It’s been roughly a year since I wrote my first post on wordpress.

Three years ago, I began writing on the internet. But that is not the first time I was writing. My earliest memory is writing a letter to my father, who was away at the time, to buy us books and pencils. I was 7 years old then.

I have an old blog… I used to blog infrequently till I moved to wordpress.

I write to express my opinions, even when I know no one will read them.

I write to get rid my mind of thoughts, even when they do not make sense.

I write to preserve the memory of today, even when I will not read it tomorrow.

I write to enjoy the feel of words, even when they are not poetic.

I write to have something to do, even when am not idle.

I write to let out my feelings, even if I burn up the paper later.

I write because I love writing.

I write because I have to.


12 Responses

  1. Mmmh happy anniversary.

    Thank you.

  2. happy Blogversary!!

    Hope there will be many more to come.

  3. Happy Blogversary Savvy..

    Thanks Val.

  4. Keep on writing Savvy…

    Now Pete is off to The Diary of a mad Teenager, to gobble up the bytes over there.

    I wonder if my writing style changed?

  5. Happy Blogversary… may you live to blog and blog and blog and blog and blog and blog and blog and blog and blog and blog and blog and blog and blog

    And blog some more..

  6. You are one already. Congratulations and keep up.

    I hope to never stop writing..

  7. Keep ’em coming. I love to read about campus life, perhaps to re-live a lost youth!

    We can stay young forever, if we want to.

  8. keep up the blog, I never miss a post here.

    It’s good to know you have some loyal readers out there. Thanks.

  9. Blog on dear. Blog on.

    ..I take a bow..

  10. U go girl… write on

    Thanks Kei Kei.

  11. Congratulations! I loved the old blog and this new one too. I hope it’s the first of many more to come.

    Thanks, I’ll keep ’em coming as long as I can type.

  12. I now, this is a great article….

    A successful blog needs unique, useful content that interests the readers…

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