’ve been talking for 5 minutes, barely a minute! Besides, it is really disappointing when a guy just can’t hustle to get the credit enough for a 5 minute call, how much does he really want you?

Instead: I do understand credit can be expensive, which is why I do  not expect you to call everyday. So get that credit, then call, or sms..

4.Lie to me
I am not saying you spill you entire family history at the first meeting. Or tell me your ex’s stories either. I mean, don’t lie about stuff like what you do, your name or where you live.

If you don’t want to tell me, just say ‘all in good time’ :-)…..

5. Be so available
Have your own plans. Not all your time should be dedicated to me. In any case if a guy shows too much interest, it tends to put me off. I am a hunter, or so I’d like to think, so if you find you are the one calling 90% of the time, my interest is probably waning off.

When I call you improptu and you have plans, don’t cancel them for me, unless what I want to do is very important. I shouldn’t be the one to come up with the plan for an outing all the time, be creative too.

Applications open to all……as long as u satisfy the conditions above…and u have to be male too.


13 Responses

  1. you consider yourself a hunter… don’t hear a chick say that often… actually never have…

    i also feel strongly about 1, 3 and 4… the lying is total BS!

  2. 5). Dont be so available
    this is precisely why Guys will never understand women. You complain that we are never there for you and would rather be with our friends. When we are there for you, then we are too clingy * shaking head in confusion*

  3. @sybella

    ,X, not moi…. she said she is not exactly very explicit when it comes to the pursuing, but she plays her part…. if u think she is playing hard to get, she ain’t. she just aint interested

  4. yes, dont be available, act like you dont even notice me, dont give me so much attention coz that brings in mystery then ill want to get to know you.

    tell that to Creed, it is all about the mystery..

  5. murky waters this. count me out. i go with my gut, it has never failed me. 🙂

    excused… u can now run for the hills

  6. if Kip was here, he would be furiously be taking notes….. but he is not…!\

    i assure u he shall be here later

  7. X’s I Now take notes using a Braille… Iko nyama hapa.

    braille? u went blind? read my advice, take some notes and start on that application?\

  8. kwanza i will call and tell you a useless line like ‘i will fuck you till you forget your last name’

    or my favorite

    ‘listen i am not asking me you for much, just one fuck and if you don’t like it, don’t fuck me again’…..


    my best pick up line is: “name’s James. Just so u know what to scream.”

  9. my teachers taught me better….

    ‘listen i am not asking YOU for much, just one fuck and if you don’t like it, just don’t fuck me again’

    same difference. 3N really bored. copied 31337 style.

  10. 3N!!!!

    tell him Tandra!

  11. If X is such a hunter… she shouldn’t be telling us what she’s looking for. She should find the pack, select her target and then ensue on the chase. That’s what hunting’s all about.. Now off to hide before she sights me and decides me is the one:)

    too late KK… already spotted u

  12. Aibo! 3N. ati what?

    i hope he never tries that on a chick..

  13. And if he is unavailable you complain?
    This is the part where i pity God.

    where does God come in again?

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