I was on the boda boda, the wind whipping my hair across my face, headed for home when I let my imagination wonder. You see this weekend, there was Jkuat Sports Day, where all universities in Kenya were invited to participate. I don’t know if those from huko Western Kenya made it, but even as far as Njoro, Egerton certainly made journey. I saw their bus parked and students filing out. In my mind, I imagined Archie coming out, Mike Tyson style (or should I say Conjestina). He had his team of supporters and hangers on, was in some red robes and a belt around his waist for Heavy weight (or is it Feather weight? Tell us Archie), ready to wrestle with Obadiah, who was also coming out of another bus with his entourage. Wearing nasty expressions and sneering at each other, they headed to the pitch.

Next was the Daystar Bus, from the unmistakable budget company. Now, having met Boyfulani, I cannot imagine him playing any sport :D. Maybe chess, or table tennis. I imagined him in a rather different version. He came out with his group of reporters, camera dangling from his neck, notebook and pen in hand. He began asking all sorts of questions, like “what do you think of sports day?” and anyone who answered was like “ I think it is very sporty.” And BF is there scribbling furiously, filling his notebook, finishing his rolls of film even before the sports begin.

I do remember Madmyke saying he plays rugby. So I pictured him in those tight shorts, muscle shirt, mean expression as him and his fellow Johny Bravos alighted from the bus (Strathmore?). They looked around, enjoyed the attention they were getting, waved at the chicks, and walked in a ‘majestic’ way to the rugby pitch, where they proceed to tear each other’s limbs off in one of the violent-most games I know.

Nzembi, not to be left behind. Since she was in the host school, she was not alighting from any bus. She and her group of gal pals (????) were all dressed up, ready to cheer their teams. I suppose short skirts and pom poms were not out of order as they shouted their loudest, not to cheer but rather for the attention. (Nzembi, it’s just my imagination! ;-))

Who else is in a Kenyan university?


18 Responses

  1. am not.

    well, if I could place you, I’d say K.U. they are supposed to be fun lovers.

  2. Lol! Me in a short skirt? Question should actually be. . . me in a skirt!? Enyewe that’s quite an imagination. LMAO!

    Cheering loudly. . .that’s for sure. Hehehe.

    Oh and that group of gal pals. . .should just remain in the imagination. . .

    You’ve just made my evening. . . 🙂

    You are welcome…incidentally, when are bloggers all going to meet, if ever?

  3. Too bad am a drop out n I wud hav graduated by now if I had malizad. All the same I expect a completion of this post, with Archie, BF, Nzembi, Mboiz, n anybody else mentioned 2 do their own versions of this

    Should I send them a memo?

  4. not me.

    well, you can choose one for yourself…where u could have wanted to go..

  5. oooh the johnny bravos are a delight for the eyes!

    They sure are..

  6. I’m not unfortunately. Was in KU ages ago and never even attended the infamous Culture Week.

  7. Bravo!All this was thought out during the bike ride.I’ve got to admire your creativity.

  8. i was in jkuat just the other day (06 to be specific). i miss those bodaboda rides from the gate to the campus. i admire this creativity….

  9. I thot bloggers were 2 crush at Pinks houze warming! Memo the mentioned 4 their versions of the same

  10. wot????????my rejoinder post coming soon.today!

  11. @PinkM
    You never attended the cultural week??? I went once, when I was a fresher…

    Thanks..awaiting yours..

    the boda bodas are fun…but those speed bumps?

    did i imagine wrong? you can correct me..

  12. I’m not… but u can piicture me cheering. Not for the players though…. but for the cheerleaders who do all the cheering and never get cheered on themselves. Nzembi… I gots ur back.

    I can now…picture you cheering I mean. As for that blogger’s meeting, Pink M, when was the housewarming again? 😉

  13. […] , whatsmakingnews Tags: sports i was about to rush over to class when i bumped into savvy’s post and i couldn’t keep this lingering any longer in the ‘drafts’ bin. yaaaaani, this […]

  14. Mimi simo! he he!

    But you are welcome…anytime

  15. Housewarming? Which house? 🙂

    I hereby declare that I’ve been grossly misquoted by unnamed bloggers 😀

    Oh, Pink, you can run, but you cannot hide..Rongai is not too big you know..so I if I see some slim lady, shoprt hair..and lookslike the mental picuter I have of Pink M, am stopping them and asking them for direction

  16. Nani USIU, hakuna USIU.

    I’d join Kei with the cheerleading since I never attended Uni in Kenya.

    It makes me long to meet all of you Kenyan bloggers in Kenya.

    Perhaps we should arrange a meeting. You sure are welcoming to any cheerliding sport

  17. Savvy08,
    Always very interesting posts.
    Reminds me of the 5 years I served in JKUAT beginning A.D. 2000.

    I take a bow..thank you.

  18. Creative,smart…Just amazin,savvy!I luv yo posts!


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