Surviving life as a boarder(part 5)

Am sure u are wondering, where did I take my weekends? Or it is just that nowadays weeks are five days long? Weekends are usually the times one takes a break from the campus. I used to go home once in two weeks, when my parents still used to live in the vicinity of the city in the sun. Now they live here.

Instead of many varying stories, let me just say what cut down some other weekend. Friday afternoon, the lecturer cancelled the class because apparently he had a meeting. Five minutes before that, a classmate, enmr, had seen him getting into the staff cafeteria…. And we all realized he probably had a date and was giving us a flimsy excuse, talk of reversed roles! Who schedules meetings on Friday afternoon? At the staff cafeteria? In any case, most meetings are announced ahead of the meeting date. Anyway, everyone was happy the class was cancelled, Friday afternoon is not the best time to learn.

I headed to town for some meeting, an online campusvybe magazine, of which am supposed to be the jkuat correspondent. With African timing and all that, the meeting which was supposed to end around 4.30 ended up at 6pm. That was not so bad except I was to meet some pals of mine in tao, (they were coming over for a sleepover) at 4, and I kept calling them every 30 minutes saying am on the way.

In this July weather, it can rain any time and that evening was not an exception. We were almost drenched as we dashed across the rain to get into a mat to Juja. Around 8.30pm, we had arrived, and since it was dark, we couldn’t walk and took boda bodas. Them, never having had the experience of the delicate act of balancing on them bicycles, could be heard screaming bump over bump. Just as we are about to reach the hostels, the whole place is suddenly engulfed in darkness. Eclipse like darkness, except Juja lights are like that. They disappear at the most inconvenient times. Like Friday nights.

So drenched we went to my room to change. Luckily, all my roommates had left for some action or other over the weekend. Cold suppers later (damn Juja electricity.. I never knew a place could have so many blackouts till I came to campus. They(kplc) blame it one transformer thieves. I had never heard of those before either.), so as I was telling, cold suppers later, we went to a friend’s room armed with Alvaros and some bottles of firepower which later sent us to Saturday morning. The lights came back around 11 pm, and Vee, being the only sober person around, was the DJ. She was taking her own requests, which ranged from rock to westlife…

In the morning, Vee and Angel, were there exclaiming, “gosh, we have never slept in a boy’s hostel before! ..” apparently, huko over at Daystar, boys are not allowed to enter the girls’ hostels and vice versa, let alone sleepover. Technically, it is not allowed here, but as I said earlier, rules get broken….

So at noon we are having breakfast cum lunch, and Vee offers to prepare the eggs.
When I get back a while later, the conversation goes like this:

“ Hey, Vee, where are the eggs? I thought I could hear them smell…”
(hear them smell is deliberate, A son of his mother..)

“They are on the plate..”

“Oh, this. I thought it was milk powder.”

“ That’s how I cook my eggs.”

“ Talk of thoroughly scrambled.”

Later, I took them on a walk around the campus, showing them the sights. Here is a photo we took. (p.s. we are in our weekend clothes..and besides it was cold..)

Still on the walk, we went to hall 7, which am sure was still under (or not yet) construction when akina Kip, Gitts and some ex-this-campuserians were around. The view to the field from the hall-7 3rd floor balcony is simply amazing, Kodak moments those were. There is the pond in the distance, which I like to call a lake; and am probably standing on the balcony of my hotel room looking out at the beautiful countryside.

When it was Angel’s turn (to take a photo), we noticed she was zoobing at something. Kumbe she’s noticed some engineering student at the studio, and even him he was busy smiling at her.. but by the time we left the balcony, he’d left the studio. One a spur of the moment, we decided (yes, we, some of these decisions are made collectively) to leave him a note. I can quote it since I was the author: “Lady in pink at the balcony taking foto. 07xx xxx xxx”, and wouldn’t you know it, he later called her. I hear the ka-onfone hook up is going well, so far so good.

For the first time this year, I decided to cook. I guess if I put my mind to it, I can actually cook tasty meals. I couldn’t let Vee handle the spaghetti, who knows, we could have ended up with ugali! This time, our drink was strictly water, as we watched a movie in the room. It was a nice girls’ night in, with me, Vee, Angel, Dannie and Cracker…. . the movie was Gone baby gone.. I can sincerely said there was not much to it, maybe coz Vee was thinking it was a football match and she was the commentator.

We had planned on a swimo but then the weather messed us up. So Sunday I had to bid them farewell with a promise that I’d be over once my exams were over. Turns out Vee decided to also blog, am not sure she has put up anything though. I had finally signed up on facebook that week (I must be the only person with internet access not to have signed up until last week..even now I still have little enthusiasm, the friends I have there are mostly my former school mates and the only thing we say is hey, howz u? what u up to?…) so we promised to send friend requests to each other.

We walked the kilometer long stretch to the road, I made sure they were safely in the mat, and told them to call when they reached safely. Then took the long road back to my daily life.
Oh, last photo..


19 Responses

  1. You call our Dam a pond??

    allright, it is a lake

    I hear you on the blackouts!! They are so freaking annoying. But we’ve gotten used to it. if they used to happen like four years ago, I tell you we’d have pulled ‘the high school arson attacks’ move!
    You are right about the views from hall 7, though my classmates would beg to differ. My studio faces Hall 1 directly, so they (the boys) usually have a VERY GOOD view of what they consider as important!

    especiallt since u guys are in the studio at odd hours of the night when people are not so self conscious..

    What! Mami, you hadn’t signed up to facebook yet???

    i am now..

  2. cool.wacha i search you in facebook kwanza and see who of the three is you!

    i thought i have posted a photo of myself? maybe it is because u are mo-blogging and the photos are not loading? besides, i dont have a facebook photo

  3. that hall 7 has a great view. when I left only one floor was done and we used them as classrooms. however the place had been like ruins for the longest time before then. The blackouts have always been there can remember them from my very first days as a fresher. Hmm you’ve reminded me I’ve been on fb for almost a year now, time has really flown.

    how come the lights usually go off at a time like now, exam time? The rate of blackouts is directly proportional to the difficulty of paper you are having next!!

  4. That chic zoobing & getting a number reminds of this time a chic on a date (with her Jamaa) typed her number on her cell, displayed my way…mouthed…”call me”…. I didn’t…!

    how couldn’t you???

    Alafu Kumbe Nzembi ni wa huko chuo yenu… have u met her? Smack her head & show her how to blog! LOL

    i shall give her simple explicit directions…no, we haven’t met..

  5. Good to hear there is a ‘Hall 7’ to take views from. I used to pass right through it to\fro the gym (how i miss the six pack!)

    six pack, hmm..

    ..Only view was of weed smokers patched on the 1st slab like monkeys doing their thing…Blackouts…they were more of ‘floorwise’ in hall six i wud pick my half-cooked ugali and dash to my buddy’s, floor below…lol

    and u still ate the ugali? am sure u are the one who shortcircuited the whole floor…

  6. @Xs! Ati you want her to do what??

    Sawa Savvy send me clear instructions on how to blog before a war against me erupts spear headed by U, CB and now Xs!! LOL.

    1.Open wordpress
    2. Search for a link that says register a new blog
    3. Click on it and follow the instructions given

    p.s. if u managed to sign up on facebook (am guessing u had no help with that), then u can do it…else get the person who helped u with fb..

    @Wax. How long ago did u leave J-town. Cuz that ‘gym’ yo talking about is long gone!(u called that place a gym??) And the weed smokers have shifted base.

    i had the same attitude towards the low down wooden structure that is the gym, maybe he means the one at AICAD

  7. lol Xs…she held up her phone and her date didn’t see that????

    plus some phrases make total sense..the “hear the smell” bit

    total sense

  8. Yes, he was busy conversing another dude next table so he didn’t notice…. Am sure she felt neglected….

    and i repeat, how could you not call her back?

  9. “hear them smell” hehehehe!!


  10. What’s up with you and Alvaro? The pineapple and the pear are not real, better go back to your good old mango or passion juice!

    yeah well, it a fad and i dont want to be left behind..

  11. Xs, why didn’t you call? How disappointed must the chic have been, having risked scolding from the boyfie to just to holla at you!

    you let her down, you let all of us down.

    tell him, 3n, tell him

    oh and this one too.

    “i just woke up but I had heard myself much earlier” – I LOOOLED for days when I heard it.

    sikuwa nimetoka kitandani lakini nilikuwa nasikia

  12. You have no idea how beautiful a cold, July Nairobi morning – with its crisp, refreshing air stinging your nostrils – can be. I’m getting nostalgic just looking at those pics.

    That sounds like a nice, laidback weekend; just how they should be!

    u should have been there..the cold weather aint so bad after all..

  13. @ gits at hall 7 was used as a class room ? when haii ok then I must be behind news… when i tokad.. hall 7 was a Construction white elephant…

    white elephant, he he

    I remember screwing one atoti .. in the 1st floor..while it was under contruction …

    heeei Kip, is there a place u havent done someone???

  14. @ …Blog owner..

    do you know that corridor between Civil eng labs and Elec eng labs… Yes. 1999 Something went down @ 1 A.M ….

    jua hukos kwa Rugby pitch ( ok nowdays its a building complex of japanese. Yes Something went down 2001….. @ 2am when comming from Senate..

    hehehe college life…

  15. hey kip, its hats off for you…. you take the cake, the icing and the box that comes with it…. rugby pitch?

    anway, Senate is a den of sin.. come to think of it.. 😉

  16. Hear them smell? Hear them smell?

    “I thought that was milk powder”..that just killed me.

    it makes total sense, doesn’t it?
    and yeah, she had thoroughly scrambled those eggs

  17. For the third or fourth time today, I have to say the writing here is just beautiful. Am loving it!

    “Hear them smell” Ooooh very good. Reminds me of a dude we went to high skul with and he came with this kiukswahili language. So one day we shooting the breeze about how he talks without knowing he was eaves dropping. He suddenly comes out of the blue and says “Nime sikia kire wooootheee mumesema!”

    LMAO, I know those accents, they jazz my life. There is this time a roommate was playing a game on the comp, and the guy they were with was saying:
    “Enda hivi, end hivi…”
    “Aa aa, wee huoni nikienda hivyo nitaduda. (dunda)”
    “Eee..kweri utaduda…”
    It was an actual conversation. They both never realised why we were surpressing smiles

  18. Hello.
    🙂 Watched attentively by big sisters Maud and Leah the newest member of the Norwegian royal family has been captured in homely shots used by proud parents Princess Martha Louise of Norway and her husband Ari Behn to introduce her to the world.

  19. @efforeorp


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