Le |Coup d’ etat

This Friday was not any different. I woke up, as usual, just in time to catch the morning lecture. There was an imminent CAT in the afternoon, as well as a coup d’etat in the making, which of course I was not aware of.

The afternoon is here and the lecturer is late. Am the class representative, so I go to inquire what could be the problem. My dear fellow students are getting nervous, all that waiting. The few answers scratched on some hands were beginning to melt. And so I was absent when the argument broke out.

I came back to a noisy lecture room, and stood for a moment trying to figure out the head and tail of the argument. It wasn’t long before I figured out I was the cause. Not me, personally, but my position as the class rep.

Those who were arguing against me said they wanted change. They wondered what good I had done. They said I took assignments on time, before they could finish. Never mind the spending of my own credit to call and remind them of the deadlines. They said I had not organized any class trips for them. Of course am not the organizer of trips but am supposed to convince the coordinator of trips that our class especially needs one. It’s not that I haven’t tried. The man is the laziest in the department.

Those who were for me, wondered who would replace me. Indeed, those against me had a challenge coming up with a replacement for me on such short notice.

It wasn’t long before the arguments turned personal. I had no idea some of the people did not like me that much. I am not saying am the most popular person in our class. But I could honestly see no good reason for hating me. In any case I could never win a popularity contest. I do have friends, many friends, but few close ones.

If you honestly asked me why the hate, I might say it is kinda psychological. I might say it is kinda paradoxical, in such a way as to hate the person to admire. Why me? I might say because I never seem to be doing anything, yet my assignments are done on time. The study group I am in seems to get along quite well. Academic excellence is not a problem. I talk to everyone in class. But that is if you asked me.

It’s not a good position to be in. The center of an ugly argument. It’s worse to be present. That’s why I am not a fan of politics. They are more like popularity contests, and am not the type of person to go sweet talking people. I tell you the facts as they are and you take it or leave it.

To conclude on the class rep story, am still in the position. Sanity finally prevailed, and the CAT was done, but not before I had see the ugly side of people’s emotions. I put the entire incident behind me, but it’s still at the back of my mind. I just hope when the next argument erupts, am not anywhere near it. I’d rather swim in ignorance, or would I?


17 Responses

  1. oh the ungrateful louts. i would pay them no mind me. then promptly resign, kwani doing them a public service…people are just never satisfied. do one thing they find something else unrelated to blame you for and do neglect to give you kudos for stuff you do for them.

    I guess I emerged thick-skinned so am now I don’t care how it goes. We’ll see when the new academic year starts

  2. Take heart my dear. Such are meant to make you a tough cookie.

    I have taken heart. Thanks

  3. go on girl!


  4. Don’t mind them…some people look for others to blame…

    I suppose that is just group dynamics.

  5. Ignorance is bliss.

    Most times

  6. Cest la vie Savvy.
    People are usually learnt that.
    But be strong. Actually, be stronger at the broken places: http://www.peternjenga.com/2008/10/being-stronger-at-broken-places.html

    I read your post on it. Definitely insightful.

  7. Hold on ,hold on……..they are yet to appreciate the good you are to them. Take courage!

  8. Wow! That’s some drama, and indeed you’re courageous, but then I wonder, why are people so emotional about the position of a class rep? Ai!
    When I was in school, I had no idea who our class rep was.

  9. Nice people would ask what to do for the class rep not what the class rep does for them. In any case students are supposed to learn how to do things for themselves not to wait for others to do things for them.
    Am I making any sense?

    Total sense

  10. Now that you have separated the wheat from the chaff, your life will be simpler, you know who is for you and who is against.

    I am a better, more understanding person now.

  11. These are your classmates not your friends so take heart. At least now you know who is what within the class- that might actually work in your favour for the rest of the course.
    Lol at I took their assignments on time- before they had finished. Kwani why is a lack of planning on their part your problem? washindwe.

  12. The experience should get you stronger rather than sad. Now you know them better and gives you abit of power over them.

    I got over it..

  13. Sorry. That wat we go thro as class reps. Class demands more than you can offer, some bordering absurdity. Stick to your guns and they’ll cow. I’ve tried it many times and it works.

    Will try it next time, if there is a next time

  14. You should thank God for this experience. He knows why he did this to you. You are a strong girl!

  15. Kaa ngumu kama Gumo. at least from the incident am sure you got to know who your real friends are.

  16. That’s people for you my dear… Asante ya punda ni mateke… I think we used to say.

  17. What you dont know cant hurt you(or better yet,kill you).A typical power problem,I also like telling it as it is so here goes.
    Dont you think that maybe their rantings had a root,they didnt possibly wake up one morning and decide,’we dont like her style,lets oust her.’Maybe there is some truth in what they are saying or maybe a deeper rooted problem,think about it.

    I decided not to think about it. Being a class rep is not that big a deal anyway.

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