On Holiday Break

Even if it is a weekend, I shall make the most of it.. Even if am coming back to mvce into dreaded hall 2 (I shall miss my dear old room), to new roommates….

How about this….

Someone was saying beer(6-7%) is an expensive way to get drunk, ghetto champagne is the way (ghetto champagne=KK 65.7%)

Before you get alarmed, my favourite past time is actually swimming.


11 Responses

  1. Hall 2 ain’t so bad as you think..Enjoy the two days left of your ‘holiday’…..

    Nzembi, u back to school yet?

  2. thanks for clearing up the swimming thing!

    You had probably thought: “Oh no, an alcoholic blogger?”

  3. hehehe! thanks for the by the way on swimming…lol!

    am a good girl.. 😉

  4. Hello Savvy

    31st August is Blog Day and I have reccommended your blog as one of the blogs that I follow, you can find out more about blog day 2008 from http://blogday.org/
    Happy Blogday and enjoy the rest of your holiday,

    Thanks Kirima, never got to do my own blog day post, maybe next year.

  5. Enjoy your short vacation.

    Merci beacoup

  6. I am also recommending your Blog as part of Blog Day 2008. Thank you.

    No Rafiki, thank you.

  7. enjoy your holiday..mine begins in dec..i envy you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boyfulani you are crazy, you are just from one long holiday and you envy my weekend break????

  8. do enjoy your break after all the marathons you guys pulled enyewe. mwenjoyos are in order!

    someone understands..

  9. Sioni kitu hapo katikati!WTF?
    I love swimming too!
    Kuja huku fofr holidays……….am waiting for you.

    Hata Paris photos zinakataa ku-load? They were photos of vodka. I’ll come when I next have a longer holiday, deal? As long as you send me airfare, provide acommodation and food, I can even come right now.

  10. Am back to school but not quite in school…

    Hmm..ambiguity….makes me guess, at a boyfriend’s perhaps?

  11. Happy second semester atleast thereź no third semester like thereź third term in the lower levels of education.. random(silly thought); innit!

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