If I offended anyone with this post, or this one, am sorry. And on that note, since I respect all your views, I will go ahead and share the views of one reader (all comments are being seen of course, but this was a chat.) I have take excerpts from the chat, complete with spelling mistakes common in all chat and all…

AM X: hey!!! Are u a pervert!!?

me: why?

7:13 AM X: i have read your blog now and i can’t believe that kissing story

me: which one?

the first or the second?

7:14 AM X: ahhh.. i thought we were at the same level but .. am shocked ,,,

me: what?

X: its written X -rated two

me: is there something wrong with kissing?

X: i disappointed ..

i dont know,

7:15 AM me: come on now..

if u dont mind me asking, how old are you?

X: i feel bad now chatting with u now… why? is it true it happened

to you

same age like you.. please dont write such stuff on your blog..

7:16 AM it sucks …. sucks to death to some people..

me: it did not happen

it is a fantasy

i would not go round telling my love life stories…

u are 20?

7:17 AM X: no am older.. even if it s a fantasy, it means you can do that .. coz you imagien it , then conceptualize

am sorry .. but i feel for you.

7:18 AM me: i do not understand..

what is it that gets to you?

X: sorry but i doubt if you are a girl

me: am sorry if u are disappointed in me

u doubt?


girls do not write sex stories?

X: ohhh stop it!!


7:19 AM Maybe am too Ethical for you..

me: ok, tell me the part that makes u feel even worse…

7:20 AM X: please uphold the dignity of your blog.. i thought its a nice one .. let it be so..

me: and no, u are not too ethical

and it will be so..

for u, that is the last time i write something explicit

X: Dont write that stuff .. it stinks to everyone……

7:21 AM thats the truth .. even to you maybe .. u dont know but pole sana ….

me: listen here..

i appreciate ur critism

7:22 AM but if it stinks to you, how come those who left comments differ with you?

and u dont have to tell me sorry

X: i dont know, just coz there are many dont mean they are correct

7:23 AM me: what exactly is ur problem?

i thought u read novels

X: sincerely , its not now nice chatting with you … how can u write that stuff, doent it ache u?

7:24 AM yeah i read them , but surely can u like your kid read that stuff?

me: which kids are on the blogosphere?

X: Dont justify something un ethical … be a good person

me: relax..there is nothing wrong with sex

people can talk about it…

7:25 AM X: so many , not just in kenya , but all over the world

me: don’t u say anything with ur friends?

it does not mean u go around doing it..

7:26 AM X: stop it.. we dont argue about this… its black and white.. i guess we are different

or maybe too you conservative as you wrote and u , u are enlightened , yes ,, you are civilised and thats why u wrote it…

7:27 AM me: ok..u think it is okay to drink, but not to talk about a gift God gave us?

am not civilised..am open minded..

X: and am conservative….

7:28 AM am wasting my time arguing with you… thats bad, thats ponorgraphy, right?

me: that was romance..not porn

X: ohhhh

7:29 AM me: there is a thin line

can i ask u a personal question?

X: sure


7:30 AM dont ask me,

me: i wont bite..i promise

X: why do u justify that? thats bad, i mean try to concentrate on good sensibles , that story degrades you completely

7:31 AM me: in your eyes that is…

is it wrong?

X: maybe .. but i thought of you as a decent

me: i am decent

X: kumbe you are not. your intergrity as a decent lady is questionable now

coz of that story

7:32 AM me: just because i wrote what goes on in my mind..am now indecent?

come on..it’s a fantasy

that means it did not happen except in my brain

so i should not even have sex?

sex makes me of a questionable character?

X: You are sick ,,…. but am sorry for this, its the truth.

7:33 AM me: how can u explain ur birth?

the truth?

come on, dont be so naive

X: Do you know the human mind? the difference btn reality and fantasy …..

me: u’ve been on the net lpng enough

it is guys like you who pretend that sex doesnt exist, ban pple from talking about it and contribute to the rise in hiv/aids

7:34 AM X: probably you dont know about the huamn mind… i guess i know more about such stuff as imaginations and fantasy…

Hiv/Aids , you make me smile

me: so u have some of your own, right?

7:35 AM X: how does that contribute to curbing it?

the difference , as you put it..

me: talking about it stops one from acutally going and doing it..

7:36 AM X: lets stop this.. writing it so.. elicits those wishes to do so,

me: ha

X: girl , u pretend, you are good pretender

me: u’ve certainly made my day in ways u cannot imagine

7:37 AM and dont call me a pretender

if there is a pretender here, it si u

X: You also , you have made my week..

me: for chooishing to believe sex does not exist

7:38 AM X: Sex exists , thats true , but posting such stuff… on your blog just compels you to do it, and you write it

eti if you “If you are below 18 (madmyke..) I suggest you skip this post. If you are prudish, or conservative…it’s time for you to stop reading this as well.

why that then

me: i think we should agree to disagree

X: why that above statement

me: u should have kept off

because of the reaction of people like you

X: Shame on you !!

7:39 AM No why should people below 18 years not read

is it coz its so sweet ?

or so educative?

me: stop saying shame on me..

7:40 AM X: You simply dont know more also .. about it… its your blog.. its your life and thats my advice, take it or leave it,,

me: am not going to lose my temper over an uneducated, conservative, pretentious reader…

and i choose to leave ur advice

X: i even dont know you much..

ohhh… dont , please dont lose your temper, its not worth it

7:41 AM Good

7:42 AM we can talk about some thing alse sensible like the waki report

me: i suggest we stop chatting since u are seated on this stool of high moral authority judging others

waki report or not

X: but not describing how to have sex

noo no lets chat!!

am sure though our differences we can learn form each other positive things

7:43 AM me: am not so sure any more

after all, i have disappointed u

and am indecenet

sometimes the choice of words matters

7:44 AM and anyway, i have to log off kidogo..then be online in a minute, sawa?

X: thats true.. you have disapointed me, and i feel for you.. and i feel you are not decent… thats true.. try in your own conscience and inner self to be good . and not in the world perspective

please i beg you

okey no problem , i am just here till 8.30

7:45 AM but please dont get angry , am sorry if i made u angry

7:46 AM me: gimme a min

X: we are intellectuals, in a univeristy and thats why we should not be controlled emotionally , just like our leaders kibaki and raila then agreed to be together no mater the difference

These messages were sent while you were offline.

7:48 AM X: hey , you are offline

7:52 AM me: back online..

i had to switch comps\

but i cant stay for long..

7:53 AM X: please dont write that again,,

ohh , dont mind i will pay for you, i wish i could,

i wish i could sambza u my unlimited 1gps internet broadbandconnection

7:54 AM me: so do i..

am hooked to the internet

X: okey

me: actually, i have a meeting to go to..at 7pm\

am already late

7:55 AM X: Dont write that again…. even if you dream or you wish.. dont write it, just pray in the morning for a righteous mind and it will alright

me: i Will write what i want

7:56 AM when i want

if i want

X: You may laugh , but for the few years i have lived i have learnt that life is tricky

me: u shall not dictate it


X: You need to be smart , and think about the obvious

me: we’ll see about that

u cant be that much older than me..

and am not stupid

X: Dont write it , !!!

me: and yes, i do think

X: Am sure you wont!!

7:57 AM Am sure You Wont

me: i write what i want

we’ll see

do not make me do it

the more u tell me not to write..

X: Okey, Will see…

me: the wilder my imagination gets

X: its not about me but its about you

7:58 AM Dont write it!!!!

me: anyway

i have to go now

X: Dont !! and Never?

me: time is not on my side..

X: Do you have political ambitions?

ohhh you are going?

me: and please, lay OFF telling me what to do, okay?

am not 10

and no political ambitions

not now, not ever

X: Okey, nice chatting with you,

These messages were sent while you were offline.

7:58 AM X: great

8:09 AM X: Just because those people click on your blog..unethical post .. should not fuel you to write such…Girl dont get driven wrongly…

8:10 AM “If your sexual fantasies were truly of interest to others, they would no longer be fantasies”

“Fantasies are more than substitutes for unpleasant reality; they are also dress rehearsals, plans. All acts performed in the world begin in the imagination

8:13 AM “When a fantasy turns you on, you’re obligated to God and nature to start doing it – right away” Fantasy is an exercise bicycle for the mind. It might not take you anywhere, but it tones up the muscles that can. Of course, I could be wrong.”

8:17 AM Hope this helps… Its because i worry and thus i care…. more about you.. i maybe a stranger but Dont! Remember to pray , And be the girl i thought you were.

8:18 AM God bless You and looking forward to meeting you again, God bless You

My reply

If that is what you think, its your opinion. I beg to differ but of course you shall not change ur mind, so I shall save my breath.

Listen, I do not know what kind of girl you thought I was but obviously, you thought wrong. You cannot believe everything that you read on the internet, and be open minded, in life you meet all sorts of people, and you can’t just perform judgement upon them.

And speaking of ethics, I guess people are different. Who is to judge? Who is to tell others what to do? Who gave you the moral authority to declare my post unethical?

And of course, you CANNOT tell me what to do.

And God bless you too. May he help you see the light beyond the veil of judgement



I was on the boda boda, the wind whipping my hair across my face, headed for home when I let my imagination wonder. You see this weekend, there was Jkuat Sports Day, where all universities in Kenya were invited to participate. I don’t know if those from huko Western Kenya made it, but even as far as Njoro, Egerton certainly made journey. I saw their bus parked and students filing out. In my mind, I imagined Archie coming out, Mike Tyson style (or should I say Conjestina). He had his team of supporters and hangers on, was in some red robes and a belt around his waist for Heavy weight (or is it Feather weight? Tell us Archie), ready to wrestle with Obadiah, who was also coming out of another bus with his entourage. Wearing nasty expressions and sneering at each other, they headed to the pitch.

Next was the Daystar Bus, from the unmistakable budget company. Now, having met Boyfulani, I cannot imagine him playing any sport :D. Maybe chess, or table tennis. I imagined him in a rather different version. He came out with his group of reporters, camera dangling from his neck, notebook and pen in hand. He began asking all sorts of questions, like “what do you think of sports day?” and anyone who answered was like “ I think it is very sporty.” And BF is there scribbling furiously, filling his notebook, finishing his rolls of film even before the sports begin.

I do remember Madmyke saying he plays rugby. So I pictured him in those tight shorts, muscle shirt, mean expression as him and his fellow Johny Bravos alighted from the bus (Strathmore?). They looked around, enjoyed the attention they were getting, waved at the chicks, and walked in a ‘majestic’ way to the rugby pitch, where they proceed to tear each other’s limbs off in one of the violent-most games I know.

Nzembi, not to be left behind. Since she was in the host school, she was not alighting from any bus. She and her group of gal pals (????) were all dressed up, ready to cheer their teams. I suppose short skirts and pom poms were not out of order as they shouted their loudest, not to cheer but rather for the attention. (Nzembi, it’s just my imagination! ;-))

Who else is in a Kenyan university?

The diet in Campus

Val was wondering what we (Nzembi and I) are eating that is making us..(and A son of His mother) write very um..inspiring? article…

Could this be it?

Before..(just because it is not chicken mshikaji, mshikaki..whatever from coast doesn’t mean it is not edible)

Rice, Vegetables, Ndengu

Rice, Vegetables, Ndengu

And now, ladies and gentlemen…… After

If you are a boy..let’ s say a rugby player..you add two chapos and an omelette to get a complete meal!


XXXXXRated 2

Sitting across the table from me, he looked handsome. Dark and handsome. His smile lit his face. He was in a black tuxedo. There is just something about a man in a white shirt that gets to me. Whether it is the contrast with his dark skin, I just don’t know. We had decided to ditch informal wear and dine out formally. We had had enough of soda and pizzas and home movies.

I was in this little red dress. Earlier, we had gone shopping and I bought my first dress. It was figure hugging, had a long slit on one side and left out half my bust in the name of cleavage. I could feel his eyes on my chest now. I lowered my wine glass and smiled in return. The food at the coastal resort was superb, though my mind was hardly on it. The wine was fruity but not too sweet. The setting was perfect, the other couples well dressed but I had eyes for no one.

The meal ended, the live band struck up, playing Kenyan oldies. We stood up to dance. Stepping into his arms is all I had wanted to do all night. Any excuse to touch each other was welcomed. My hands around his neck, his around my waist, and we swayed to the music. I loved the feel of his ‘ndengu’ hair. Who said long straight hair was good? (Exceptions are Lorenzo Lamas, Shawn Michaels, Michael Bolton…)

I wondered if the band was taking requests. I asked for the song Lady in Red. It seems like it was just meant for this moment. Here I was in a red dress, with the man I loved, dancing in his arms to my favorite song. I was melting into him. His lips at my ear, whispering the words of the song as we danced.

Lady in Red…is dancing with me
there is nobody here
just you and me
I swear I wanna
be the only one..
I’ll never forget
the way you look tonight.

I looked into his eyes, and knew he was about to kiss me. His lips came down on mine and I can swear that was my sweetest kiss. Not too deep, but I could feel the passion rising as his hands sensuously caressed my back. That was when I felt someone tapping my shoulder. Opening my arms brought me to reality, we were in a public place. One of the hotel workers was breaking up our little romancing on the dance floor because we were making other guest uncomfortable. Kenyans, conservative in public.

He suggested we go to a drive. I jumped into the passenger seat of the rented car. He drove to the beach. I love the coast sometimes. It was night but it was very warm, making the night a comfortable one to walk in. We left the car, I took off my six-inch numbers that I could hardly walk in and he took off his shoes too. Holding hands, we set off, wandering aimlessly on the sand. We headed for some rocks.

The sky was exceptionally starry that night. The moon was big and yellow. It was such a good feeling, just holding hands and walking. We reached the walks and sat down. The sea stretched out infinitely before us.

We lay down, his hand my pillow. He caressed my hair as we talked without words. He turned his face towards mine, and we kissed again, this time letting loose our passions. Unbuttoning his shirt, I trailed kisses from his base of his neck, nibbled his nipple and continued to his stomach. His hands were trembling, his breath labored as he helped me unhook the zipper and undress him. I took him in my mouth, gently but firmly . I worked my magic, as he moaned deep in his throat.

Grabbing my shoulders, he pulled me back, saying it was my turn. Holding my dress at the hem, he pulled it over my head. He gasped after realizing I had nothing underneath. His hands were like fire, everywhere he touched me I was burning. His mouth on my breasts was a sensation never before experienced. And when he kissed me there….the sun, stars and moon were no longer visions but within reach.

He came into me, gently. Skillfully, he burst my seams. I could feel the entire length of him in me. Inch by inch. Together, we rode into waves and waves of sexstacies. And when we reached there, it was like letting flood gates open.

Only later did I realize my dress had been blown off by the breeze. But it did not matter. We walked to the sea. His coat, my new dress. We ditched out clothes yet again, but for the sea. It was the first time I was swimming naked in the sea.

Forget the fooling around with classmates in swimming pools. This was a make out session like no other. We ended up in the sand again. Where did all the energy come from? Never mind…this time we were more familiar, so we took our time. Much later, after much fun washing off the sand in the sea, we headed back, and snuck into our room.

That was adventure..I must say. Here I was bare feet, wearing only his coat, while his sandy clothes did him no justice. I handed him back his coat…he wanted to be paid for lending it out to me…I told him I had ways..he said he’ll make me cry as I paid back…..and I said as long as they were cries of pleasure…

And that is how I would like my first time to be.

Have a nice weekend. and to emulate 31337, why are you not reading this?


If  you are below 18 (madmyke..) I suggest you skip this post. If you are prudish, or conservative…it’s time for you to stop reading this as well.

It’s a Friday evening. I look around and my pal is dressing up, ready for a party. I do not feel like tagging along, I know next to no one who will be in attendance. For me, parties are more of the company and less of the food/drink/music. So I tell her I’ll walk myself to my place.

On the way out, I passed by this room. I peered inside (natural curiosity) and could not believe what I was seeing. A beautiful, sexy older woman smiled at me. She was naked. On the bed next to her was a handsome, much younger man. He looked about my age. Before I could catch my senses, I felt inexpiably  drawn to the scene.

The woman received me into her arms. Of course I was confused. Am straight, right? Before I could protest she was peeling off my clothes and I could my resistance waning. She had the softest of touches and for once I understood the meaning of butterfly kisses as her lips seared my body. I was yielding into her, fusing with her, wanting to be one with her.

The young man was not forgotten. I understood then that it was time. Finally, I felt I couldn’t wait. The woman lay beside me, pinning me down on the bed as the guy, moist and glistening came into me. Moaning with pleasure I moved with him, as moved from peak to peak. It had never been like this before. I felt like I was losing my mind. Scream after scream tore through me.

The next thing I knew, it was morning. My friends would be worried, so I hurried back. A dreadful thought occurred to me, did I use protection? No..I hadn’t…I could be pregnant, I could have contacted some STI… I have to pass by some chemist’s and look for those pills..yeah..those morning after..what should I ask for? I was panicking…

That was when I woke up.

Life in the hostels outside school

Take for example Gezer Hostels. It’s for girls only. In this day and age, a girl’s only hostel for campus students. What’s the goal? To stop guys from ahem..twoxing? I did not add that they are allowed visitors, only that the visitors can’t stay overnight. Curfew is at 11pm. I have no idea what they intend to achieve, since anything that can be done in the night can still be done during the day, if you know what I mean. Even female girlfriends can’t sleep over, I have to ask for permission and you have no idea how much pride I have to swallow it almost chokes me, because at the back of my mind I am screaming : Why? Why the f@#$ can’t I sleep over? My pal pays rent, right? Security issues my ass. Do I look like a thief? Si I can still steal during the day, do I have to do it overnight? Do I look like am going to rape anyone? Gimme a break. But outside is this plastic smile and apologetic expression: “Please matron, leo tu, hata hakuna mtu atajua….”

There are hostels and rentals if you want to stay out of campus. Hostels are run just like those in school. You get a room with a bed and mattress, a chair, a table and a wardrobe if you are lucky. There are singles, doubles and quartets. Prices vary depending on the level of security, availability of a generator or just how classy your hostel is. Prices vary from 3 to 5K for a single, 2 to 4K a double, or 2K (I don’t know any less) for a room of four.

The thing with hostels is they have rules. Your visitors have to have ID. You cannot have visitors past nine in some, visitors cannot sleep over, no cooking in the rooms, no ironing, no alcohol (ha!) and thousands of others. That is because in the hostels, you do not have water or electricity bills. So there is the tendency to waste that and the management, in an effort to maximize profit might cut the water in the late and wee hours of the day.

Rentals are much like where Archer described he is living. Probably one bedroomed, though you can get two or more bedrooms. In these, you furnish them yourself, and invite 10 other friends so you can share the rent and other utility bills. Ten may be an exaggeration, but you want to cut costs. You can cook, invite friends over, in short they are just like the usual houses..though the rent is inflated because of the student population. Best of all, no rules! Oh, you can bribe the watchie if your visitor needs to leave ID and doesn’t have one. My friend Ed gives the watchie gauge. It helps to have an alcoholic watchie.

Speaking of bribing watchies, after being in the hostels for some time, they get to relax and you can talk them into helping you break some rules. There is this time I went to see my pal at some hostels called Straight. You see with dudes, you can wink conspiratorially at the watchie if you are bringing a chick visitor. The wink that says “leo nitazikamata.” Then the watchie gives a thumbed up sign and grins wickedly. I wonder if they talk about their conquests with him, never mind the chicks were just coming to watch a movie and otherwise would have nothing to do with you. So when you are leaving in the morning after having marathon watched movies till 7am, your appearance is no different from the one who has been up to some bodily action. Damn, I hate the look the watchie throws at you as you leave. But thank God you can do with many of those since it doesn’t matter what he thinks anyway; he’ll never be a  `potential’ in heaven or on earth! A potential as in potential mate. However, I do not make it a habit of making myself the object of the watchie’s source of gossip and speculation.

I have another friend whose sitting room must be close to Archie’s house (the last time he had one sofa). There is only one chair and table, though he lives with three of his friends. The floor does it when you want to sit down. Some people get so comfortable in their houses, particularly if they are living alone, and might retain their houses when they graduate.

Living outside might spare one of the problems associated with exiling, but you compromise on some things like security. For one, the hostel might get broken into, though this is rare. Mostly, you’ll be mugged as you walk to your place late in the night. There are many reasons that can keep you in school late, academic ones. Could be you were using the studio, the library or in a study group. Also, when you are in school, you are seconds away from cheap meals in the mess, and minutes away from the classrooms, so you can wake up at the last possible minute.

Life in the hostels out of campus(preview)

The real post is coming up soon..meanwhile, some poor quality photos I took with a phone of some places along US, University Street…

The grocery store…

Grocery store
Grocery store

Aloe Beauty Parlour for manicure, pendicure and all other beauty services!

The Aloe Beauty Parlour
The Aloe Beauty Parlour

Thought the grocery store was a joke? Students shop at the store.

Students shop at the store

Sunrise cafe, which used to have nicely cooked meals (their chapos have sugar)

do not judge a book by its cover..

do not judge a book by its cover..

P.S. The main reason why http://soulfootsteps.wordpress.com gets a dry spell is because I write the poems on paper and have little time to type them up, or sometimes I misplace the papers. I read this joke on a blog somewhere:

am sure no one would mind winning the lottery one of these fine days. Well, there is this gentleman in a village somewhere in Nyeri who won Kshs.2 million. How would he take the news, the lottery company wondered? So they decided to call a strong man who could break this news tactfully. The chief, naturally, was their ideal man. So the chief went to Kamau’s (the winner) homestead. After exchanging pleasantries:

“What would you do if I told you you have won 2 million shillings?” the chief began.

“If I won 2 million?”


“And you are the one telling me?”


“If I won two million shillings and you are the one telling me, I would give you one million shillings.”

The chief fainted.