On Exam Break


It is that time of the year again…

Someone please get me this book…


Very soon, I shall be sitting in a room that looks like this on the outside:


and like this on the inside:

Zoom in to find me:

I need my grades to look like this:

but only if you send me your success wishes…

adios, for now, i shall be taking a short break to revise… those eight units ain’t no joke..


19 Responses

  1. all the best! mimi situmi success card.

    well, it is the thought that counts…

  2. can doooooooooo it!

    yes i can do…



  4. All the best mami!!! Where can I drop the card? Hall 1 rm?? Lol…

    room um.. u just send it to hall one, itafika..make sure it has one of those irritating melodies..

  5. err.. meant you can do it.. or you Will

    i got that the first time… 😉

  6. Im so feeling you right now,but after the scare of 4th form Im getting into the habit of reading well before exams.As you said 8 units aint a joke,add to the facy that I’ve git Proffessional papers.

    well, fourth form is now..3 years back. anyway, i did that in first year, reading in time, but now am doing last minute, got a little defocused this sem

    wish you well..

  7. I posed all weekend for a success card photo… but apparently am not camera-friendly. All the best in your exams.

    just send that photo, i dont care how it looks..am waiting..

  8. all the best

    I aonce calculate all the hours I spent ina n exam room in juja came to more than a 5 day working week 24hrs!

    thanks, is it any wonder poeple say jkuat is a geeky campus?

  9. good luck!

    merci beaucoup…(its in French for the illiterate ones)

  10. All the best.


  11. go get ’em. that said, I sooooo hate exams !!!

    cant wait to finish with them..

  12. since you so graciously asked, here’s my success wishes. go on then. read hard.

    i shall try..thanks

  13. Good Luck…..sending a success card..with me and my beloved posing by a bouganvillea bush…kneeling on one foot!

    and holding flowers in your hands..i cant wait..

  14. Good luck and prayers to you!

    thanks a lot…i sure do need those prayers now that guys have decided to strike..

  15. That success card of KICC just left my hand to your snail mail

    the KICC one is a classic… how else will we know you have been to Nairobi?

  16. You’re speaking in tongues my dear. Foreign tongues. Is the stress that much? Success to you.

    stress can make us do strange things…lakini am not elaborating, they include the ability to speak in tongues.

    thanks anway.

  17. Digressing….am on nzembi.wordpress.com

    finally….off to read

  18. all the best!

  19. life is not generous enough to give us what we desire but what we work for.. work hard i wish you SUCCESS

    Thanks, though the exam came and went, and the results were satisfactory.

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