A Visit to the Library

Now that am spending my holiday in Naivasha, having unsuccessifully looked for a job, I have to occupy myself with some activity. Of course I have been to the lake and all. I read newspapers back to back, watched all movies available, watched TV and read all the novels in the house. My brother gets them from the library; yes, Naivasha has a public library. I confess it is the first public library I hav been to.

Ladies and Gentlemen....The library

Ladies and Gentlemen....The library

One day, I decided to brave the hot sun and sand storms (it’s really windy and this whips up clouds of dust every 5 minutes). It was a rather pitiful small place overcrowded with what I assumed were scholars. Am told it’s worse during the school holidays when kids flood it.

They had a couple or more of recent magazines including Oprah and some South African publications that I admit flipping through. There were also some outdates scientific journals and plenty of novels.

As is typical of all civil/public workers, those at the library are no different. First, serving you is a privilege. Then they have created these rules against borrowing one book at a time, you must borrow two, and they also regulate the llength of the borrowing time at will.

This day was no exception and the guy was telling me something about the state of my library card. It’s thoroughly dog-eared, through no fault of my own since it’s not really my name on the card. He is telling me I need to replace it. I ask the cost. 20 shillings. I tell him I’d definitely come with the cash the next time. I have no intention of doing this, simply because the guy is just being a bully and the card is actually usable. That he tells me all this with a certain high-handedness and condensatin does not help.

The card wars have been going on for a while. I promise to replace it and my bro will go next and say he’d never realised iit was that bad..and that it might as well be used till it fell apart. Neverthless, my last born brother put an end to this. You see, he simply washed his shirt with the card in it..and now we finally have no choice but to replace it. The guy at the library might not have worn, if there was any cellotape in the house with which we could have stuck the card together.


11 Responses

  1. Have I ever gone to a public lib? Not as far as I can remember, some of us who pass time reading novels and never borrow books would rather stay home.
    It looks small, no? Does it cry when you steal a book?
    Things that used to fascinate me time back!!lol
    Why would someone oblige you to borrow more than one book? Forcing Kenyans to read?

    They are the one who personally came up with the tow-book rule. Nothing official..but I do finish two novels in one week anyway.

  2. I always get fascinated when “public service” staff forget the meaning of the word service.

    I can’t tell you the number of places where just the look on someone’s face will show you the contempt they have for you for having dared ask them a question.

    There’s some good people out there who provide a good and memorable service, but for the rest, I think they need to be taken out back, forced to kneel down facing the wall, and given a good hiding – before someone else who needs a job and is ready to provide a service to the public is given their job.

  3. That is quite some library. . .looks like a residetial house.

  4. T ‘least there is one there.
    where i hail bullets from, they’ve successful been replaced by movie libraries.

  5. Looks like you are a good ‘chic’, heading to the library when your age mates are painting the town.

  6. Looks like you are a good ‘chic’, heading to the library when your age mates are painting the town red.

  7. err…i recall days of my childhoodness i lived in the local library, which was huge and resplendent, full of all sorts of books, not so much these days i see. and it was someplace in the middle of the rift…

  8. How do we cultivate a reading culture with that kind of library…. i wonder??

  9. Building looks alright. Many people would be grateful to even have one like that, leave alone to have the opportunity to borrow not 1 but 2 books at once!

    Is it well-stocked though?

    It has quite a large collection of books on wide subjects. There was even an article in the O magazine about The Mobile Library using cames in North Eastern. At least this library is constant.

  10. lmao @ the torn library card lol!!!
    saw someone walking around with a 1987 card n couldnt believe it.
    Dont they become unusable after a number of years?

    They have to be renewed after a year.

  11. I like public libraries, you never know what you might find there……maybe some salman rushdie, Kipling or V.S Naipaul….Always nice to read your bolg

    Thanks… the libraries contain astonishing collections. You never know what you might find..very true.

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