Oh no, not again!

First it was the high schools, for whatever reasons, maybe it was post election violence, or it maybe it was the lack of strokes (sio what u think, rather strokes of the cane..), and now us? Nzembi are you reading this?

In case you havent watched the news, jkuat has gone on strike. do not even ask me what we are rioting about, could be  mismanagament of funds, and God knows where our money goes. they could use the money to buy generators so we have electricity during blackouts. how do ou explain the lights disappearance daily?? then the generators gets overloaded, and it is not like there is no money?? then there is the fact that there is ghost internet, non-existent swimming pools… there are many reasons, but why the fuck now?

as i type this, i have two days to exams. had two days. now i have no idea what is going to happen. am in town instead of school, in bathroom slippers (they are luminous orange, and am in a green outfit!..i look like that guy Xs dissed on his post..the one with yellow shoes..) and on my way home.

for the first time in my entire life, i have been thrown a tear gas canister at! i was there fucking running all over for a strike i had no idea would be this huge! i mean, i wasnt throwing stones at anyone or anything..i was walking away and this cop just looks back and sees me and my classmate walking away fast so we can reach the road and he fucking aims the canister on our way. it landed just a cm from my foot, and am telling you i ran, i’d ve won 100m dash in the olympics. luckily, it did not explode.

then there is the fact that the huge truckloads of cops was armed, and i heard shots being fired in the air! it was like being in a fucking action movie, but it is a scary feeling. so now cops are jut throwing tear gas at a mass of students, and am somewhere in the middle with my bag which just has my journal (i still keep one..), my fone and cash. everything else i left it the way it was.

you see, i was just in my room thinking this is a small thing that shal blow over in a few minutes, the next thing students have burnt a mat on Thika Road, then they stared burning hostels, so i just rushed out..leaving my breakfast behind and forgetting to wear shoes.

i wonder which campus will now be next? what’s with cowards who cant organize a non-destructtive strike? and why days to exams? i know some of you fear exams, but we all have to work hard, dammit! i just wanted them done and over with..

let me just go home now (not Malindi..more like an aunt’s place..whose son is also at home coz their school striked!!!), am kinda hungry…come to think of it…the last meal i ate was yesterday lunch, a day ago! 🙂


20 Responses

  1. I am reading this…and am pissed off!!!

    But first ati….”am in town instead of school, in bathroom slippers (they are luminous orange, and am in a green outfit!..”… LOL!

    I had to run for my life..

    Now getting back to being pissed offf!!! How can you guys strike? Mami, I know it’s your first strike in campus but after having gone through two major strikes I seriously didn’t want another one to find me still in school!!! It’s pointless to strike, especially during examz. At the end of the day, it’s you (us) guys who are gonna lose. Not Imbuga and her entourage!

    two strikes?? that cannot be fun..

    “…what’s with cowards who cant organize a non-destructive strike? and why days to exams?….” Chicky, who the fuck are the JKUSO peeps?? They should freaking style up! Enjoy the impromptu holiday all the same…

    you have no idea..been sleeping in and watching TV like am being paid for it

  2. chick! you are not lucky, is that what i saw being towed away on Thika road? was on my way somewhere and happened to pass by as it was being towed to Nairobi.

    the very same, they burned a mat on Thika road, and apparently robbed the passengers! I felt so bad watching the news as the driver of the mat explained what happened. What had the poor mad done to deserve that? What do motorists have to do with our strikes?

  3. eish…pole. cant peeps just demonstrate peacefully???
    or they wont be heard if they do? beats me…
    anyway…u gotta keep doin ur thing and hope for the best…

    i think they were just looking for a reason to be destructive..why would they break down the gate?

  4. Woi pole.

    I was in jkuat a while ago …

    we had like 2 strikes .. one of them we had to go home then wah …. the stress after that was tooooooooooooo much. coz we had to compress 16 weeks in 14 weeks.. NOT FUN i tell you.

    Maybe some guys were afraid of exams ..

    I bet u the guys who started the strike were nowhere near the front of this fracas – that was the funny thing with these things.

    Hope you guys get to do your exams on time… si u’d need your books though?

    and i left all my books. they are going to call us back to do exams immediately, then no intersemester break most likely….am hating these strikes… dont know how am going to study, they closed the university hostels physically till we are called back.

  5. There can never be such a thing as peaceful demo in AFRICA. There, I said it.

    The only peaceful demo is Africa is a Sit down strike…which also becomes violent when hunger hits red.
    That said, I loved strikes at campus, anything that guaranteed missing or school.

    well, it was only a week till we got our break, we were just going to do exams before resting. on the brighter side, am now watching all the TV i want, eating much and sleeping more!

  6. Polse, I hope it’s contained and does not spread to other colleges.

    i hope so too.. strikes are a pointless waste of time and lead to destruction of property..

  7. for your sake, i pray that it ends by the end of the day… i am with you with getting the tough stuff over and done with


  8. I was tired of strikes at MUK, thank God i finished Uni.
    I know what you are going through, you will get over it
    I am praying for you.

    strikes are just a tiring thing… cant wait to finish uni too.. there is no fun in strikes at all

  9. pole sana. the strike just disrupts learning and doesn’t get much done, a waste of everybody’s time.

    totally mess up timetables, strikes do..

  10. I feel your pain & frustration – just coz someone is not ready to sit for their exams doesn’t mean they can disrupt everyone else…yikes!
    Anyway i hope you get to return in time but more importantly be safe!

    my feet did not let me down..am home safe..thanks

  11. comrade power at work again!i actually dont miss campus, sometimes this strikes just ruin lives delaying students university completion!with the current job market state one would not want to spend a day more in campus!

    u can grow old in campus (utazeeka ukiwa campo is more like what i wanted to say..)

    but its nice to see you have taken up blogging and are quite good at it !Kudos!

    thanks..good to hear that

  12. Strikes are a waste of time and especially when they are based on petty things like food not ideological differences. I had enough time wasted in campus during closures (At least nowadays they don’t tell you to report to the chief 2 times a week! that was total BS!)
    Anyway I hop those that ignited the riots will one day realise that it is them or their parents to pay for he damage and the lost time the uni admins never ever loose anything in these strikes!

    its not just them, it is all of us who will pay for the damages…. how can guys strike against the increasing cost of food as is the outside world is not experiencing the same?

  13. BTW what were they striking for?

    i heard there was some politics issue…coz the former VC did not want to get out..and he had to be chucked kicking and screaming, so he wants to make things bad for the current VC

  14. I hope this doesnt spread to other campuses,who wants to take 5 yrs for a 4yr course?This guy on Tv was complaining that the price of food has gone up.Tell them to turn on CNN,and they’ll realise they are not alone.Being University students they should know better.Everyone is having it hard,who the h$%l do they think they are to have it easy?

    i think guys were just scared of exams…and maybe some politics was involved..

  15. JKUAT Alumni here
    Heeee strikes aint fun i remember two happened during my time in jkuat we had to go home its not fun kwanza the first i was in first year i’d no idea why the heck people went on rampages in the first place
    I know about tear gas canisters.. i remember kwanza the strike when i was in first year my roommate had just come from the shower n was wekain his boxer on the line when all hell broke loose u dont want to know how that chap fikad digz..but he did

    he he… i dont know how i left that room with my breakfast on the table..

    Its all about the leaders you guys elected to JKUSO coz no one else other than them can call a kamukunji at the tractor! ask about the legacy left in place by one Stephen Odero Luchiri Omoto and Abdalla diplomacy works and am sure Imbuga misses those leaders..!
    Word is you guys will fanya exams straight from digz i smell D’s couple this with the Seco Kids Strikes retirement age might as well be pushed to ZigxTe Fae..

    Ps : Na si Prof Imgugas Daughter is a student there too! was she also caught unawares in the melee ama she run to mama!

    I dont know what is wrong with these officials? Prof Maribel strikes me as a reasonable person. Yeah, her daughter is here..she was my former schoolmate and is now a campus mate..am glad she was finally confirmed VC. Yes, she was caught in the fracas too..but I have no idea where she ran to since it was everyman for himself! they were even throwing stones at the vc..

    can u imagine i never carried a single book…and we return to start exams immediately? but am a survivor.. 😉

  16. My bet is, those who went on riot are regular students. Those doing parallel degrees know the pain of raising very high fees to stay in skool. Its a sad thing that university students are now taking lessons from high skool morons.

    can u believe it? here i thought we had reached new level of maturity..

  17. By the way, are they going to cane university students too!

    I dropped out of a parallel degree class in JKUAT!

    cane us? are u crazy? we aint 10 no more

    ok, why did u drop out? masomo ilikuwa ngumu? ama u decided now that u wanted to be a rapper? or u ran away to get married?

  18. crazy!hope u’ll be back soon and face those damn exams!

    those we do have to face

  19. @p4wn3d. . . You’re right about akina Odero. Theirs was the best Jkuso leadership ever! And by the way the TRACTOR is no longer there!

    i was wondering what tractor they were talking about. nzembi u had better tell me about this one Odero

  20. Pole Gal,

    Av felt ur pain.I’m a former KU student and i can only imajin all those hours of cramming gone to waste!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know those fucking maggots wont give u tym wen u get back and yet they expect u to score high grade!!!!!! Take Heart Gal…….It happens and ur dooomed if ur still in your first or second year coz u aint seen nothing yet.

    well, am in my second year and hoping this shall not happen for my remaining years….

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