XXXXXRated 2

Sitting across the table from me, he looked handsome. Dark and handsome. His smile lit his face. He was in a black tuxedo. There is just something about a man in a white shirt that gets to me. Whether it is the contrast with his dark skin, I just don’t know. We had decided to ditch informal wear and dine out formally. We had had enough of soda and pizzas and home movies.

I was in this little red dress. Earlier, we had gone shopping and I bought my first dress. It was figure hugging, had a long slit on one side and left out half my bust in the name of cleavage. I could feel his eyes on my chest now. I lowered my wine glass and smiled in return. The food at the coastal resort was superb, though my mind was hardly on it. The wine was fruity but not too sweet. The setting was perfect, the other couples well dressed but I had eyes for no one.

The meal ended, the live band struck up, playing Kenyan oldies. We stood up to dance. Stepping into his arms is all I had wanted to do all night. Any excuse to touch each other was welcomed. My hands around his neck, his around my waist, and we swayed to the music. I loved the feel of his ‘ndengu’ hair. Who said long straight hair was good? (Exceptions are Lorenzo Lamas, Shawn Michaels, Michael Bolton…)

I wondered if the band was taking requests. I asked for the song Lady in Red. It seems like it was just meant for this moment. Here I was in a red dress, with the man I loved, dancing in his arms to my favorite song. I was melting into him. His lips at my ear, whispering the words of the song as we danced.

Lady in Red…is dancing with me
there is nobody here
just you and me
I swear I wanna
be the only one..
I’ll never forget
the way you look tonight.

I looked into his eyes, and knew he was about to kiss me. His lips came down on mine and I can swear that was my sweetest kiss. Not too deep, but I could feel the passion rising as his hands sensuously caressed my back. That was when I felt someone tapping my shoulder. Opening my arms brought me to reality, we were in a public place. One of the hotel workers was breaking up our little romancing on the dance floor because we were making other guest uncomfortable. Kenyans, conservative in public.

He suggested we go to a drive. I jumped into the passenger seat of the rented car. He drove to the beach. I love the coast sometimes. It was night but it was very warm, making the night a comfortable one to walk in. We left the car, I took off my six-inch numbers that I could hardly walk in and he took off his shoes too. Holding hands, we set off, wandering aimlessly on the sand. We headed for some rocks.

The sky was exceptionally starry that night. The moon was big and yellow. It was such a good feeling, just holding hands and walking. We reached the walks and sat down. The sea stretched out infinitely before us.

We lay down, his hand my pillow. He caressed my hair as we talked without words. He turned his face towards mine, and we kissed again, this time letting loose our passions. Unbuttoning his shirt, I trailed kisses from his base of his neck, nibbled his nipple and continued to his stomach. His hands were trembling, his breath labored as he helped me unhook the zipper and undress him. I took him in my mouth, gently but firmly . I worked my magic, as he moaned deep in his throat.

Grabbing my shoulders, he pulled me back, saying it was my turn. Holding my dress at the hem, he pulled it over my head. He gasped after realizing I had nothing underneath. His hands were like fire, everywhere he touched me I was burning. His mouth on my breasts was a sensation never before experienced. And when he kissed me there….the sun, stars and moon were no longer visions but within reach.

He came into me, gently. Skillfully, he burst my seams. I could feel the entire length of him in me. Inch by inch. Together, we rode into waves and waves of sexstacies. And when we reached there, it was like letting flood gates open.

Only later did I realize my dress had been blown off by the breeze. But it did not matter. We walked to the sea. His coat, my new dress. We ditched out clothes yet again, but for the sea. It was the first time I was swimming naked in the sea.

Forget the fooling around with classmates in swimming pools. This was a make out session like no other. We ended up in the sand again. Where did all the energy come from? Never mind…this time we were more familiar, so we took our time. Much later, after much fun washing off the sand in the sea, we headed back, and snuck into our room.

That was adventure..I must say. Here I was bare feet, wearing only his coat, while his sandy clothes did him no justice. I handed him back his coat…he wanted to be paid for lending it out to me…I told him I had ways..he said he’ll make me cry as I paid back…..and I said as long as they were cries of pleasure…

And that is how I would like my first time to be.

Have a nice weekend. and to emulate 31337, why are you not reading this?


37 Responses

  1. fantasies,fantasies…a girl should dream you know…but if only most of our dreams had a high chance of happening in reality.

    if only…

  2. Watch out …dreams have a way of coming into life!! Haiya.

    I would not mind this one coming true!

  3. [Clapping]

    I take a bow

  4. No way this is a dream… May that first time be as closely fantastic if not more:)

    It’s more than just a’s a fantasy.

  5. wonderful and romantic, i hope your Mr. Right reads it and fulfills your dream

    Where is he?

  6. Wow!! Hope your fist time is this good! You’re good girl! You’re good.

    Hope so too….though I know how far from reality dreams can be..

  7. I emerge again from my corner……Oh my…sure this wasn’t real??

    If it was real….would i put down every detail? No, it was not..

  8. And may it come true!

    Amen to that…

  9. Girl! Lucky I was in jeans while reading this. Do first timers have this kind of imaginations of what romance should be like?

    I guess I have got a wild wild imagination

  10. The dream is real!! The failure to realize it is the only unreality. Haiya!!!

    That does make I guess I have to realize this dream…

  11. Wah!!

    I take that as a compliment…thank you.

  12. siongezi kitu!

  13. *looks for pillow to cover sehemu nyeti as he leaves the room*


  14. @carol

    umefurahia sana kusoma?..

    just a pillow? I have a friend who says he needs a woman to hide it..a pillow wont do!

  15. I hope you get that and more! i had such before i took the plunge. hang in there it’ll come!

    Tell us about the plunge?

  16. oooops am late. I hope this one comes true.

    We’ll see…

  17. I am reading this and thinking,”Will I make it?”

    When the time comes….

  18. do i have anything to say…together we can add more Xes to the tittle


  19. Have you thought of making this a career (the writing that is!)? Good stuff it should definately come true

    I am seriously thinking about that (the writing)

  20. Unfortunately, a career in writing is more than being able to spell and conjugate. Good writing is more than words on a page. There is what impresses a circle of friends and what impresses editors. And a career in writing is about what impresses editors.

    If say I was a publisher looking for Kenyan erotica I would not touch anything with Mills and Boon influences. Rather I would look for local colour, depth and sense of place. Originality… novel turns of the phrase… but that is just me.

    I agree with you totally..actually this has to be the first time am writing Mills n Boon stuff, if you can call it that. I hope to make it in writing some day…meanwhile am doing what I can in the university.

    That said, You go girl.

    Thank you..

  21. Seems lyk an excerpt from a novel.If not then u probably must have been inspired by one of these romantic novels.I especially find the whole strory…..should | say novelic?How come you always jst dream of these ‘fantasies’? i kind of think dat thiz are ur desires, after all aren’t fantasies just that?Anyway if you actually wrote this from your fantasy n with your own words n thoughts then u are a budding author n you shud consider writing a book(s).I enjoyed this piece.

    It’s not an excerpt..more like my imagination. Maybe a little influence from God knows how many books I have read.. and perhaps, I shall publish a book one day, not necessarily on erotica.

  22. U haven`t had tha needle? Such makes me smile. I wouldn’t mind havin u as my guest. Anyway I admire ur academic profile.

  23. i like you Kenyan Campus girl………u r so smart

    ** Am blushing**

  24. Imagination is a wonderful place to be. 🙂

    Ain’t it though?

  25. now,I am not a good writer but I am quite passionate about it.Since I discovered your blog I have been a loyal fan.This is a good piece,wonderful imaginative,but doesnt appeal to my taste I like most of your writing because it is local..I can relate to it.This is like someone said before,too mill and boons

    Ok…heard you. Will definitely continue writing my local content.

  26. now,I am not a very good writer, but I am quite passionate about writing.Since I discovered your blog, I have been a loyal fan.This is a good piece,wonderful imaginative writing,but doesn’t appeal to my taste. I like most of your writing because it is local..I can relate to it.This like someone said before,is too mills and boons

  27. took me to narnia n back. nyce piece…

    we could go to Narnia together..

  28. […] XXXXXRated 2 October 200827 comments […]

  29. Good Dream…..Wish I was the Right Hand Man

    well, maybe someday

  30. What an experience?

  31. there eint no money like custom money, there eint no bitch like a hustle bunny

  32. John Karanga has been found deceiving his wife with another man. They beat them both, put them naked and forced them to kiss in public. It is against Kenyan law to fornicate man to man. But this wasn’t the first time that John has been caught having sex with another man. He pleaded guilty last year to having sex with another man in a the back of a car.
    He remains in jail, awaiting a hearing Monday. John has had mental problems for several years, but seemed to get better after getting court-ordered treatment last year.

  33. The real thing would have been better

  34. A tru dat

  35. Wow, I love that kiss

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