Incomplete Post..

Ever had such a moment? The threads of your thoughts disappear altogether…here is the post below.

Sometimes you want your life to be different. You wake up each morning and wish something adventurous, unnatural, out of the blue would happen to you. Like you become a vampire, better yet, you fall in love with one. I don’t mean those ritual-killing pastors of Naivasha. More like the enhanced vision, strength, speed, good looking and immortal vampires who shine in the sun (not those who turn into monsters). Perhaps you should watch twilight the movie, am now into reading the books this movie is based on.

Leaping through the trees in a scene in the movie

Leaping through the trees in a scene in the movie

You wish you had something deeper going on, not just the empty (or so it seems sometimes) day to day existence with mundane stuff like books, friends and what not. Of course, am still trying to discover what deeper thing. Maybe that’s the point: the search for a deeper meaning of life is the deeper meaning of life.

Once in a while, something happens to jolt you out of routine. Like you top your class. And then afterwards, there is pressure to keep up. And you almost lose it but then soon enough you are back to routine. Routine. The monotony that life can become. But then, we find comfort and safety in predictability. We sleep in peace when our routines are not disrupted.

I would be happy if I never had to sleep. There is so much to do and so much to do and so many goals I’ve set for myself. I have finally admitted (I feel like a failure) that the goals are unrealistic. So much to learn, yet I still waste much time doing nothing at all.

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