Jack Bauer II

Who remember Jack Bauer I? Well, he may have inspired many…

Magdalene( not her real name)was having a nice time in Hall six, drinking and watching movies with some guys, and her friend, whom we shall name Miss Weaves, for obvious reasons. She has now shaved her hair and quit the hideous weaves but the name has stuck, at least in my mind. So they were chilling, relaxing, maybe a tad high therefore very loud.

As a rule that is never followed, no men are allowed in girl’s hostels past 10 in the night, and before 10 in the morning. Same for men’s hostels. No female visitors past 10 or before 10. This rule is rarely obeyed, especially in the men’s hostels where you might find chicks camping.

I suppose it must have been business as usual, and it was therefore quite a surprise when a janitor poked his head into the room and told them to keep it down. On seeing ‘members of the opposite sex’ in the room, he ordered them out, asking them if they knew the rules.
Under the influence, judgement is impaired, invincibility is induced and courage exists in unlimited amounts.

The janitor might as well have poked a hornet’s nest, or a beehive. Tongues loosened, they let him have it all. Profanities, insults, ‘mchongowano.’

Feeling he could not argue with insulting drunks, he called the security guards. We have a security station right in the compound, near where buses are parked.

The guards, probably bored after weeks of inaction (been a while since the strike) responded faster than they would have in an emergency.
Meanwhile, back at Hall Six, the party continued. Suddenly, the heard static outside the room, together with gruff voices of “Roger, over, over and out.”

Courage fled out of the window, and one Jack Bauer followed it. He felt he had spiderman qualities and there he was standing on the window ledge, holding onto the some ‘ladders’ that they use to hand clothes. He probably forgot that he was on the 3rd floor.

The rest too, could not see themselves spending the night in a police cell. While the guard who had arrived ‘rogered’ and ‘overed’ reporting the current situation, they slipped out into their friends’ rooms, washrooms and wherever they could hide.

Our two princesses meanwhile, were stuck in a rut. They could neither run out, since by now the guard was on high alert nor follow spiderman out of the window.

When the guards finally opened the door, they found two, now very sober girls staring fearfully at them. The obviously concluded that the guys had run out on them.

Feeling the two were in need of counseling, they dragged them to the security station, sat them on a bench outside and proceeded to ‘counsel’ them. They told them life was short, rules are to be followed, they should not stay so long in men’s hostels, it was dangerous for them. Finally, hours later, they let them go with dire warnings never to catch them in the same situation again.

Had the guys been caught, the only counseling they would have received would be when they were already behind bars.

Our new Jack Bauer after several minutes of non-discovery, was feeling so relaxed he let go, and followed the laws of gravity only too well. Fortunately for him, he had a miraculous escape, he only twisted his knee.


11 Responses

  1. Lol…The drama still continues?? Who follows those rules?? especially in dudes’ hostels? I had a run in with one of the janitors once in hall 2. I nearly slapped that woman!

    I have had some brush-ins with the hall 2 one, but not that major..this is another Jack Bauer, not the same one.

  2. LOL!
    This has got me in stitches why lie!

    But thats the fun of being in campus. If you never do it there, where will you ever do it?

    Campus has its freedoms…and no one will hold anything against you..

  3. I’ve come to trust you with this kind of drama. Very interesting.

    The drama doesn’t happen to me though, am an observer, listener..

  4. reminds me of jack bauer and the drunk of marogione..

  5. Wait, you get ARRESTED for being in a dorm of the opposite sex? Isn’t that a bit of an overreaction from those guards?

  6. oh the joys of college. how i miss that time.

    that bauer type who relasked mazee..had me on the floor!

  7. Wololo!So,were you part of the group receiving wise counsel from the guards??The adventures at Juja never cease,the fans now want a 007 instalment.

    No, I was told the story later..Hall six drama never ends

  8. drama=circus

    perhaps you can tell me some of your drama?

  9. LOL @ “Courage fled out of the window, and one Jack Bauer followed it” Campus life is full of characters and drama. I miss those days.

  10. Hall 6 drama cannot end. Not now, not ever.

  11. LOL! Ati he was so relaxed he let go… prolly fell asleep

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