Before you read this post, I want to apologize for making myself 24 hours older. My birthday is actually tomorrow, on the 23rd. I had completely messed up my dates and was living one day ahead. I woke up this morning thinking it’s my birthday until my mum told me to look at the calendar again. But thanks anyway, for all your wishes.

So here goes..

The Back of the Fake and Real N95

The Back of the Fake and Real N95

Let’s not get excited. There is nothing N-series about the Chinese Nokia except perhaps, the look. Many people have told me what a great phone I have and I just smile and say thanks. No need correcting them it’s Chinese. It’s definitely lighter than the real Nokia so do not be fooled.

Here is a personal review of its features:
Bogus Touch Screen
To begin with, it was never accurate, not even with the stylus. No the right side is touch-resistant. Anyway, am not such a fun of poking around with the stylus so I can let this go.

Battery Life
My previous phone (Motorola W220, God bless it) could last up to a week without recharching. This one lasts a maximum of 3 days. And the brand name on the battery? You guessed it: NOKLA

The Volume Controls
Am talking about those shortcut keys on the side. They control the audio/video volumes as well as incall volume. I discovered they were not working when I realized it was the only place you could control the volume from. The other way is via the touch-screen, which is paralyzed on the right side.

Extreme Incompatibility
This is one area that makes me go urrrgh! I can’t ues any cable that fits into the USB, not even for charging. With my Moto phone, I could even use Nokia earphones. I lose my data cable/USB charger and am screwed.

Spoilt Earphones
I’ve just explained the phone’s incompatibility. One day, I was listening to music, when the phone fell and something snapped with the earphones. So now am stuck with a good collection of music and lullabies (blues for bedtime) that I can’t listen to. Am still searching for earphones that will work..but am not that hopeful. Now I guess I may have to get that i-pod after all. I must admit the phone had a good audio player though. You might have thought you are listening to good quality speakers

Internet Access
Nothing to write home about, just the usual GPRS. I can ‘facebook’ really well coz of the wide screen. I can read blogs but I can’t leave comments. I can’t view u-tube videos as the real N95 could.

The Camera
This is just about the only thing I love about this phone. It has a Karl Zeuss lens( am assured it’s best) with 2.9 something MegaPixel(that’s what it’s written) but am satisfied with the quality of the photos. Besides, the big screen lends viewing of the photos enjoyable. However, night photos are totally unclear.

Dual SIM Support
Well, with me still stuck in Safaricom and still wanting to move to Zain which is the cheapest so I have to explain this? How many of you walk with multiple SIM cards?

Other features include the usual calculators, converters, To Do Lists, world clock, calendar, stopwatch, even an e-book reader (which can’t read books in PDF so am wondering which format?), Power saving profile, audio, video, FM radio, even a TORCH. It also comes with a 256MB memory card.

Of course it has Bluetooth. Which has its own problems too. I can send stuff but whenever I receive anything, it is stored in such a format that I cannot view/play it, if it is an image or a song. So I rely on the data cable to transfer stuff to my phone from the computer..including viruses, naturally.

No Support for Java Applications
Or any other applications for that matter. I can download games, opera mini, but I can’t play or install them. That’s probably why am not worried about viruses. They may be stored, but they just can’t be executed.

The Front of the Fake (on top) and real N95

The Front of the Fake (on top) and real N95

I think that’s about it. Stay away from Chinese stuff, as Nzembi said.
You might want to check out this page.


31 Responses

  1. Hahaha my dear. Stick to the old tested ways if you don wanna nurse frustrations. I’ve stuck wit Nokia and it serves me well. Did you say you download applications which fail to launch? Hahaha applications launch..and worse, I did not really know it would be this bad when I bought it

  2. The “Chines” are harsh at counterfeiting stuff! I saw on CNN last night a shameless attempt at producing a fake Rolls-Royce Phantom. When the official was questioned by the reporter, he denied it kabisa!

    That was a typing error…but I think I should let it stay, it is appropriate. If you won a gold medal in the Beijing Olympics, there is a joke that they might fade. And have you ever looked at their manuals? They are in Chinglish, it’s hillarious reading them.

  3. Funny review!

    It has a torch???? For real?

    The torch has been helpful since lights can go at anytime without warning. It helps me locate stuff I need during such candles and matchsticks!

  4. Cheap is always costly in the long run.
    My bro has one of those dual SIM phones, so I feel you on their prevalent limitations.
    Am a sucker for Nokia handsets (the REAL Nokia)… maybe still waiting for them to chomoa a dual SIM the way Samsung has done recently with the DUOS series

    Dual SIM? They should do the decent thing and make a four-SIM..for the other operators.

  5. *Looks around sheepishly* I must admit that I also had a chinese phone. *Sigh* It was a rip off of the i-phone. It was called the hi-phone. Nuff sed!

    On a less disturbing note. Happy birthday to you!! I do wish you the very best in all, and truth be told, you deserve everything you want in life 😀 So here’s to you being a jolly good fellow what what!!


    Did the i-phone have any hi-features? Thanks.

  6. Savvy,

    I am sorry I just had to laugh at you….NOKLA??? I haven’t heard that one yet 🙂

    That was really nice of you to share, I am gonna be on the look out if I ever decide to buy another phone.

    Another way is to look at the manual, if it is in Chinglish, run for the hills.

  7. happy birthday now you’re older and wiser not to accept chinese imitations!

    Am definitely wiser now.

  8. Lol! Is that a phone? Mami, how the hell did you end up with that phone in the first place? I hope yo saving up to buy the REAL ish!

    I was ignorant….that is how I ended up with the phone. The real N95 is still a dream

  9. Happy Birthday!
    Keep off the rip offs! wiser now

  10. i have had my mitts on a nokla N95 too and it is quite true all you state. my cousin has an excellent chinese nokia not nokla 6500 which is dual sim and brilliant. for texts and calls, not so much for java or internets though.

    I think we are past the texts and calls now…

  11. i have a thing for Nokia and almost fell for that nokla (check my most recent post) but compared the price (7999Ksh.) vs the features and smelt a rat! btw the real N95 is i think the best in the N Series. am yet to come across a shop with the REAL N95 in town, all shops i have been have the noklas!

    Happy Birthday!!

    Thanks..I hope people realize there are enough rip-offs out there.

  12. Yes, thats how one pays for fake things. The only chinese thing that I like is their food………all the rest,clothers and all electronic stufff, bogus!

  13. LoL
    Seems ulinoki nokia, lakini ukidhani itanukia?
    Go for the real deal.


  14. i have tagged you. check at “mine”…

    Finally did the post, thanks for the tag.

  15. i almost bought one of those…but with a review like this one, i’ll keep the things some distance off…the right side’s numb indeed!

    keep off anything Chinese!

  16. Sorry I was late for this one. Happy belated Birthday.

    The review is hilarious. I have tagged you, hit at mines for details.

    I guess that why I stick to SE, I have never come across a fake SE.

    It’s only a matter of time before the SE Chinese version comes very careful.

  17. Hi, good post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll certainly be subscribing to your posts.

  18. […] help overhearing the guy on the other end tell her how ‘game’ she was. At times those NOKlAs can be that embarrassing.  Dont pick up a call in matatu. Just ask the other person you are not in […]

  19. hi i like your phones pls tell me the cost of yhe copy of n95 ples reply is must q

    Stay away from Chinese stuff, don’t you get it?

  20. […] minute later, am back and guess what? My Chinese Phone and wallet is gone with all my plastic identities (school ID, national ID, ATM card […]

  21. Dear Campus Girl,

    I would like to repost this article followed by a link to your blog for publication on mine (

    Hence this comment to ask your permission to do so.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


    I sent you an email.

  22. […] Reposted with permission from The Diary of A Kenyan Campus Girl. The original article can be found here… […]

  23. OMG! I no how you feel. I have the chinese i-phone also known as the sci-phone it was $90 compared to $300 for the real iphone. and i regret it coz the touchscreen sucks. the accessories break so easily-headphones, charger, cable. the camera not as good as compared to my previous phone nokia 5300- something like that- and music format is weird chinese stuff so downloading music takes forever. nway i think i will b getting a new phone 4 my birthday so. should not have to suffer nmore.

    maybe you get the real i-phone 4 something, the latest one! Happy Advance Birthday!

  24. […] in the first year and was rewarded with a trophy, certificate and 10K in cash. I bought a phone, Nokla 95, which was stolen from my room about a year later. Sadly, Babaroa has eluded me in subsequent […]

  25. […] that could call and text were not reviewed, of course not. Check out the review of the Nokia C3 and the fake Nokla I had. Yes people, I’ve used Chinese products before, don’t act you’ve never done that […]

  26. […] This is not the first time I’m experiencing loss of a phone. My Chinese N95 got stolen from my room in campus, together with my wallet. The C3 was a Westy incident. The […]

  27. […] This is not the first time I’m experiencing loss of a phone. My Chinese N95 got stolen from my room in campus, together with my wallet. The C3 was a Westy incident. The […]

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