Okay, I remember writing something close to the post you are about to read, and some not-so-positive responses. So one day I wrote this post in spite..then lost the heart to publish it. (While at it, you might also read this) I was going through my papers, trying to be organised when I found the folded foolscap and voila! Nikolas requested a fantasy post, so here you go…

Warning: Explicit content, proceed at own risk. (One would think am about to explode a bomb in your face.)

My heart beats loudly in my chest. Am gaining the courage needed to face you. I look at you in the distance and my stomach ‘whooshes.’ It’s a warm night. It’s a night for dancing. In fact, the whole village is at the dance now. I can hear the drums beat in the distance. Here, upon our secret grove, we have learned each other’s secrets. Tonight is the night, and though no word has been spoken about it, we might as well be screaming out our desires.

You walk tall and regal, silent as a cat stalking prey. I cannot help but admire your stature, your demeanor. In the moonlight, you slink away to our hiding place.

Am already seated, resting my head against the tree. Remember how you taught me to write? We’ve now scratched our initials on our tree. You sit by me. It’s a bit cooler here so I move to sit between your legs, my head resting on your chest, and you put your arms around my shoulders. We sit like this for a while. The elders will probably have a fit if they see us now. Things like these are forbidden in our land. They are now taking the village brew at the dancing ceremony. One day, you shall probably be among them, leading them. After all, you are the chief’s son. But tonight you are mine, and am yours.

I relish the feel of your warm skin on mine. Yours is a hard worker’s body; you are not afraid of physical work. I, on the other hand, have been accused of being lazy. But we’ve talked about this and am sure you understand when I say some of us were just not meant to do some kind of work.

Our clothes are of the usual style, so skimpy. Your loin clothskin. My single leather skirt. We women walk around topless, but am only shy when I meet you in public. You always talk to my chest, don’t you? But it pleases me greatly, and sets a warm feeling in my belly.

You sigh contentedly and run your hands up and down my bare arms. You say you love the smoothness of my skin. I love the feel of your hands on me. Now your hands are on my belly, and I can feel coherent thoughts flying out of my head. I can only feel this moment.

Your hands cup my breasts, and even though you have done this many times before, each time is as good as that first time. You gently massage one nipple, coaxing it to erectness with your thumb. My breathing gets shallower, and I can feel myself growing damp.

Ever so slowly, I turn to face you, and look into your eyes. The animal desire I see reflected there holds me captive. Moving closer, my breasts now pressed against your chest, I lower my head, until my lips are touching yours. You pull back just a little bit to show me you want to taunt me, make me beg for your kisses.

My hands tracing loving paths on your back, and this time you don’t pull away. Your lips taste of those minty leaves you like chewing so much. I probe my tongue deeper, exploring, teasing and tantalizing. Am lost in this feeling so electrifying. Raw heat engulfs us. I can already feel the moisture on your skin. You know am so ready I want you in me right now. But you are a patient one, and you love taking your time. You literally drive me crazy.

You make me lie on my back on the cool soil. I blend in with it; me and you melt in the dark. You gaze at me as if you’d ravish me, but I can see the restraint in your eyes. You want this to last as long as possible. I couldn’t ask for anything more.
Your lips find my nipple, and I wriggle and moan beneath you, as one hand caresses my silken thighs. Your hand moves from the knee, up my hip and onto my core of pleasure. Your middle finger finds me, hot and wet, and quickly slides inside. I tense for a moment, feeling only what words cannot describe. You index finger finds my bud, and spreading the lips to have full access, you tease me. Am half out of my mind and am almost coming. But instead you reduce your speed, leisurely exploring, and now you have your two fingers in me, which am riding. I tense for a minute, utter a cry and a shattering orgasm rocks me. I can feel the wetness trickle out of me. I still want you.

Discarding your loin cloth you stand, and pull me up with you. You support me against the tree. I have one hand around your neck, and in the other hand, I hold your glorious manhood. It throbs with a life of its own. The need to have you in me is great.

With your strength, you lift both of my legs and wrap them around your waist. My hand is guiding you, and with the first thrust you enter me deeply. We both gasp. What we have is powerful. Slowly, you move in and out, pulling out almost completely and as am about to move forward in refusal, you thrust back. I meet you stroke for stroke.
Our rhythmic movements increase in pace. I can feel you swell and grow inside me. We are moving in a kaleidoscope of color, making sounds we cannot hear. Light explodes before my eyes, and my coming this time is like thunder. A few seconds later, you too lets go, close your eyes and ejaculate in me. When you pull out, it’s sensuously lubricated sliding.

We lie together at the foot of the tree, your arm my pillow. Before long we have to part. But I know we’ll be back here again soon.


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  1. Very very nice well written.

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