My Chinese Phone and Birthday Wishes

I was going to do a complete review of my Chinese Nokia N95 when the power went off and I lost the entire post, which I had meticulously typed. I have to do this another day, I so frustrated I could cry. In case you are wondering, I am at a cyber cafe with no UPSs..

Tomorrow is my 21st birthday and I don’t know how I feel. A part of me wants to grow up quickly, finish college and move out. Another part of me wants to remain forever young, without responsibilities and just happy thinking the world is one happy place.

Sadly, growing up means you discover the world is one unjust and cruel place. Someone said growing old is mandatory, growing up is a choice. I don’t think that I can refuse to grow up as a coping mechanism. I am just going to grab life by the horns. Incidentally, am a Taurus.

Oh, a good birthday gift would be the real Nokia N95.


12 Responses

  1. I wish you a happy 21st birthday. Hope you have an enjoyable day with family and friends, and get many presents! Cheers.

    Thanks..though I should admit that we don’t celebrate birthdays in our family, is that strange?

  2. Happy birthday girl. Wish I’d read that post on Chinese Nokia. Wapi UPS?

    I am yet to put up the post..coming soon. Thanks

  3. happy birthday

    Merci beacoup.

  4. Happy birthday.


  5. Happy, happy birthday savvy.

    Growing up isn’t as bad as touted to be, so far for me. It is challenging but very rewarding.

    Thanks. I just know I’ll enjoy independence..

  6. 21??!! My God you’re young! Have a blast kesho and keep away from Chinese stuff….

    Well, not so young. And I shall keep away from the Chinese stuff.

  7. Happy birthday girl.


  8. Happy Birthday Savvy!!!


  9. Happy Birthday Savvy….. 🙂
    (I’m now imagining those little kids with balloons chorusing “Happy Birthday Janey” in ‘Not Another Teens Movie’….)
    But no worries, you said your family doesn’t celebrate birthdays.

    All the same, you have my best wishes, even as you embark on a new academic year as well in a fortnight.

    Thanks Peter.

  10. I have already seen it somethere…

  11. Happy belated birthday Savvy! Finally you’re LEGAL!! (Hehehehehehe)

    Been doing legal things a long time though..

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