Kenya Vs Mozambique, a 2-1 Victory.

Finally, a victory. Three matches left: against Nigeria at home in September, against the Carthage Lions (I think) in Tunisia, and against Mozambique in their country. We stand no chance of qualifying for the world cup next year, but we have our sights on the Africa cup of nations to be played early next year in Angola. Three teams out of a group of four will qualify.

The boys played a beautiful game, except there were many missed chances of scoring, it was almost painful to watch. Whichever way we play, what matters in the end is the goals we score.

The stars scored in the first 10 minutes of the game and the goalkeeper of the Mozambican team was substituted pronto. There was drama when he refused to leave the field, poor sportsmanship, but I felt his pain. He was rudely pushed off the field by his team mates and skulked to the edge of the field Drogba style, accompanied by shouts from Kenyan fans, encouraging him to remain in Kenya after the game. My attention was now on him as he yanked off his shirt and was surrounded by some guys. He was seen being escorted to an ambulance, and again Kenyan fans shouted: “Peleka Mathare.”

Every Mozambican player who went down was booed to get up, and every foul committed against a Kenyan demanded a red card from us fans and a penalty.

The first half ended with no further goals or incidents. Though their (Harambee Stars) kit had no names as usual, this time I could actually make out most of the players.

There is this player whose name I could not catch, something close to Taiwo Otieno. He was half Kenya, half British and then he renounced his British nationality to play for Harambee Stars. Fans were screaming for him to play, he plays in the U.S. and there was no point flying him 20 000 miles to come warm the bench. We finally got to see him in the dying minutes of the game.

Eye candy..this Taiwo.

Eye candy..this Taiwo.

Hey angered us when he removed what I think are the best strikers- Patrick Oboya and Dennis Oliech. There were shouts of “Hey must go”.

In the second half, Mozambique managed to equalize. All energy drained out of me(despite a number of canned sodas)..I could not see us losing. If we lost the match, that would be the end of our hopes of making it to the Africa cup of nations.

The stars woke up and someone scored..but wait, it was disqualified because of the offside rule. Like who understands it, tsk tsk. Fans were now angry, this referee must be from Mozambique. He is favouring them too much.

Someone else was brought down in the box, and we were awarded a penalty. MacDonald Mariga slotted it in and we led 2-1. We played a defensive game afterwards and were relieved when the final whistle blew. Of course, we wanted a more convincing victory, something like a 5-0 thrashing, but a fan can dream.

There were no security incidents since FIFA had restricted the number of fans allowed into the stadium, and the Mexican wave could not be pulled off. The turnout was not too bad though, and fans always come carrying these bags full of beer and/or miraa. One in every two male fans was chewing.

As we left, fans appealed to the conspicuously large number of policemen to at least throw one tear gas canister. “Kamoja tu..turushie kamoja tu, afande.” It had been rather too peaceful.


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  1. Always a pleasure to read your match reports.

    Thanks. Will keep them coming.

    Sorry, but I like football, so there is going to be a long post here. There is STILL a chance of the Stars qualifying for the World Cup. All they have to do is to win the last three matches. That gets them to 12 points. Mozambique is easy peasy, Tunisia and Nigeria only have history going for them. And Tunisia and Nigeria will take time off themselves by drawing again. So Nigeria finishes with 9 points, Tunisia 11 points and South Africa here we come!

    We do have a mathematical chance of qualifying..that means we win all matches, and win by many goals. Let’s hope so.

    If however Nigeria beats Tunisia, the y finish with 12 points and we still go though on goal difference after we beat them heavily on the uneven Kasarani pitch. Ahem. Eternal optimist!

    Back to the game. You missed out the part where fans sand ‘Hey Must Stay’ after we scored the penalty! That was prety funny. The turn around from the ‘Hey Must Go’ chants!

    Taiwo should have played more minutes, I think.

    But taking off Oliech and Oboya was a gamble that paid off. Victor Mugabe actually shone in place of Oboya. (Do we really admire Zimbabweans that much?! Mugabe? And even an MP that was called Mugabe too?). And Wanga who replaced off-colour Oliech actually once made a great turn and also almost scored.

    Hey lives to die another day! That tear gas one is funny! LOL! Where do these fans come from?!

    Coaches and players(and cops) should learn not to listen to fans….they have all sorts of opinions and ideas, loyalty shifts in seconds, personally, Oliech off the pitch was okay but I think we needed Patrick Oboya. He could have scored some free kick we got on the left wing(right? am not sure, depends on where you are seated.)

  2. very funny just as i expected. my nephew tells me that mozabiquez goalie was crying after the substitution! thats mad hilarious! did u know that was heys first ever victory? i think the stars need a quick, pin point striker. the game had no real winger n we relied on a strong, attack oriented midfield. titus mulama is a good winger but heys head is so up his arse we cant get him 2 recall mulama. tupe kamoja tu was mad funny! i wud hav joined them if i was there considering i feel nothing for tear gas

    A hardened student, or that you are resistant to teargas. I feel you on the attack, apparently, my bro could tell Hey was using 5-4-1 approach, with only Oliech in the front. Defensive strategy, and Oliech did not shine. Ati Hey’s head is up his what? And this was only his first victory!

  3. Lol! Ati ‘turushie kamoja tu!’. LOLest! I’m reading this in the jav and I burst out laughing! The driver nearly dropped me off at Mathari. . .apparently people usually don’t laugh (almost hysterically) at 6 in the morning. I had to share the post with him. . .and he nearly lost control of the jav! Thanks for making my morning! Hehehe

    Where were you going at six in the morning with the driver??? You are welcome.

  4. Nice to know a chic who likes football.

    I agree that Taiwo is hooooot!! Does he have to sit there looking so hot like this? Where did you get this picture? Its early in the morning bwana, hehehehehehe!

    Kwanza compared to football players in general (the world over), this guy could model..he’s six feet. Anyway, got the photo from the net, did not have a camera that day.

    And to make matters better guess what? I met McDonald Mariga jana usiku huko Lifestyle :-)!! I have to confess I didn’t know who he was before jana or what the fuss was about when people just started staring then when my friends told me they dared me to ram my cart into him…(of course I didn’t) but I wish I did!

    The Stars rock!!

    What! You didn’t even pose for a phone photograph with him? This is a guy Arsenal is interested in..he could be a big celeb soon. Then you can show your friends the photo saying how you two are close.

  5. washana na macanister we’ve seen too much in the last 2yrs..

  6. man ur comments are posts in their own right!!but you watch soccer?Live matches?what are the chances…congs on the win. our team is just as bad as yours…misery finds company

  7. Seems like dt was one of its kind action packed match!!
    nice report… hope ur team qualifies… 😉

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