Just Maybe II

It’s been a week and a half. Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me. One minute you feel like you can’t live without someone, the next they have slipped out your mind.

Perhaps I should start at the beginning. The said day previously being a Tuesday, we hang out and talked a while. Then he had to go back finish his work, he is in one of those courses where they stay up till early in the morning (She can tell you about it.) I retired to bed with a smile…

WednesdayGoing about my day as usual, and he texts sometime in the day asking if am in the room. Except I get the text much later (damn…I need to put one of those screaming text alerts), and calling finds him in the studio. He says he’ll break at midnight to come say goodnight. I say I’d be asleep by then. He says he’ll call to see if I’ll be asleep. Okay, so I lied, I stayed up. We took a short walk. I let him go back to his work. I can feel the chemistry in the hug.

ThursdaySort of busy day, and waiting for phone call at night. I don’t want to divulge TMI to you, my readers, so let’s just say the day went almost the same as Wednesday. His marking (lecturer checking up on his work) is tomorrow and he will not be sleeping tonight.

FridayHe has to go home, so any plans imagined will just have to wait. But am free in the afternoon and he is free too. We spend time talking among many other things. It’s hard letting go…it’s those ones of “I wish we could stay like this forever..” only it is in my mind, don’t want to scare him away. Then we have the talk, and I can literally feel it going wrong. An excerpt from the conversation goes like:

“I don’t know… am not a commitment guy.”

“Okay…but I don’t think friends with benefits will work.”

“How long have we known each other, a week..”

“Yeah, that’s too short. Maybe we should give ourselves more time…we should have this talk another time.”

“No, it’s good to talk in the beginning.”

It was circular talk after that. And yes, it’s only been a week, though we’ve been seeing each other around the campus before then. He leaves for home, I stick around campus waiting for Sunday night, when he will return. He promises to give me a call the moment he steps in campus. It’s Tuesday and still no call.

I should be sad, I should be anxious, I should be mopping around (at least on the inside), but sadly, am not. I knew it was too good to be true. Right now, I feel, it’s hard to describe what I feel but it is not the heady rush of last week. I am thinking rationally, and I know it will not be the end of the world if he does not call, and frankly, am realizing I don’t care. Or that is what am trying to convince myself.

How come one week you feel like you can’t live without someone, the next they have slipped out your mind?

I wonder what will happen next..


15 Responses

  1. WHAT?! It can’t be. There must be something you have to do. Or he has to do.

    What is this about ‘we have known each other one week only?’. Wasn’t there a feature in Sunday nation that Kenyans are getting married in ten minutes?

    I think we have to start a ‘Project Snag Him’. Yes, I said snag, not shag.

    I’ll think about Project Snag..but sadly interest is waning. But we are here, and there is still time so we’ll see how it goes.

    • me thinks this guy will start feeling sweet in case savvy starts that project.

      Let’s all agree am not starting the project..lakini, isn’t keeping away a part of the strategy?

  2. Oh no. I was looking forward for some glorious reminder of that feeling that I know so well. Anyway as long as you’re not sad then all is well right? Right?

    Right, so now am rational and adopting a wait-and-see attitude.

  3. Speaking as a guy; sometimes it takes a year before I realize and regret why I didn’t commit. However, it only takes the instantaneous fear of the unknown to bee-line for the hills.

    It seems we both ran in opposite directions, me (who somehow did not care anymore) and him (who did call once this week..uh..huh). Part 3 coming up soon.

  4. How about next time he calls you say you’re busy going to see a new ‘friend’? Just be vague, ‘don’t know, maybe, I’ll think about it, mmm that’s interesting.’ Of course there’s the perennial ‘I’m washing my hair.’ Nothing like a hint of compe to get a guy’s total attention.

    I’ll sure update you on how it goes..am taking all your advice. It’s true that, being unavailable does get attention.

  5. boys! boys! boys! I don’t like the lot.

    Is there a boy / man who says he’s ready to commit?

    Ok, I’m about to start a rant, so let me keep quiet. Don’t do operation Savvy, just keep busy, and just like @Tamaku says, the next time he calls, be unavailable.


    Okay, agreed. No active anything on my part.

  6. Honestly, I cant wait for the day when I look back and realise he slipped out of my mind!

    I admit that day has not come yet.

  7. hmmm… maybe you are not that into him…

    Or maybe I am…let’s see if time will tell.

  8. To be sincere, I’d rather have these feelings for the female than the male, so that she can leave him when she wants, how do you quit someone who seem so attatched hardly one moth after the first meeting? Who seems ready for commitments with projects and stuff? NO, this was just perfect. A woman will always get over it faster and come out strong.
    Hata wewe, why did you seem to cling tightly to a one week old thing, love at first sight?

    Sometimes you never know what has gotten over you…

  9. watching silently in the woods.
    hope all goes well, miss.

    Back to the waiting for me…but no anxiety this time.

  10. Hata this one will pass. You’ll look back and think ‘ati I was into him, how? Be unavailable, be very unavailable.


  11. Oh damn! I wish I was still there, I’d have drummed sense into that boy! Do I know him? I’m sure he knows me. Lakini swty, it was just a week. . .that was too soon to bring up committment vybe. Me being a chic, I’d have run for the hills too!

    I don’t remember how the conversation got to the commitment part…

    Oh and just a warning, Arch boys are ‘lover boys’, liked and adored by many women on campus. So they tend to feel kinda sweet and hot! Keep that in mind.

    I haven’t asked about you, but am sure he does. Maybe you know him, maybe you don’t. As for feeling sweet, well, he hasn’t yet but if he does..then for the hills I run.

  12. *Sigh* Boys! What can I say, you can live with ’em, you can live without ’em 😀

    Nice way to put it.

  13. seems the love bug has finally bit you.anyway boys fear commitment n it takes time for one to commit…..months at the least.but with campus boys????? i wonder whether they REALLY commit to rels.

    The ‘like-bug’ more like it. Let’s see how this campus boy does..I feel like I have placed him on a pedestal. 😉

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