Just Maybe III

It’s Wednesday. I’ve blogged about it, thought about it, read people’s advice about it, and decided to see where things go.

Heck, am getting impatient with this waiting around.

I pick up the phone, I want closure, is what I tell myself. I have to see if it’s time to delete the number or revive last week’s ‘feelings.’

I decide to call as soon as I finish one page of my website project. Damn, I did not know it takes this long. My pal has left for church and it’s too quiet. Time to make that call.

Take my phone, step out to the balcony and press the call button. First ring (increased heart rate..), second ring (come on now..), third ring (he’s not going to pick up…hang up, but what if he thinks I was ‘flashing’ him?), fourth ring (maybe he’s in class…no it’s past class time), fifth ring( maybe he’s in the bathroom), sixth ring (he’s deliberately ignoring me…I’ll wait till it rings itself out), 7th,8th,9th and I hang up… that settles it then. Obviously not interested.

I sit back at the table, continue typing here, reading there, choosing a playlist, until I hear my phone just begin to ring. It’s my cousin flashing me! Probably wants to tell me Man-U will win the game, I don’t call back. A text message comes in, it’s him. He says he just saw my missed call and will come see me in a few minutes.

He shows up a few minutes later.

We chat a little. I’ve decided to take it slow, and no, am not launching Operation Snag Him. We say our goodnights. Tomorrow is also a day.

The song “Ordinary people” by John Legend is playing in my head.

I grab the whistle my 4 year old cousin forgot at home when he came to visit and head downstairs to the TV room to watch the match between Man-Useless and Barca.


9 Responses

  1. He he! 9 rings! This boy should get himself those ‘Hello tunes’ from Orange ama the other one from Safcom. Ah.

    I like this. Its progress!

    I will change those settings for him once I get hold of his phone. Problem is, with my phone lost…yeah well, am replacing it soon, so we will see.

  2. you definitely need closure with this…

    man-useless? you must have screamed your heart out when barca won…

    Of course I yelled my heart out…now man-u knows what it feels like to lose, and their arrogant fans! closure, closure….maybe it is the start of something, or the end of what never was.

  3. tick tock…

    blink blink..

    And time goes by…and the story develops.

  4. I’m with @Our Kid he needs call back tones at this rate.

    I like your reaction.


    They aren’t too smart, are they? We put up with them anyway.

  5. I laughed at the “I grabbed the whistle….” bit- because there was a picture uploaded of you in my head instantly!

    I just had to watch the match..am a fan of soccer but I don’t exactly make a point of catching all the matches or getting depressed when my team (Liverpool) loses!

    I also learnt that my voice is not loud enough for cheering, so a whistle or better yet, a trumpet.

  6. Lol @ 3TOC.

    No comment.
    Part 4?

    Am working on it..

  7. I am keeping my eyes glued to this blog……kumbe tuko wengi!

    I’ll give updates of the drama or lack thereof !

  8. Good warm rushy feeling.

    Mama? You too?

    It feels so good to go to bed surrounded by that feeling…a smile on your face when you go to bed.

  9. hey..its quite a predicament…pole..aminia

    predicament or no predicament, am going to take a dormant role in it and see where it goes..

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