The cost of the strike

In the end, it is the students who lose. I mean, whenever I go, everyone is telling me:

“So you are the ones who burnt buses and harrased motorists?” Its not use denying you were not among them.

And everyone wants to know why we striked. Frankly, the issues were petty, but here are some of them:

1. Fear of exams

How else can u explain why the strike was timed two days to the start of exams? But nothing was achieved because we open to start exams immediately, and we had to read at home, a Herculian task for me.

2. Eviction from rooms at the end of the semester

If anything, the directive is in the papers, once we clear papers, its out of the hostels with our belongings, even though its only a weekend break between the semesters.

3.Increase of cost of food in the mess

I have a feeling the prices are going to remain stubbornly the same, if they haven’t gone up this week.

4. Damages caused

What is achieved by attempting to burn Hall six? Or why did guys have to torch the bus? So now all of have to pay Ksh. 3500, which when I calculated came to around 24 million. What will they do with the rest of the money? Am sure the damages cannot cost that much. I hope they build a swimming pool. Am a dreamer like that.

5. Others: Like maybe ghost internet, lack of well equipped computer labs and the rest….we should try negotiation. At least they cannot call cops to throw tear gas at us.

Ultimately, the students are the losers in the strike. It achieves nothing. Except maybe impromptu holidays if u are lucky to run away before the cops turn to live ammunition.


15 Responses

  1. Damn!!!

    Pole sana, Savvy…

    Thanks MO..

  2. I am a lecturer, and my property was damaged. So I think this magistrate in Thika got it right:
    When he was told by Senior Resident Magistrate Lucy Wachira to avail college ID, he said he misplaced it a year ago and was using an identification abstract that had expired. He only produced his National ID. The magistrate ordered the probation department to establish if the accused was a genuine student at the university. She warned that if it was ascertained he was not he should be prepared to go to jail. The magistrate said some JKUAT students had become a nuisance to the locals and behaved as if they owned Juja.

    The accused plea to have him released to prepare for Monday’s exams fell on deaf ears. The magistrate said the court was not bothered with the accused exams. “I have no mercy for irresponsible students who indulge in substance abuse and go around harassing innocent members of the public,” said the magistrate

    I am sorry your property was destroyed, riots are always destructive. However, students should learn to be responsible, how do you stay a whole year without your ID? on the other hand, what if he was innocent? Some of us, like me, never wanted this strike to happen in the first place.

  3. I so support the magistrate and empathize with Bw Kabugi.
    I graduated from JKUAT in 2005, having experienced the infamous Nation Centre Strike on June 13, 2000. Towards the end of our course in 2004, lecturers went on strike and some asinine JKUAT hooligans went on rampage that resulted in what now makes you guys report to campus in Aug/Sep instead of April like we used to. See the consequencies?
    I am happy that you were all charged that fine, ingawa this is a burden to your parents and guardians who had nothing to do with this strike and were going about their work when some fake-ass punks among you decided not to face exams.
    Shame on anyone among you who participated in that strike. I was horrified to see a matatu burning on Thika Road.
    You guys are a disgrace to all of us who attended JKUAT and should be severely reprimanded. You are part of the scum of the earth that is making Kenya a very violent country.
    I hope all of you learnt your lesson this time around.

    I learnt a lesson the hard way….I am embarrassed this happened too, because people will associate you with hooliganism. I saw the matatu burning on the news! I felt so embarrassed when some guy was just there in front of the cameras mumbling about chapo being 5 bob or so….

  4. Savvy you see why I was disappointed by the strike?? It wasn’t a wise move. I hope everyone learnt a huge lesson from that. Like I said, after experiencing two strikes in JKUAT, a third one wasn’t going to go down well. You guys are lucky, you got off easily, if you ask me. All the best in your examz.

    Thanks..strikes are a waste of time and resources

  5. I so totally agree with you. Which year were you Nzembi?
    Am a class of ’05.

  6. yaani kitambo JKUAT used to be the good uni, nowadays even main doesn’t hassle guys anymore. What the students did was barbaric but I guess in Kenya we’ve been taught that violence is the way to solve our problems.

    If only there was a way to punish only the hooligans instesad of the whole uni including the innocent

    If only there was a way…I hate these strikes

  7. sorry… you can’t change what happened so just continue concentrating on your reading.

    I am doing just that..

  8. @ Peter, am still year now.

  9. things is thick. all the best in your exams.

    mob psychology at work with strikes, at some point, the point gets muddled and chaos reigns.

    Tell me about the chaos..

  10. Wacha tu savvy,striking is hell.In high school,I felt so silly,I will never forget.Teachers suddenly acted like kings,all we did was to bow wefopre them.At some point I thought they were real a

  11. Wacha tu savvy,striking is hell.In high school,I felt so silly,I will never forget.Teachers suddenly acted like kings( or queens for that matter),all we did was to bow before them.At some point I thought they were real ass holes. But one thing iw for sure we were the losers!

  12. Oh,that anonymous hapo juu is me,(forgot to weka my name!)

    Strikes do this to us..make us forget our names 🙂

  13. hey, this is mona, i changed my blog name and url. make the change in your blog roll.

    i alwys think its funny how after a strike students pay the fines and still strike again. 3k is alot of money. so yah its the students who lose, plus lets not forget the damage to reputation of the school and the you said, being asked all those questions…” oh, youre the ones who striked?” and so forth…and lets not forget staying in school longer coz you have to redo exams , being suspended or expelled blah blah blah…
    i think unless its a very good life threatening reason, like horribly bad food or living conditios that are inhuman, strikes really never help students in any way

    Dialog is still the better option…

  14. i assume a non-violence approach to everything,no matter what.

    great minds think alike..

  15. I am glad it never happened during our time. Again I am happy you guys reported back almost immediately otherwise it would have pushed you back in a hard way. This post needs to be read by all those who got involved. Does laugh now cry later make any sense to them? I hope it did after this episode.

    Lucky you, but then how long did you stay? 😉

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