After the experience with the lecturer, whom I shall call Dr.T for now, I went digging around for his stories. Actually, it just came up in one conversation when we were in some study group discussing vector analysis, a unit about imaginary vectors in space. (it helps to watch Foster’s home for imaginary friends on cartoon network). So this classmate says
“Have you heard the stories about Dr. T? He is someone to stay away from.”
“He is a womanizer. He has been to the disciplinary committee many times but nothing happens. You still see him around.”

“Are you for real? He doesn’t look the type.”

“I hear he just asked some chick out, she refused and he told her outright he’ll fail her.”

You can imagine my shock. There I was thinking he is just having one of those irrational moments. You see, when I say Dr.T does not look the type, I should elaborate. This guy will always come to class 5 minutes to time. He’ll do his teaching, explaining so well, and pausing to answer questions. He’ll finish the syllabus in time, give you revision questions to revise. He’ll mark your CAT papers and return, and revise the CAT. He is generally the typical hardworking professor. But apparently, under all that lies a pervert who chases after anything in a skirt.

Back to his story
“There is a fellow lecturer who was dissing him indirectly saying he knows some lecturers who might be carriers and they have even been to the disciplinary committee.” (carriers..as in HIV)


“Nothing happens. It is like lecturers protect their own.”

“You aren’t serious. How come you didn’t tell us this before?”

“I never thought he’d try anything.”

“What else?”

“He used to go after this chick in 3rd year now. When she refused his advances, he failed her, plus her boyfriend who was in the same class. He usually goes after many chicks at the same time.”


“Yeah. He has f#@%d so many chicks. And he does them in his office.”

“Huh? That office??? Si he shares the office with another lecturer? OMG!”

“Why are you so shocked, has he tried anything?”

“He sort of asked me out.”

“I was told the way to deal with it is not to act a mjuaji but also not to act coy. Just take him around in circles. Besides, you are lucky the semester has come to a close.”

Lucky, aint I? well, he hasn’t attempted anything so far. Am keeping my fingers crossed. From there, a discussion ensued, trying to unmask the creep behind him. This is the time you remember stuff, like how when he stopped to let you pass at the zebra’s crossing, he sat there watching you walk away instead of just driving away. Or how he always stops to chat when he meets you. Or did you remember the time you were on the notice board and he sort of just sprang behind you asking you what you are reading?

Someone told me how she came to class early that day, and since Dr T is always punctual, he found her alone. Their conversation went like this:

“ Hi how are you?”

“am fine thank you.”

“You were supposed to come see me this week.”

“I have been busy.”

“With what?”

“Reading for so many CATs and exams.”

“That’s why you should come to the office. Afterwards, you’ll be feeling relaxed…”

Eeeeeeeeeeeew! Did he mean what am thinking??

When you agree to sleep with a lecturer for a grade, how does that help you? In my course, I shall probably do around 64 units. What am I supposed to do to get a good degree, #$%@  64 lecturers?

This semester will be over soon. Dr. T may never teach me again, but he sure is going to teach another class with chicks who’ll might get caught in his trap. I just wonder, is there anything I can do to stop him? After all, he’s been here for 13 years, and to the disciplinary committee many times.
And so I came to learn that he is not the only one. This sex for grades thing also affects this campus. It goes on silently, there is not much known about it like main or maybe KU. There is this other chick who has been abandoned by another  lecturer  she was going out with because she is pregnant. It is sad,  it is disappointing. But then so is life.

P.S. Thanks for all you comments on the previous Jesus H Christ post


9 Responses

  1. yes tis sad.. uncalled for and all those other adjectives but as u said so is life.

  2. guy is a real creep… he will pay for it in another way. if there is something that you and maybe some others can do, don’t let that opportunity pass by because it may be a small step but it will save so many others…
    and maybe cause some other lecturers to hesitate before they do all that crap because they will know that they can’t get away with it…

  3. Tis sad, but what to do.. Thank God that is the last (am hoping) you’ll hear from him.

  4. My gosh…the man is a monster!..I’m wit Sybella…Karma will have a way of dealing with him…

  5. sad indeed. I believe parents who pay so much in tuition fees should put pressure on school boards to discipline / fire lecturers who are proven guilty of this behavior.

  6. Isn’t there an anonymous way of reporting him, check out your colleges Sexual Harrasment Policy it might be in the website perhaps! It could lead you into how to fight this fiend

  7. STA’s aka Sexually Transmitted A’s are quite common in JKUAT n thats a FACT! lucky are the chics who take the lecturers in circles of all dimensions and eventually chomoka with 1st classes while leaving the sneaky bastards high and dry.. word!
    At the end of the day there’s very lil u can do about it and not put your grades on the line but karma is a bitch n she bites real deep n hard.! do your part read smart work clean the one above has his way of rewarding people!

  8. its sad, but it happens everywhre , you will never kosa a school or college or uni where there isnt one or two such lecturers. i was in a christian uni and still there were such lectrures, only there it was hard for anything to happen, the techers would be scared of losing their jobs co the admin was strict, but in public uni’s, its tough to control such.

    if he has gone as far as fail someone for not sleeping with him, he shoud be stopped. can an anonymous letter help? or posting on a notice board? hehe! im crazy, dnt listen to me, i just hate people getting away with such things. but dnt expose urself by speaking out.

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