Personality Test

70% Choleric
29% Sanguine
5% Phlegmatic
5% Melancholic

Now who would have guessed that?

You can check what is cooking on the other side. Enjoy your weekend


10 Responses

  1. After the way you told off that dude who was nagging you in Swa, I didn’t doubt you had quite a bit of choleric in you, lakini Sanguine? Hiyo sikuona.

    I think the Sanguine part is the lazy part of me? I had to be firm with the Sheng dude, I can tolerate Swa, but not Sheng.

  2. so your 109% what? Or is my maths off?

    am 70 per cent choleric, its a personality thing, google it up, do a test and publish the results…

  3. whose personality?

    of course mine..

    enjoy the weekend too…

    I did enjoy it.

  4. I must state here, i feel really challenged by you, Despite finishing form four 2005 like you, i cant be able to write is such a superb manner, all i can is code and program , i guess better than you!,
    Anyway Comp science is good course, i do it, but not in JKUAT,

    Thanks on the writing part, but I do not want to believe you are better than me at coding…I love programming as much as I love writing, so I should challenge you one of these fine days. Where are you studying?

    with that creativity in writing, i feel, you can be the next mark zuckerburg, enterpreneurship i mean.

    Need a website ? feel free halla.i will read novels now,

    I read novels too, in fact, I read two these past weekend. One is a Trudi Canavan Magician Trilogy: The Magician’s Guild, close enough to Harry Potter but more subtle. And a Dean Koontz: Velocity. We do have something in common…

    Nice weekend

  5. i did! i knew you had to be choleric or!

    well, i have got a bit of melancholic too, and i guess that is what makes me cry in books and movies….

  6. he he,I know you like the back of my hand,why lie I was 100% accurate! lolJust for choleric,I had 72%!

  7. Will post my score on comp. You be surprised

  8. Off I go to do a personality test! Results soon.

  9. Ohhh, I will have to look this test up and take it again to see what I am… maybe even test the boys! That would be fun. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  10. @hi-d

    anytime. I loved your blog.

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