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I really struggled to come up with ten readable things about it…and usually I have no trouble writing, words just flow. So I want to thank Our Kid, Supreme Gream, Sybella, and Boy Mnoma for giving this award…which I soo deserved since am almost celebrating a year’s anniversary of this blog.

So here goes..

1.I love WWE wrestling. Ever since I was a kid, when I used to watch it with my dad and my two younger brothers. When I went to high school and realized it was fake, I mean it is scripted, I kinda went off it but now am back. There is no doubt RAW, Smackdown and ECW are entertaining in that order. The way each superstar has his finishing moves and characteristic style of fighting..be it Undertaker’s dead man walking identity and his Chokeslam, Shawn Michaels’s superkick (sweet chin music), Batista’s screaming into the the camera as he grabs the ropes, Jeff Hardy’s rockstar looks (I love this guy..) and the feuds…the scripters are really talented.

On the same note, I am a soccer fan. Oh, not a fanatic and I only watch a game when opportunity rises, and since you are wondering which team I support, it’s Liverpool because of a certain character in a movie (The 51st State) supported the team. Do I walk alone? Locally, I attend as many live matches as I can for the Harambee Stars National team which lets me down time and again.

2. I think I have been heartbroken once. So maybe I did not walk around with a long face and refuse to eat..my pride would not let me.

3. Whenever I log onto the internet, I first check my mail, my blog, then facebook but not always..then read as many blogs as time will allow.

4. I am cynical about politics and religion.

5. If there is something that I dream about when I fantasize about my future..it’s a house. My dream house. Nothing fancy, nothing grand, just someplace I can call home.

6. I will probably study till my Ph. D

7. I did not have an English name until class 8 when I was registering for KCPE, and the school insisted on 3 names…my mum simply picked a name from I don’t know where..and it stuck.

8. I wish my mother would stop worrying about me every time I pack my bags and head off for another academic year at the campus. She just dreads I will come back pregnant, and every time I try to reassure her, words stick in my throat so I just nod with every , “be careful..men are bad..”

9. I hope to be a writer in future. Maybe publish novels, and mostly I’d love to have a column in a newspaper that I would do for years. It does not matter that I am studying something else in the university…which is why am a big fan of Surgeon’s diary by Yusuf K. Dawood, and of Whispers..

10. I value honesty. So that’s why I’ll tell you that I may be terrible at keeping secrets, but if your life depended on it, I’ll keep my mouth shut.

Also I love Scott Stapp, he of the former Creed band.

I now bestow the award to (hoping you have not been tagged):
3. Kirima
4. Carol
5. Madmyke
6. Kip
7. Tandra


14 Responses

  1. No. 8 cracked me up…what if she were mine? worrying for 6 years? hehehe

    Perhaps she will stop worrying when I reach 4th year!

    I love that surgeon’s diary column too…I like the writer, no wonder I have all the books he has written..can’t tell how many times I have re-read them!

    I have read his books though I don’t know where I got them from. Did you like Whispers?

    Does Creed still exist..heard rumours they broke up. Please confirm this.

    They broke up way back in 2004. Scott Stapp was being an ass: forgetting lines on stage, performing while high on sijui what, bar brawls, wife beating..the lot. So the other guys left and formed another band: Alter Bridge, which is basically Creed minus Scott Stapp. I like their lead singer too…

  2. You’ve a dream. Go for it and make it a reality.

    Thanks Igna, only time will tell.

  3. Number 7. No English name. I like your mum!

    No wait.. Number 8.. she says men are bad… I don’t like your mum! He he.

    Mothers are best..perhaps when I finish college, I can introduce you to my mother? She will smile, feed you and when you leave, give me an earful!

    Thanks for what you do for Harambee Stars. Its a pity Hey doesn’t realize how many World Cup dreams he kills with his little experiments. Have you heard McDonald Mariga is headed to AC Milan? But that name McDonald… come on. That is why I go back to the ‘I like your mum’ statement. McDonald?

    McDonald might also be bought by Arsenal, am crossing my fingers for him. His two brothers also play for the KPL clubs, am not sure their names or clubs. I’d love to support Tusker FC if I ever watch Kenyan games. McDonald should look for another English name…what was his mother thinking?

  4. Schools do amaze me with three names requirement, it is kinda a deep rooted colonial legacy in our conscious. I had the same experience where my dad had to grab a name from nowhere

    Especially Kenyan Schools. However, if I ever become a literally icon (Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Chinua Achebe), I will drop the English name!

  5. I like your mom…and you didn’t have an English name?woah…i can only imagine how long it took you to get used to having one..
    i first read this:
    “…I love WWE wresling. Ever since I was a kid, when I used to watch it with my dad and my two younger brothers..”
    “…I love WWE wresling. Ever since I was a kid, when I used to watch my dad and my two younger brothers..”
    didnt know whether to laugh or be scared: kept thinking your dad and bros used to tussle it out…me and my bad eyes

    He he.. my younger brothers did re-enact wrestling and I used to be a referee, sometimes I fought too. Not with our dad though..never got involved though he bought us our first pack of cards so we could play poker.

  6. You have a super mum.

    @ no. 2. Nice

  7. 6,oui, I think ,no I know you are right about this, go for it.
    Then,8, my mom never told me that men were bad…I dicovered it myself, but I know she was to tell me just that I left sooner than she expected, and who knows, she might tell me when I will be in her house, and I can’t wait. Hope I will not laugh!

  8. this land is for you and Me.

  9. I tagged you for the award! I second your cynicism towards politics and religion.

    Thanks for the honour.

  10. LOL @ no 7… I’m sure she grabbed it from somewhere. Mother’s day is coming up…. perhaps you may have something to thank her for.

    I have a lot to thank her for.

  11. Now you go ahead and tag me?
    Lakini keep up on the writing stuff, you definately have a talent.
    also good luck with that PhD 🙂

    Hope you will do the tag.

  12. Motherhood is tough kweli, if the ‘men are bad’ speech extends to campus.

    About your dream and the PHD, keep the dream alive, you’ll make it.

    Thanks. I thought the ‘men are bad’ should be restricted to campus?

  13. Let’s write a book you and me. hehehehe. Seriously I also once started a book. No idea where the draft is. I’ll fish it, dust it and make it into a short story.

    We should. I have started one but also got stuck somewhere..hope I can at least complete it.

  14. interesting about your not having a Christian name. do you now use it?

    I took to it like fish to water..I use it in school and elsewhere except at home. Most people would find it hard to pronounce my real name.

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