The Gothic Top

This is for intelligensia and other curious minds..

The Damned.

The Damned.

And as a bonus, perhaps you have seen this:
Bad asscat


13 Responses

  1. Aha. I recall a description of that T-shirt.

    Eye-catching, huh?

  2. Me, I see the girls!! Ok, I won’t count it against you if you expel me from your blog dear.

  3. To clarify, not the naked girls. Ok, I have expelled self!

    Yes, you did the expelling yourself. I don’t blame you for liking (not) the girls though.

  4. that top shld only b worn a@ the comfort of u rm cz mbele ya mboiz bsides the chics wanaona bu…. wel 4 the cat huo ni ukweli mtupuuuu

    well..only my mother would have a problem with it..besides, where will you be looking at when you see the graffiti?

  5. i see i see!! me i am getting a gun.

    don’t go shooting your boss though, you can practise the shooting in the privacy of your bedroom..or elsewhere with privacy.

  6. i like that t shirt…..real nice

    thanks..I love it too.

  7. Very nice top that I would definately not wear any where near my mother!

    you only wear it when in a crowd of fellow agemates.

  8. Yes, the girls….those ones 🙂

  9. I like the T-shirt. Very Rock-ish! Well I’ll be damned!

  10. now that kitty knows the plot!

  11. me like the pussy blowing below.
    mad! mean the cat, need to get my mind out of gutter mode.

  12. Looking at the above T-shirt, reminds me of this EDGE Easy Being Sleazy T-Shirt.

    Only thing that made Pete aware of the two semi-nude girls above is the origin of that “spear”. . . Was busy looking at another pair 😉

    Saw that tisho. Origin of what??

  13. @boyfulani….ati ‘pussy blowing below’ nimetafuta, nikatafuta na bado can’t see it! lol….

    hakuna a picture of a gun-wielding cat?

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