Just Maybe

It was a Friday night. We did not talk much. The semester has barely begun and am already liking someone (I think.) How else can I explain this moment, when am waiting for that knock?

Am lying on my bed trying to read the Wilbur Smith (Elephant Song) but it is barely registering. I turn to my phone but I don’t have the patience to log in to facebook. I try listening to music and you would not believe the stuff that is coming out on the playlist (Sexual healing remix by Michael Bolton, If you are not the one by Danniel BeddingField….skip and it’s 3 Doors Down-Here Without you baby). Is it a coincidence or what?

I turn back to the novel and manage a page. Someone knocks, and my heart leaps. Oh no, it’s the neighbour coming to pick something of hers. An electric cooker, I think.

I close my eyes but his face swims before my face. I keep them closed anyway.

A few minutes later, I hear heavy footsteps. The door is knocked alright, but it’s not mine.

He’s not coming. Or maybe he is. Maybe he is too busy, or he just does not want to come. I hate this uncertainty. I think it’s the worst part. The waiting and the uncertainty.

I decide to call him and hesitate. It’s been almost an hour and if he is not coming, well and good.

Then a loud knock. I sit up straight, straighten my hair and say come in. the door opens and in busts….Mary E. Mary E is returning my electric kettle, and she is so jovial I can’t tell her the last thing I care about right now is if I’ll be having hot coffee tomorrow morning. Then she sits to chat. I just can’t tell her to leave me alone, because she is a good friend and it’s not her fault he hasn’t come.

I finally settle down to read the novel. Thirty pages later, and I hear a knock. I carelessly say, “Come in.”

He says, “hi..” and I look up from my book. At last he is here.


17 Responses

  1. oooh… and was it worth all the anticipation?

    Unfortunately..disappointment soon follows. I’ll explain later.

  2. is it sum1 i kno jst qurious….. nwadays u gotta a special glo swts.lenga th dissapointments most skul dudes r similar in most aspects…

    ati special glow? that’s just nonsense…if I do, it could be the vaseline. But it is not someone you know..and yes, skul dudes are similar.

  3. and now i have in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the female mind when a crush is gng on….now to take over the world..muhahahhaa!!!!!(evil laugh,glint in the eye)..sips from glass of water…then back to evil laugh..muhahahah!!!

    Female minds work differently, besides you might never know when a crash is undergoing..we can be pretty secretive.

  4. oh,im a guy

    I figured that out.

  5. Oooh Savvy…hehe…for sure I remember that feeling…

    Waiting for part 2

    Do you also remember it can fade? part 2 may take a different course than you expect.

  6. Can’t wait for part two lol.

    Don’t cross your fingers..but am working on it.

  7. sleek…shd we b worried? LOL

    Savvy, i sooo know the feeling. its awesome while it lasts!

    While it lasts, yes.

  8. oh, then? What happened?
    Is it not you savvy , who said in a recent post that boys are unwanted company? I fell love coming!!!( Savvy is in love, me thinks!)

    Love? I don’t think so… well, not all boys are unwanted company 😉

  9. Wow. This surely is left in mid-kiss. We need details… (well, .. we can’t squeeze it out of you, can we?

    You can try.

  10. Part 2 iko wapi? The suspense is killing me!

    Don’t die yet, you might be in for a surprise..

  11. I wanted to wait until the next part before I comment, but lol ..i have to press for the details….

    I don’t divulge details..lakini I bow in to pressure and there is a part two.

  12. It’s so amazing to be loved, I’ll follow you to the moon and the sky above – Luther Vandros.

    yeah well, I was doing the ‘loving’, amazing while it lasts.

  13. Oh. . . Someone’s crushing! Hehe. . . Part two. . .?

    Sadly, crashes fade away. part two tomorrow.

  14. Aaawww…Savvy is in like! Off to read Part 2!

    In-like hmm..aptly put. Problem is, my liking never seems to last.

  15. that was so nice ,m just visualizing part two.I think part 2 should have been the start,the perfect reason why im not a gd writter

  16. I cherish those walks….I would go back there to just have one more walk!

    You can go back and have that walk, nobody will stop you. Reminisce.

  17. Nice piece…

    thank you.

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