Careful What You Say

Am hanging out at a friend’s room, as usual. Probably typing something on the computer, or perhaps watching some video or other. My mind is idle and am keeping in tune with all conversations around me. Giselle suddenly rushes in, she’s come to see her friend, Mary.

“Nguess what Mary?!”

“What?” A disinterested Mary asks. I know she is not interested because she has not paused in folding her laundry.

Me, on the other hand, is every interested. She sounds excited. Of course she is not talking to me, am working on the computer, remember?

“Njana..I ndreamt with this nguy..”

Ok, now she is losing me. I dream with guys on most nights. That’s not news.

“It’s Njemo. I ndreamt of Njemo…oooh..he’s so cute and light and sooo sweet..” She croons.

I turn to ask, “What were you doing in the dream?” but what I ask instead is:

“Which Jamo?” (I have figured out her accent..Njemo is Jamo, as in James.)

“Eh..wacha nikuambie. Njemo is this tall light nguy… cute and so sweet. I just wish.. I don’t think you know him, mbut he is njust everything” she sighs.

My my, we are certainly in love. Then Mary asks me,

“Si he is in your department, ama?”

“Our department? “ I ask. I don’t think I know any Jamo so I turn to my friend then it clicks, “Jamo.”

Thaaat Jamo..isn’t he the one who is kinda going out with my friend? this is getting interesting. How juicy is this? Someone dreams of a guy, and spills the beans to the could-be girlfriend. Now me, am not one to keep secrets…before I can control my big mouth or think how to use this knowledge to my advantage, I have already burst out:

“Oh, if it’s that guy, forget him, he’s taken.”

“Who is the ngirlfriend?” Giselle asks.

I roll my eyes towards my friend. It becomes obvious… Giselle giggles with embarrassment and decides to quit the narrating the fantasy, little wonder. That’s when I remember she hasn’t told us what they did on the dream. Dammit, I should have heard her fantasy before telling her, or not tell her at all. Such is the kind of situations where one wishes they talked less.


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