Life in the hostels out of campus(preview)

The real post is coming up soon..meanwhile, some poor quality photos I took with a phone of some places along US, University Street…

The grocery store…

Grocery store
Grocery store

Aloe Beauty Parlour for manicure, pendicure and all other beauty services!

The Aloe Beauty Parlour
The Aloe Beauty Parlour

Thought the grocery store was a joke? Students shop at the store.

Students shop at the store

Sunrise cafe, which used to have nicely cooked meals (their chapos have sugar)

do not judge a book by its cover..

do not judge a book by its cover..

P.S. The main reason why gets a dry spell is because I write the poems on paper and have little time to type them up, or sometimes I misplace the papers. I read this joke on a blog somewhere:

am sure no one would mind winning the lottery one of these fine days. Well, there is this gentleman in a village somewhere in Nyeri who won Kshs.2 million. How would he take the news, the lottery company wondered? So they decided to call a strong man who could break this news tactfully. The chief, naturally, was their ideal man. So the chief went to Kamau’s (the winner) homestead. After exchanging pleasantries:

“What would you do if I told you you have won 2 million shillings?” the chief began.

“If I won 2 million?”


“And you are the one telling me?”


“If I won two million shillings and you are the one telling me, I would give you one million shillings.”

The chief fainted.


17 Responses

  1. I can’t buy food in that place,I can’t have my nails made there,I’d rather be on diet and bite my nails!
    Now that chief surely,good for Kamau,he would simply have died!

    When you are in campus, there is little you can’t do….I couldn’t believe it when I ate motura by the roadside. When in Rome, do what the Romans do. I was plaited in that salon

  2. heheh!! i cant wait for post!

    soon as I can find where I saved it..

  3. Girl, your place is modern!! You should go to KM (ku) and see the kind of joints they have for food. To this date, I can’t believe I ate there.

    I’ve been to tat place in KU. I had gone swimming, was damn hungry and was with this guy who took me there…some of those places still have earthen floors….is it any wonder he never got a chance?

    @Carol, thank God you’re not in a Kenyan Uni, cos I bet the food at Sunrise is better than campus mess food, and way cheaper.

    The food at Sunrise is on point…but not cheaper..just the same

  4. Pendicure! Imagine everytime I pass there I burst out laughing. Even as recent as today. I can imagine that salonist saying, “Pendicure tunafanyaga na soo biri”. Hehehe.

    That sounds just like what she would say, have you been there?

    I tried mukimo at sunrise. It was actually better than I thought. Ofcourse if we don’t factor in that water she claims to be soup! Plus it’s a clean joint. Much better than others. Sindio?

    Yeah..that place is clean ad kinda cozy…apart from that water with a few floating pieces of greenish stuff and tomatoes..

    You should put up pics showing the real Gash. The hub of activities in juja. Oh and don’t forget Amo’s! Lol 🙂

    Could I borrow you a digital cam?

  5. Oh my the grocery store….

    It is real like that.

  6. So did you have a Ronaldo or a Giggs at Sunrise? lol. Where I went to school, it was a worse looking joint than that however their mandondo mix with chapo was our meal at 10 am then lunch in school which was reeeeallllllly great. Couldnt miss lunch at any cost! Not even a mid class restaurant in town serves the kind of food we had in school.

    Atleast when you graduate you can talk of Zuchini when its comes to groceries.

    My Kinyozi, they have these chix that wash you after the cut and get a 10 minute massage session…..

  7. The food from these joints are always tamu and the salons are cheap and when you get a good person they do your hair very neat.
    Post chap chap

  8. Simply hilarious,we do have these out of campus joints back at Strath but they look much better and usually the food they serve beats the one in the Cafe.When are you inviting me for lunch at sunrise???

  9. i probably would eat there, plus since the food is tamu and people aren’t getting sick….then why not

    mutura on the side…I would have to know the person who made it, otherwise it could be a marathon in the choo

  10. Crazy joints, thanks for sharing. Can I invite you for lunch at Sunrise Cafe?

  11. @S.G
    No, sunrise is not cheap like that…so no 11 bob or 9 bob meals…I must admit every place has its own CMB, Chapo Mbile Beans that taste good…

    That’s a good kinyozi..massage hmm…

    Lunch at sunrise, any day of the week. Drop me an email at so I can know you are serious…

    mutura is a risk you have to take

  12. @Rafiki

    That does sound gisty, you know, sunrise cafe is a good name…

    don’t have such in Uganda?

  13. eh and i thought the vibandas outside Nairobi Uni look bad…
    si kwa ubaya lakini mko down!! lol!

  14. @georgeQs

    well, you could publish a few of your joints…

  15. Pendicure LOL!
    True campus life is very interesting, cheap is always the way to go.

  16. @Kirima

    We’ll spend more when we have the money..hopefully after campus. Now we can enjoy the best in life at the cheapest cost…

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