If  you are below 18 (madmyke..) I suggest you skip this post. If you are prudish, or conservative…it’s time for you to stop reading this as well.

It’s a Friday evening. I look around and my pal is dressing up, ready for a party. I do not feel like tagging along, I know next to no one who will be in attendance. For me, parties are more of the company and less of the food/drink/music. So I tell her I’ll walk myself to my place.

On the way out, I passed by this room. I peered inside (natural curiosity) and could not believe what I was seeing. A beautiful, sexy older woman smiled at me. She was naked. On the bed next to her was a handsome, much younger man. He looked about my age. Before I could catch my senses, I felt inexpiably  drawn to the scene.

The woman received me into her arms. Of course I was confused. Am straight, right? Before I could protest she was peeling off my clothes and I could my resistance waning. She had the softest of touches and for once I understood the meaning of butterfly kisses as her lips seared my body. I was yielding into her, fusing with her, wanting to be one with her.

The young man was not forgotten. I understood then that it was time. Finally, I felt I couldn’t wait. The woman lay beside me, pinning me down on the bed as the guy, moist and glistening came into me. Moaning with pleasure I moved with him, as moved from peak to peak. It had never been like this before. I felt like I was losing my mind. Scream after scream tore through me.

The next thing I knew, it was morning. My friends would be worried, so I hurried back. A dreadful thought occurred to me, did I use protection? No..I hadn’t…I could be pregnant, I could have contacted some STI… I have to pass by some chemist’s and look for those pills..yeah..those morning after..what should I ask for? I was panicking…

That was when I woke up.


25 Responses

  1. uh huh… was actually thinking it was somehow going to lead to the jazz festival…

    do you have fantasies about a threesome?!

  2. sorry, meant the hostels drama, not the festival… thinking about the festival that was here in kampala

    No, I do not have 3some fantasies…that was a dream…

  3. coitus interruptus! not fair!

    go back to sleep, we need to see more.

    Can people continue with the same dream after waking up? I shall give it a try..

  4. fantasies! very interesting.

    Dreams..there is a difference!

  5. Lol…Savvy! Wild dreams eiy? Am with 31337 rudi ulale..we need more drama 🙂

    Wild? Wait until you hear my wild ones….as for going to sleep, whom shall I take to bed with me?

  6. Wawawa. Thats an anticlimax at the end there. We need a sequel ….sleep well….

    Allright…you may have to wait till I wake up for the next post..I’ll make sure I have dreamt before I open my eyes

  7. I was planning on not commenting but I just had to.
    Some of us are busy dreaming about a peaceful Kenya,stable global economy,Obama’s victory and here you are having(Claim to be dreaming) threesomes.?!?!

    I dream about these things too….Ending world hunger, poverty,

    And yeah,I’m so getting back at you for that U18 jibe.

    It’s okay to be young…do not be in a hurry to grow up..

  8. mmmmmhhh! You’re not really celibate are you? Dreams of threesomes = real stuff with a single partner. Kwanza an older woman? Wah! I’m with 31337 and Nzembi. Go back to sleep and bring more.

    Dreams do not always translate into action..otherwise who knows..hmm.. been celibate 30 days now and counting.. 😉

  9. that was juicy.

    and unreal..

  10. okie so Madmyke is under 18?? walalala…surprises of surprises..ebu tell me what you and Nzembi are eating….

    I shall surely post a photo of our think that is what gives us wild dreams??

    ebu I go back to my OBSERVING corner 🙂

    You have one? I guess am under the radar then..

  11. u just need to good lay….31337 available?

    31337 the sexpert, where art thou?

  12. Hmmmmmmm very interesting…. the mantle has now been handed over to you….do me proud!

    Am trying…

    PS: I have updated (I think)

  13. imeenda wapi sasa! Urrggghhhh

  14. 🙂

    speechless, huh?

  15. Salaaaaaaaaaaaale!! I should have looked elsewhere!

    Conservative? somehow, I do not think so..

  16. Dreams are chosen,Savvy.You chose to dream about threesomes?
    The chemist does not have those pills…….!!
    By the way,I hardly ever dream!

    Where are they found? I did not know you chose dreams….halafu, ati u never dream? u do, u just forget the dreams when u wake up

  17. Dream / Fantasy…. what’s the difference?

    dream, no are asleep. fantasy, you are awake and ensure your make-believe world goes according to plan

  18. threesomes. wow, this storo has jazzed me a lot.
    nice blog u have, off to previous entries.

    you are welcome…

  19. see this is the kind of stuff that’s worth a good read…juicy fantasy – dream – real storos.

    eagerly waiting for more

    dream…dream… so if and when I shall awake, I’ll let you into my dreams again

  20. You had got me going there for a minute with your post…..sounds like a really juicy dream you had there.

    Pray do tell, were there more like those after that?

  21. @Vieve

    Let me try to remember if there were 😉

  22. Sound like you might be curious…? join the club.thats not to say i am interested…just curious!!!

    I guess we should heed the warning..curiosity killed the am confining mine to dreams

  23. LOOOOOOL coitus interruptus!
    Hmm bicuriosity huh??…nothing wrong with trying new things


  24. nice story teller good job on this one… atleast now i got new material on my blogrol

    Hope I don’t disappoint

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