Yet Another Semester

A start of a new academic year for some (4th, 5th and 6th years), a new semester for the juniors (if you can call 3rd years juniours.) I don’t know if the seniors had missed campus so much that when they came back, it was a celebration all through. Evidence is in the two guys we saw who had K.Oed at the shops. They were hugging posts, drooling on the pavement. We shook our heads in pretense of sadness and walked on.

Most first years have now matured, after all, they are a semester old. The guys have stopped using lines like :”You must be tired from running through my mind all night”-I have evidence this line was used. The chicks have discovered the art of going out with like 4 guys at the same time. The is the ‘steady’ boyfriend from home. He gets his time during the weekend. There is the ‘christian’ one. You go with him to weekly christian gatherings. There is the ‘academic’ one, whose time is on the eve of the day assignments are to be handed in, or a CAT is due. Then there is the ‘special’ one, who replaces the steady one when you are having cold wars, or when the steady one is too busy.

As usual, no learning takes place this first week. So very few guys are in school. Some are couple hoping to take advantage of the time and space. Space in the sense that there are no roommates to exile. Others never got accommodation inside, or rather prefer to live outside (like Archer), and so they will be searching for houses and hostels around the campus.

This is also the time to get to know roommates. “Hi, am Savvy.” “Am Flower..nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you too and I hope you wont be exiling me, I hope you are clean and tidy and hope you aren’t the type to drink and puke all over the room..”


I went to the Harambee Stars match on Saturday. You probably saw me on stands cheering like crazy if you were there, as we tried the Mexican wave and all that. Next time, am going with a trumpet, my voice was gone.. Maybe you saw me on Supersport predicting the scores before the game, or on K24 or NTV (I remember tapping Chiko Lawi, sports presenter for NTV on the shoulder, and saying: “I don’t mind being interviewed” He is the one narrating the clip below), am fame-hungry like that 😉

I don’t know what the Namibian coach said before the game, but it got the guys on some radio station dissing Namibia:

“Unajua..I have gone to all the search engines..Google, Yahoo, MSN..”

“What were you looking for?”

“If Namibia got any medals in the just ended Olympics.”

Mad Laughter.

“Hata nilienda Google Kiswahili.”


“Hiyo waliniambia: Wacha mchezo.”

You can watch the match on the link below:

What did you do this past Saturday?


11 Responses

  1. Wewe now how to pass such opportunity? Next time take pictures of those K.Oed drooling guys and post them here.

    no camera phone, damn!

    What did i do on sato – I worked mpaka 5.30, later hooked up with some Tusker malt kwa keja… mimi siku hizi nimewekwa Zero grazing…LOOOL

    You didnt ask about sunday so i wont tell….

    Now I ask..what did you do on Sunday? Ati zero-grazing…lol

  2. 15 seconds of fame you say? me i still live in relative obscurity.

    Make them 10 seconds…well, no one who doesn’t know me realised it was me…

  3. I also went for the game,the guy who was to drive us back hepaad with the ride so we went to Kasarani to while away as the jam cooled.I was on telly shouting like nododys business,kinda like 3 seconds of fame.

    There were also some guys running around shirtless, you among them? The jams were terrible..but it was fun all the same

  4. so at the game with a group of ex-juja guys at gate no 13. Place wasn’t as packed as I thought it would be, the gaps in the crowd made the Mexican wave hard to pull off though.

    I think they overestimated the crowd that would come and on the day of the match, 2 soc tickets were going for 4 soc.. I was at Gate 12…..

    One thing I’ve noticed about Kenyan fans from rugby and soccer is that we are fair weather supporters- only when things are going well do we cheer.

    I think we did well on that Sato…since things did go well anyhow…

    ati somebody actually used the running line- oh please tell us it was a joke! Operating 4 dudes? only in JKUAT!

    It was used in first year….it is no joke…JKUAT is still partly Juja boys.. 😉

  5. I don’t like the new sem (cuz I practically don’t know anyone any more!)…. Can’t wait for next sem to see familiar faces…when the rest of all y’all go home for your hols… All in all, my count down to FINALLY finish campus has officially started! As for operating 4 dudes, that’s very possible in Jkuat. I guess that’s the fun part of it.

    What did I do on Saturday?? watched the match on telly while hearing the screams / cheering from Kasarani stadium at the comfort of my house!!!

  6. haha, the last bit had me ROTFLMAO. that coach was talking like he once had stroke.i preffered to watch the game…i aint confident about kenyan crowds as yet!

    Even the rugby ones? I can’t wait for the 2010 African Athletic Championships that will be held in Nairobi..

  7. I swear I commented! iko wapi sasa??

    I don’t know why wordpress thought it was spam…I have despamed it

    A new sem,huh? For some of us it’s the FINAL countdown, after having so many fake ones! I feel like a stranger in a place I’ve called ‘home’ for the past ‘few’ years..strange faces everywhere!!!

    What did I do on sato? watched the game on telly while hearing the screams all the way at the stadium from the comfort of my house!

    You could hear the screams? You live near Kasarani…nothing beats the magic of being there…even the comfort of your house

    Enjoy the sem!!!

  8. oooh, you forgot the loaded boyfriend who deals with the financial part of the chick’s life…

    That would make them 5, still below the 1:6 ratio here..

    thought you guys were still banned by FIFA. welcome back to international footie…

    That was a long time ago, we are on the way to the African Cup of Nations qualifiers, where we stand a chance to go to the finals in Angola in 2010.

  9. I dont know how i got late 4 this one! That Google Nabs diss was hilarious. My weekend that was post has been delayed by a powers a surge. Very patriotic of u 2 attend the game. Last time I was in such an atmosphere, was at the Kool n the Gang concert at Uhuru Park 2002!

    You don’t know what you are missing, maybe we can hook up for the next game, that should be next year!

  10. That hookup line!! GROAN!
    It looks like everyone except me was at Kasarani on Sato its good you were representing.

    Next time, don’t miss

  11. new semester, old guns that’s what i would say.
    All old chics and dudes (4th yr to 10th years) should be moved to Taveta campus. Last sem was great wihout
    yaal. Mnajaza kila mahali

    Yeah, I agree, school is congested!

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