School Opens Yet Again

She turns up for school on the first day. Not a day after, not a day before. This time she leaves home reluctantly, usually she looks forward to a new semester. She might actually be homesick for the first time since class six when she first landed in boarding school and cried the entire first week.

It always feels weird on the first day in campus. It has nothing to do with the long queues she has to make to register for the new academic year, or the systems that break down when they sense it’s her turn at the queue. It’s probably the fact that she has to get used to the routine all over again, the strange bathrooms, the friendly and not-so friendly faces, the few friends and many acquaintances, the few enemies…

She has learnt not to bother making resolutions ever since her first semester. This is the beginning of her 3rd year and she feels old. Sure she might not look old, I mean she has been mistaken for a first year already and gotten an earful of advice from an outgoing roommate who tells her she should make the most of her time, that this is a good campus. She did not admit to being in her third year, she was rather enjoying the feeling of being treated like she is a novice in this campus life.

She spends the first days watching movies, reading a novel a day (you better believe it), and putting her things in order. She got the worst bed, worst mattress, worst locker and she wonders how her roommates look like because she hasn’t met them yet. Sometimes she wishes she was in another campus, because by now she would be having a room to herself. It is going to be difficult getting used to new 3 roommates, will they be weird, holding overnight prayers or the opposite, bringing boys and other unwanted company into the room? She is not exactly looking forward to their arrival.

Her writing will be utmost in her mind, second only to her studies. She feels she has a point to prove, since she topped her class in first year and is dreading the release of second year results. She realizes she has to make up for any relapse in second year with an ‘overlapse’ in third year. She will probably drink less and not even go out the entire semester. She will be spending a lot of time with Z, and is eagerly awaiting his arrival towards the end of May. Z is of course, her computer to be.

She promises at least two posts a week, once the pace picks up. And if you had not realized, she is me.

One of the adverts that adorn our hostel notice board.

One of the adverts that adorn our hostel notice board.


14 Responses

  1. Jagshemash Savvy,
    Speaking in the third person, like the one and only THE ROCK – the People’s Champion. 🙂

    All the same, congrats for the outstanding performance in first year, keep up the good work.

    Have a fruitful semester, Pete looks forward to reading your posts.

    Thanks Pete.

  2. Ha, last time I shared a room (longterm) was in 2nd & 3rd term of 1st year. Not going down that road again… ever. My roommate used to revise by reading his notes out loud… regardless of time of day or night.

    I feel your pain but then again, there must be a pleasant element of surprise as to who your roomies will be, eh?

    Sometimes you can get a roommate who likes to clean even when it’s not her turn, washes your dishes when you leave them dirty…. surprises like that. Or someone you can really get along with. It’s not as bad as am making it sound.

  3. *loooong sigh*. . .school! **another deep and loooong sigh**

    But yaaay! I’ll come check out Z!

    You’re welcome anytime.

  4. We had a phrase for third years but I won’t repeat it here!
    Looking forward to those 2 posts a week. Enjoy yourself despite how the roomies turn out.

    What’s the phrase? I would like to know…

  5. Campus in Kenya…… feel like high school, with the possibility to bring boys in, who apparently are unwanted campany!
    I cannot read the ad, but it seems like a life time opppotunty? I should postulate,,,

    Boys are is just that when you have roommates, one man’s company is another man’s nuisance. The ad is for blowing computers.

  6. Hebu soma kwa bidii. Lovely semester.

  7. Computer blow jobs? Aaaaaaw. Just what you need when you get back to school. Have a great sem.

    Thanks… at least we get the services for our computers.

  8. Looking forward to the posts as usual.

    I’ll keep them coming.

  9. Will Z be given one of those blow jobs?? Have a nyce sem!!

    Probably..J-town can be dusty in the dry months.

  10. That talking in 3rd person thing was used by guys in my former high school and they overused it till it got irritating…Keep em coming and pliz get a house off-campus..

    This is the first time am using it…and I just found myself writing, I was not even thinking about it. As for a house off-campus…it’s a tough one.

  11. topped her class in first year? she is bright like that, good for year…

    the year will go by so fast and you will be happy to be moving on… wishing you the best with everything…

    Thanks Sybella. Hoping I can still pull off the top-of-the-class stunt this year.

  12. All the best in your 3rd sem. Looking forward to the posts.

  13. The picture is quite disturbing…

    it is if your mind is in gutter mode! Anyway, if you look closely, it’s about blowing computers..

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