Last year, at a time like this, this was my transcript.

This year, this is it. I guess it is a bit more balanced.

Last year, this is what we had for a pal’s birthday.

This year…..

Last year, I used to be up by five almost every morning. This year, I’d be lucky if I can drag myself out of bed before 7am. Obviously, I barely make it for early morning classes, and when I do, it is to find a full class, no chairs, and I have to bring in a chair, sit in front, settle down (noisefully, no doubt) and cause one hell of a distraction. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I no longer sleep any earlier than midnight.

Last year, I cannot remember my dreams. This year…well, read the previous posts.

Last year, I had virgin ears. This year, I have two holes on each side.

Last year, I would have been shocked if I heard stories of students who take weed, have unprotected sex, get pregnant, abort, use morning after pills on a daily basis and not give a thought to HIV. This year, it doesn’t surprise me anymore.

Who says campus does not corrupt?

And now it’s a month to exams, time has come for me to bury myself in the library (from whence I shall be dozing..), or Hall 7 (why does it have to be so cold?) or my room (with all its distractions). One thing I need for sure is focus.

p.s. there is this rumour going round that 65% of those who donated blood in a ‘blood donation exercise’ recently are HIV+. Am thinking however random this sample was, the statistics are terrifying. The guys who donated blood obviously thought they were healthy enough to donate. What about those who already know their status? I was turned away for lack of enough blood when I went to donate, otherwise who knows, I may be part of a statistic. Am headed to VCT soon.

p.s. 2 I have no idea why the images are so minute, perhaps you could save then view them magnified?


20 Responses

  1. cliché alert: we live we learn.

    with repeated exposure we grow more and more desensitised.

    True, that.

  2. Part of growing up / old, I reckon…
    Mami, you might want to re-do those images, can’t make out anything even after magnifing them 😦

    I’ll redo them, there was something wrong with the lousy connection, took me hours to put them up.

  3. It’s not just campus, life I guess corrupts at some point. About 65%, I doubt that’s entirely true. I wouldn’t trust statistics, but all the same, it’s scary that they no longer scare us as such…

    65% is not scary? But it is true, statistics tend to be received as just numbers, except when they are political.

    All the best with revision dear.


  4. 65% IS scary.
    good luck.

  5. anyone on your campus should immediately start outsourcing for sex services…65%? that is close to a sure thing as someone can be

  6. Darling, I pray you are not on the wrong side of the stats. I also hope we won’t be reading any posts from you for the coming one month, so that you can focus on what you should focus on. Don’t worry, we’ll be able to catch up later. It would also be better if I would keep that bottle of Smirnoff in my custody for the time being. I will make sure I return the bottle after a month (I didn’t mention anything about the contents of the bottle though).

  7. This Reminds me of some time back;way b4 i started collecting my DAILY 21BOB extortion fee,way b4 the high skul crush i had on the writer of this blog was cut short by my principal who declared mailing a punishable offence,b4 my first galfriend discovered the cheat in me,b4 BOOKS became SECONDARY n MONEY became NECESSARY,b4 i got a 6-Figure n blew it up@the coast,b4 i decided i broke sam1’s heart so bad,b4 i discovered The Bitch that is our education system…Am so evil,so bad,I make Hospitals SICK…n that’s THE BEST LIFE U CAN GIVE URSELF….Fuck GOOD,EVIL PAYS.

    Llyod the Dolly, (I did not miss the anagram) you are quite something else. You blew six-figure amount at coast??? Well, I don’t know about evil paying.

  8. It’s growing up the true world is not as rosy as we would like it to look.
    Yes some Library time won’t hurt

  9. unfortunately that is reality for you… just make sure you do not end up flowing with that tide…

  10. aha!!!Kenyan students being scared off once more.Something of the sort happened lmike five years or so ago,I was in high school and it freaked me out.I wans thinking in the next few years Kenya will be full of the old and the young,no more youth……..but,wako tu bado!!….Putting aside AIDS,which is real,talk about you Savvy.You are growing…… smirnoff? Are you ‘twoxing’ your cats this year?

  11. This post might as well be dedicated to me,my transformation has been so fast but I guess its who I really was all guised up.65%!!!My pal told me this figure a few days ago and we quickly told him off.kumbe??

  12. 65%…….was is it steadman who did came up with this figure??? That figure is high.

    Success in your exams.

  13. The figure may not be that high. If it was that high is a college, that should spell doom for the entire country. I remember when in high school people used to say the same shit that 30% was rejected on an account of HIV. As a matter of fact, such a statistic cannot be released whatsoever.

    On Hall 7 am reading July!

    On the rest, look at some of them as growth.

  14. BLACK PRESIDENT DOCTRINE:Until 2012,any form of disagreements among black people is NULL and VOID….

  15. Just got you tagged. . .

  16. “Now I’m going through changes, changes
    God, I feel so frustrated lately
    When I get suffocated, save me
    Now I’m going through changes, changes ”
    – 3 Doors Down.

    The 65% is shocking, but I take it with a pinch of salt. One thing is true though: guys shag sana in campo. So HIV transmission is happening.

    If u r okay with these changes, then enjoy life and live one day at a time.
    If not, then it\s time to take a different road. See

    All the same, my best wishes in your exams.

  17. 65% is really freaky! ………..true, what about those who knew about their status but donated all the same?

    We all go thru changes at one time or another………….though no matter how much we try to magnify your transcripts, we just cant see your scores ……………. 😉

    All the best in your exams though,………….its hard to read at this time of year but if we made it through, you can also do the same.

  18. maybe that 65% was the amount of blood that was alchohol free. you know guys here drink ratish and naps for like forever

    That could be just true. There is a saying that people no longer say we have alcohol in our blood, but blood in our alcohol. I should do a post on campus drinking soon.

  19. […] “Last year, I would have been shocked if I heard stories of students who (smoke) weed, have unprotected sex, get pregnant, abort, use morning after pills on a daily basis and not give a thought to HIV. This year, it doesn’t surprise me anymore.” [read more…] […]

  20. Ps this stil goes on u r nt alone tuko wengi.

    the cycle of life.

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