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my working place

I remember A son of his mother posting a photo of a not-so-tidy desk where he drank copious amounts of coffee while working towards his dream. When I told him in a not-so-subtle comment the appearance of his desk, he challenged me to put up mine..and I did, without arranging anything. Well, enough background..


24 Responses

  1. Its such a ‘schoolie’ desk!

  2. @ S.G

    well, am in school..and that is my room. I share the table but currently I was using it so my stuff was sprawled all over

  3. looks familiar…the order, that is. .can i post mine?

  4. ahem! πŸ™‚

  5. Auuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!! Simkuje!!! Is that a sandwich maker on your deks?

  6. @boyfulani
    yes, let us see yours…

    what is surprising?

    @a son of his mom
    yes, it is a sandwich toaster..unlike u, i take both copious amounts of coffee and sandwiches alike πŸ™‚

  7. brings back some nostalgic memories…

  8. @Sybella

    was that many years ago?

  9. I like the kettle. When am I dropping in for tea? Am in skul now. πŸ˜‰

  10. hall 2 room….

  11. Lol!

  12. its a mini kitchen, you can roll out sandwiches and tea at a moment’s notice.

  13. Yep, 3N. This is a mini kitchen. Savvy has cheated on the test.
    And yet she hated on mine…hata hauna haya??

    Now you guys are hating on my room, what is wrong with a little sandwiches and coffee as one is studying? This is the general appearance of the room. If you guys want coffee and sandwiches, Nzembi can bring you. Am sure she has been snooping from room to room looking for the owner of the kettle, let me give you a clue, hall 2, 1st floor.. πŸ™‚

  14. Awwwww! That reminds me of the one semester I shared a Nyayo 1 (K.U) room with a certain lady…..I miss being a student. Will post mine too (just to be IN)

    Awaiting yours..just do not tidy it up first. That would qualify as cheating.

  15. This should be Hall 1 or Hall 2.
    Oh, I do remember the good old days…

    Most of them spent in hall 1 or 2 sipping coffee with the sisters!

  16. Wewe stop framing me. I hardly get to hall 2 whenever am in campo. Hall 5 is my base.

  17. @nzembi..Hall 5 I see…. but am sure you spend your nights in hall 2? If not am telling your mother

  18. Hehehe… Tell her! Cuz I very well DON’T sleep in hall 2…. I sleep in her house! LOL… I didn’t bother getting a room this sem.Kula hiyo! πŸ™‚

  19. How do you operate? Si you have to draw late into the night?..And be in school early. Maybe you live in Thika,if not Kahawa Sugar or somewhere along Thika Rd

  20. Eh Swity lemmi break it down for you kiasi. Being in 6th year means…I don’t have any theory class. So no cats and assignments for me ever. I just have research thesis to do in first sem so I don’t have to reside in school. But second sem I have the full studio project. And that’s when I will move back into campus, to do the whole sleeping in studio thing… So for now, It’s hall 5 for me. Unless I get invited for tea some where in hall 2 ;).

  21. Is that a Bible I’m seeing there?

  22. @nzembi
    Lucky you…I hate these CATS, reports and assignments… Well, I’ll give you a clue to my room number in the email, then you can come for coffee…

    It’s a hard cover Nora Roberts an addict.

  23. That cup looks familiar

  24. @some1

    My is from the mess… but I must add that I found it in the room and was not the culprit that ‘Kimunya privatised’ it!

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