First Encounter

This post inspired me to write about my first experience. It has nothing to do below the waist.

I’ve always shuddered to think how my first robbery would be…hijacking and all..of course I have lost a few items here and there, some cash but nothing major.

Till sometime yesterday, when am having a free day so I decided to watch the Kill Point, some series about ex-army guys who rob a bank and it goes seriously wrong. At this point, I might want to mention I love the lead guy (Wolf), I think his acting rocks.

So back to me in the room watching the series, and I decide it’s time I checked my mails. This entails lugging the laptop to the hotspot (assembly hall). But before I go, a dash to the bathroom. I know I should be back in less than two minutes, so I did not bother locking the room when I left. I closed the door and made a dash for it, leaving the laptop, phone, wallet, keys and other items in a mess on the bed.

A minute later, am back and guess what? My Chinese Phone and wallet is gone with all my plastic identities (school ID, national ID, ATM card etc).

I never thought our rooms (in campus hostels) were unsafe. You see, for guys’ hostel, you have to lock your room even if you are going next door. For me, I could always go to take a shower, leaving the room unlocked. Of course we laughed at guys telling us true stories of desktops being stolen from the rooms (How do you carry a big CRT monitor and CPU without detection?), but now am locking the room every time I step out.

Well, that’s the story of my first robbery. Still hoping to recover the wallet, minus the cash of course. And if anyone must contact me, e-mail it is. Or twitter, or facebook.


13 Responses

  1. Times must be hard even in Campus. Of course that isn no excuse for anyone to take your things. Plus, it could have been a Kleptomaniac who took them! Pole sana. recovering now. Worst thing is, it’s a girl who took it. And I thought campus girls do not steal from each naive of me.

  2. So sorry.

    Another one, if you live on the ground floor, keep your windows fastened. When I was in campus, they’d steal stuff through the window.

    I am on the first floor..and now I lock the balcony door as well as the main door even if am stepping out for a minute.

  3. Pole… That must really suck.

    It did, big time.

  4. pole sana.

    Hope you recover your ID. Its the most stressful to replace.

    Reprocessed it for two months (or more) of waiting.

  5. Happened to me in first year campo. Room was locked, but thug (probably former owner) took cash & pure maths text book. Luckily didn’t check my pal’s locker for a phone (and that was when phones were rare).

    I don’t think textbooks are stolen, but if you are a guy, anything of yours can, clothes. It’s a dangerous world we live in.

  6. Pole sana. I guess life sucks everywhere.

    And yeah, during our days, you had to lock your door even for a very short trip to small room.

    I pray and hope that you recover your documents.

    Well, did not recover the documents so am reapplying for new ones. Hope it will not take forever.

  7. Pole mami. You’re lucky the laptop didnt go. I’ve never lost anything from my room but my roomie did. The punk entered and stole a cheap phone which next to mine! Talk about a thief bila taste! Be careful. . .

    The thief probably did not have time to look around…I have had a labcoat stolen from the lines before (don’t ask why I had one!) but thank God the laptop did not go.

  8. You’d think they would steal books si it’s a university! but alas in Kenya no one steals books! Pole on the loss at least it wasn’t the real N95

    Well, it might not have been real but I did not buy it for free…cost me almost $100. Thanks, am recovered now, at least emotionally.

  9. pole….

    Asante..guess you realise in addition to venting off anger, I was looking for some sympanthy 🙂

  10. reminds of of the days when i was a fresha.
    lost a sansa music player–ipods weren’t in, so, t’was hot and rare.
    to this day, have never understood how t’disappeared since the room was locked.

    pole sana, hope things work out to your good.

    I don’t understand where mine went since I did not leave the room for longer than a minute. These things happen….and there may be a reason somewhere…maybe I’ll know soon.

  11. Aw, shit. That sucks. I think the worst thing about getting robbed is not losing the stuff but the feeling of violation. As in, some stranger broke into MY place and ‘violated’ its essence with their presence. It makes one feel vulnerable. Ebu lets make some voodoo dolls. *evil laugh* Pole sana.

    I wonder if that voodoo stuff works..I have a profile of the thief (how could they do that so quickly? I was barely gone a minute)..and then they never return the IDs and other cards, what will they do with my wallet? But am moving on now.

  12. pole on the loss of items, it was probably another student passing by who thought it was too wide open to be left alone

    then she forgot to return the IDs..thanks anyway.

  13. I am so sorry for your loss…. Not to worry I am sure the cards will turn up soon hope you canceled your ATM card. Glad to have you back on twitter…

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