Yes We Did

I don’t know if Nzembi is free to share this, but she and I topped our repective classes last year. I tried to keep this to myself, but I just can’t help it.

Now back to books since I have 6 CATs next week. As usual, assignments and CATs are done in te last possible week, just before exams.


15 Responses

  1. congratulations!!!

  2. Congrats! Same this year yeah?

  3. @Tandra

    This year, we wont know until next year…

  4. wow, congrats!

  5. Congrats girl! . .

  6. I love the way u do it gal. Am one of those people who know u but doubt if unanijua. what else did u do apart from tearing books at kotet?

  7. brilliant!

    all the best with the coming miaws.

  8. congrats to you and Nzembi

    KNOW Y AM IN SKUL…SIMPLY COZ HARRIET MADE IT OUR BABIES WILL NEVA STARVE@HOME….i’ll evn stop collecting my daily 21bob extortion fee…CONGRATS!!!

  10. I had forgotten you were in Kotet!!! You were a Kotetian? I’m so proud of you right now…

    Actually, you go ladies! I feel really nice when gals top in male dominated fields (call me feminist).

    For real, being tops in campus is a big deal!

    Yeah, been on kotet, wore the fayo, went to church everyday, interacted with nuns..and here I am.

  11. Congrats…

  12. Congratulations are in order. This is impressive.

    “Mimi nimesema mara gwa mara katika magazeti, televisheni, na gila mahali…. wewe na Nzembi muendelee guganyagia papo hapo….. muzidi kuendelea mbele….
    Na hiyo, ni maendeleo!”

    My best wishes in your upcoming examinations!

  13. Impressive! Wishing u all the best in your cats

  14. Uwiiii!!To say Im impressed is an undersatatement

  15. […] Babaroa announcement in 2008. Babaroa is the award for being top of the class for your course. What do you know, working hard actually pays off. I was a diligent student in the first year and was rewarded with a trophy, certificate and 10K in cash. I bought a phone, Nokla 95, which was stolen from my room about a year later. Sadly, Babaroa has eluded me in subsequent years. Blame it on my competitive class. Nokla N95 […]

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