Inspiration out of the window

Sometimes I sit and wonder what happens to me during the times when I can’t write anything despite having all the time in the world.

Anyway, am now back to writing full time, soon I should be having my usual 2 articles a week, hopefully.

Meanwhile, I have some photos I have been taking..



12 Responses

  1. me i have the first ones.

    what is the thing circled in the second photograph?

    The pink thing is a piece of underwear on a tree, I wonder how it got there

  2. Kenyans and the names they use for buildings?? muahaha…

    and yeah, whats the second pic?? tried to squint…

    someone left a souvenir on the tree outside our balcony..It’s a pink piece of underwear

  3. savvy, are you suggesting that tenants of the Golden Balls Hse are leaving underwear on tree branches after their ‘sessions’?

    Who knows?

  4. So is pink the “in” colour nowadays on campus?

    I thought pink has always been the in color for ladies’ underwear..

  5. golden balls house? what’s that about?

    I wonder why they did not use a name like Golden Bells or something.

  6. Is the underwear male or female? Maybe it was some evidence that needed to be destroyed in a hurry.

    It’s female. I guess tossing it outside to the tree is one way to go about it

  7. Must be a trophy…

    On a tree?

  8. Pink has always been the in colour for ladies underwear? Ladies of what age?

    Um..all ages?

  9. There used to be a hymn book with such a title. Golden Balls. Or was I just a victim of graffiti by previous users? Eish.

  10. My theory is owner of said pair of pinkies was marking territory when the intended victim decided to throw out the evidence because he was already spoken for

    Could be..

  11. Lol 3N! Thats deadly.

  12. Golden balls 🙂
    How do you give directions to pals who wanna come visit?
    ooh……naishi {golden} balls? lol

    I guess there are some golden balls they have placed on top of the gate as decoration.

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