The Revival of one Lost Poet

So I have been trying to revive my otherwise mostly dead poetry skills. Halfway there, I started this blog

A friend of mine left me some poems when he was graduating and am thinking of putting them up on the poetry blog with a disclaimer that am not the original author. Should put up one this week. Watch this space.

In the footsteps of my mind

In the footsteps of my mind


One Response

  1. lost mind

    i think i`ve lost me mind
    person of a kind
    got glimpse of the passing wind
    i was unable to unwind
    till i thought it was too late
    but a teacher inside of me
    tells me its never too late

    its never too late?
    i wonder.

    yap, it may never be that late
    now i don`t have the hate
    i can`t say it was fate
    nor was it written
    for a ray of hope
    shines from afar
    yet so near.

    this are my confessions
    a show of integrity
    outcast of impunity
    road towards purity
    shadowed insanity
    gullible to scrutiny
    my accountability.

    growing a beard
    i once heard
    is not a sign of maturity.
    to be mature;
    it all starts in the brain
    going down to your heart
    i swear i never heard of that
    till now
    to say the truth
    and let the truth be told.

    speaking the truth may be a burden
    as the truth ain`t a lie.
    lies are created
    but the truth:
    the truth exists.
    the truth is a reality
    never ideal
    thus ,
    it will always set you free.

    the truth will always
    set you free.

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