Ever wondered about God?

I found myself in an argument over the age old question of religion. Questions about our very own existence. And the existence of God, or that Supreme Being. I never thought I would be defending Christianity, being a shaky believer at best. But I think times like these make you question what you really believe in.

It began with a simple question of the earth’s diameter, but what we really meant to ask was the earth’s circumference. Then we began to wonder how the earth really is magnificent, but so tiny in comparison to the entire universe. We form part of a galaxy (collection of starts) called the Milky Way galaxy, but there are others, like the Andromeda galaxy. There are millions of stars out there. Is it possible for life to exist in those far off planets and stars that have not yet been discovered, and probably never going to be discovered?

There was an interesting theory I learnt. If you travel faster than the speed of light(108 meters per second), you go back in time. This is when we were debating the distance from the earth to the stars. Some of the nearest stars are like 15 light years away. A light year is the distance light travels over one year. That’s 10 trillion kilometers right there! If you were to travel to a star, you will live and die before you arrive, assuming of course, you can build something that moves fast enough.

If a star is 15 light years way, and you are seeing it now, then you are seeing it as it was 15 years ago. Since light takes 15 years to reach the earth from that star, what you are seeing is in the past. So if you can somehow travel faster than light, you will see things that have not happened yet. Meaning you will be in the past. Another scenario is if you are watching someone. For you to see that person, the light must first bounce off that person to your eyes. So if you can travel faster than light, you can get to that person before you see them do what it is they are doing now. Meaning you will be in the past. So theoretically, someone can actually go back in time. I don’t know about forward fasting to the future, though.

Later, as arguments often do, the question of the creation of the universe came in. The earth’s creation has many theories, the big bang theory, the nebula cloud theory, the ‘creation’ theory and what have you. There was actually someone who believed in one of those scientific theories. It is not that I don’t believe in scientific explanations for the earth’s creation, like the nebula cloud theory for instance. Who created that cloud of nebula gases in the first place? They could not answer. So I told them they had no choice but to believe a higher being had done that job. It’s hard to explain God’s existence either. Who created God?

And so in my answer I said, God is beyond human understanding. We as human beings, advanced as we are, are still limited in our understanding of some things. Like God, who created Him and who created the One who Created God and so on. Someone argued that God does not exist. That we create Him with our imagination. Mark you, am not talking about religion. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism… there are enough arguments about that. It is possible to believe in God without belonging to any religion, right? It’s one thing not to have a religion, it’s another to say the existence of God is ‘bullshit.’ I felt I could have condemned the person for blasphemy.

Had I been raised a Muslim, would I still be as ‘free thinking’ as I think I am? Am pretty accommodating when it comes to religion. I can look back at the atrocities that have been committed in the name of God and still choose to continue being a Christian. I want to be a Christian without changing my way of life. How is that even possible? Religion and culture go hand in hand. Religion permeates your everyday life. What you wear, the places you hang out in, what you should drink and generally how to behave.

Questions of course, accompany any believer, I should think. Someone asked, how come miracles no longer happen? Like real miracles of people going to heaven on a chariot of fire, or someone miraculously growing legs after amputation? I said I think Jesus should have come in these times. But I think even then, people would not believe. How many people believed Jesus when he was alive? Blessed are those who believe without seeing, I quoted.

But then harder questions popped up. Is there really something like free will? God is all knowing, right? So He knows what you are going to choose even before you are presented with the choices. So are you really free to choose if He knows what you will pick already? Why did He create us? Why did he allow Adam and Eve to sin? Why did he create the snake in the first place? Or even the tree, why did He put it there in the garden of Eden? Why did He create Lucifer? Well, Lucifer who used to be an angel, when he became too proud, why didn’t God just deal with Him? Why did He throw him down to earth? In my opinion, these questions do not justify the non-existence of God, rather they just go on to show how God’s thoughts and intentions are beyond human understanding. I know that is what some preachers use to ‘put the fear of the Living God’ in people, or when they can’t explain something, but I take what I have and make the best of it.

The argument ( I wouldn’t even justify it as a debate since no one was doing any listening in the end) lasted for more or less an hour. It spiraled out of control. Questions like, “Why is sex so good?” Huh? What do you mean, there is nothing wrong with sex. “Let me put it this way, why is sin sooo good? Tell me anything you know that is better than sex.” It was hard to pinpoint something. An epiphany perhaps, when you see God. “Why are women so evil?” Why (I was practically shouting now.. we are not evil. Don’t tell me that original sin nonsense stuff.). “I mean, women are evil because women have p***** and breasts and …..” It was time to say good night.

Living without a belief in something, for me, makes life empty. I have gone through that phase. While my friends were getting saved and all that, I was busy telling them God does not exist. I don’t know if I believed that, but for now, Christian or not, God exists for me. I worship Him in my own way, I don’t want to follow convention, for some reason. Denying His existence is denying ours. How did we come to exist? Forget evolution, who created those tiny primitive life forms in the first place? Accepting that there is someone who actually has power over the entire universe makes me believe am not living in vain. And that makes me wake up hopeful each and every morning.


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  1. Those are tough questions. When the branch of Natural Sciences was being developed in the early Academy, a branch of philosopy called Metaphysics was created to deal wit wat Science couldn’t explain. The factor of Divine Powers in the cosmos is beyond human comprehension.

    Is Metaphysics trying to prove you can accelerate particles through air enough to form matter out of thin air? Or is it the anti-matter theories?

  2. I don’t like these mamboz of questioning life esp God…you can never just get the answers! Those questions you have asked about God I have asked myself several times.

    I especially wonder about this concept of free will. I don’t know if there’s such a thing. I wonder why God ‘lets’ us sin if he wants us to escape hell. I wonder why God ‘lets’ bad things happen to innocent people. I wonder why God ‘lets’ men rape children only a few months old in their bid to cure themselves of AIDs. I wonder why God ‘lets’ small babies get sick. I actually wonder whether God is really there.

    I miss the days when we were young and believe God without questioning his existence. Funny enough this wondering just started like 2 years ago. Nowadays I skive church more than I should…as a result of ‘wondering about God’ .

    The only problem is, I have lost who I really I am in the process and after commenting, now I feel sad…………

    Deep reflective questions make one melancholic, no doubt about that.. in the end you end up going round and round in circles and no answers..maybe you should just stop asking questions and live with it

  3. @Mama: I feel we have to be lost in order to be found. I believe we’re actually in the same place. I’m lost at least when it comes to spirituality and eventually religion. It is simply because I have taken the time to ask myself these questions. And in as much as I feel I may have lost an aspect of my spirituality, I am extremely glad that I no longer follow religion blindly. Strangely, I have greater clarity when it comes to debating and deciding on moral issues.

    My take on free will is simple. If it exists, God can not know exactly what we will do and when as these directly conflict. If so, we have to question our view of God Himself and his nature.

    If free will does not exist, it would fit in with our belief of God’s nature. However, it means our existence as beings with the ability to think and be moral in terms of our decision are severely undermined. ie We live in a deterministic world. I am either destined to be good or evil and no matter my efforts, I will end up that way.

    Either way, our lifestyles are bound to undergo a huge overhaul whichever way it goes. That probably why explains why philosophers have been attempting to answer this question for so many years.

    Or our lifestyles may remain the same. You can just decide to do the right thing at the right time, as long as you are in peace with yourself.

  4. Nothing will ever make sense if u approach the matter arguing from both sides of the story. In as much as there are proclamations that God does exist, there is always that lingering feeling of doubt that most people have, in short, thoughts of ‘i really dont know what am talking about’ abound. Know what u know, learn what u dont. Be suprised to learn what the bible references to the ever vilified lucifer are…Just google it n be mortified!

    Yeah, in the end, there is just no conclusion, is there? Let me Google that Lucifer thing

  5. I have actually attended a meeting where someone was trying to prove that God was a gas.

    Out of morbid curiosity, I sat through those motions as the guy put up chemical equations using a Power Point presentation. Some of the things we do!

    Plus I hear even those who are atheists sometimes get to ‘the little death’ or ‘the Big O’ and say ‘Oh God, Oh God’. Proof really, that God exists.

    God a gas? Now that is just downright funny! Maybe in the deepest corners of our minds,God exists.

  6. Complex issue this religion. Me and God oh!

    I grew up in a large family. Dad was Muslim. Mum was and still is Presbyterian. Some older sisters and brothers went to Pentecostal churches. Others went to Catholic. I went to a Catholic boarding school from class 4 to 8 so I know Catholicism by heart. I went to a CPK high school from form 1 to 4 so I know a lot of that too. Many of my sisters, brothers, friends, neighbors and workmates are Muslims so I know a lot of that too. I live among mosques and churches. My bro will marry a Muslim in Dec…….……. oh!

    Where does that leave a girl? I know God is there somewhere for all mankind. Unfortunately it stops there. I have a Bible, I have a Quran. I don’t read either. I’m so open minded it hurts. Even if a friend worshiped the devil I’ve a feeling I would not give a hoot. Well I guess what I’m saying is that I’m lost when it comes to God and religion. But if asked I’d say I’m a Christian.

    I was pretty much a dedicated child of God when I was young..I am an SDA and was into Pathfinder (church equivalent of Scouts). When I went to a Catholic boarding primary and high school, church was more of a matter of curriculum than faith. Nowadays, I go to church when I have an urge to make things right, which is not often.

  7. God was a gas? Sorry but I just burst out laughing. That was morbid curiosity at its best! gosh, what was in those slides? what colour was the Gas and therefore God? eish.

    Complete with equations.. I too,would have attended.

  8. why did the chicken cross the road?

  9. Why cant we make it simple? Live simple life

    Simple like, do no evil. Love everyone? Have fun, make babies, drink alittle something now and then but do no evil. break no laws. We can make it. It makes life less complex. But then again, it aint simple and easy.

  10. Yeah,religion and all the debates…………..Its a complex subject.
    I happen to get all views.I have christian friends ,most of whom are no longer devout,but admit that they were when they were young,till their teen age.I have atheist friends,and the laugh at the slight mention of”existance of God”.But we tend to integare to the society together,and I love it when debates come up…….Eveyone is conviced to be sure to be on the right track as far as religion (and non-religiousness for that matter) is concerned.
    Since we never get an ansew……..to me it should be a proof that a Supreme being exists.

  11. For me… I have no argument with either side… I don’t even care for the proof either way. I take a rather opportunistic road… I’d rather believe in his existance and be wrong, than to not believe and find out that I was wrong when it will be too late.

  12. @boyfulani
    To answer your question:
    A: Because it was ‘Jogoo Road’?
    B: Because it was the KANU Era, all they did was Cross The Pot-hole ridden Roads.
    C: Because it was the Zebra’s day off.

    And to pose one your way (Throw a spanner in the works)
    Why did the chicken cross the playground?
    To get to the other SLIDE.

    God’s Real. Jesus is the Embodiment of His Love, His care and His Amazing Awesomeness.
    In Him is Grace, Freedom and Liberty.
    Google ‘Romans Road’ for more… 🙂

    @KK I’m with you on this one.

    I thought it was agreed upon that the chicken crossed the road to get to the other side.

  13. Its been said, that when one ponders the existence of God, that God has already found you.

    You are a child of the Universe. The process that allowed you to be here, has happened. What are we called to do?

    Think of a world of total love. The command which was given by Jesus Christ himself. Ot total honesty, and trust. Of Love one another, in its most ultimate practice.

    What might that look like? How many cruelties and wrongs might be avoided?

    Do his will, and he will show himself to you. It was his promise, and I am living proof that his words are true.
    In ways obscure at times, and obvious at others.

    An experience that is mocked by the non believer, and undeniable for those that experience it. For every revelation is unique to the recipient.

    With a sincere heart, you will see.


  14. If there is one group of people tham instill deep fear in me are those who dont believe in a higher being.What is there to stop him from commiting all kinds of altrocities.God gives a conscience and once u refute his existence you are bound to harden it.
    On freewill.Yes God does know what is going to happen but one thing he gives us and cant control is what we will choose.He knows the result of every choice placed infront of you.

    I think that makes sense. So He does not know what you will choose but He still knows what every choice will lead up to. If you don’t believe in God, what is to stop you from doing any evil knowing you account to nobody?

  15. You based your argument on the Bible, which is really written history, written way after the alleged events. One has to believe in something though. This is speaking strictly from an agnostic point of view. If it can be proven, then it exists.

    Miracles do happen, but one must work hard for them.

    Even before the Bible, a Higher being(s) did exist to all people. So it is a matter of believing He exists or not.

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