The Woman and The Kid

I was watching a mungiki documentary *shudder* and I don’t want to talk about it. I mean about the mungiki. But a few scenes in it got to me.

The street children, the Dandora dumpsite, the poverty (not that it’s new but it gets to me every time), the mutilated bodies, the violence recorded, the woman (I’ll elaborate more), the was all just horrifying.

The woman am referring to here is someone high up in the organization hierarchy. Her name is Florence. If ever there was a cold woman, it’s this one. She is so blunt. She was a prostitute before she joined them. She has this bold stare and chilly smile even when she is talking about killing, it’s like a mocking smile. Her words are precise. She sounds like someone who means what she says and says what she means. I’ll attempt to type out part of the interview:

Q: Maina’s wife disappeared yesterday.

A: Yeah, the day after yesterday.

Q: What happened?

A: Even now am just here, am blood is telling me they are dead. My blood is telling me. (Bold stare, absolute conviction in what she is saying.)

Q: You think that they are dead…

A: Yes, am feeling!

Q: Who do you think is responsible for taking them away?

A: It’s this *** squad.

Q: You are sure?

A: Yeah, they want us to feel pain, so that we can leave mungiki. But, even if they take my baby, and kill my baby, eh..I’ll never go back. NEVER. (So much passion, words alone won’t be able to describe this.)

Q: (This guy is definitely buffled..) Tell me actually what you do?

A: Am a coordinator. Of women.

Q: Do you target prostitutes?

A: Yeah? Yeah. I can change their life within 30 minutes.

Q: Really?

A: (That smile again) Yeah.

Q: And what do you to change their lives in 30 minutes?

A: I do read the Bible, and tell them “I was like you one day.” I was smoking very much bangi.

Q: A lot of marijuana, yeah?

A: Very much. I’ve been jailed because of robbery, I was even slaughtering gangs.

Q: (Very shocked guy) You were slaughtering?

A: (That smile) Yeah. I was a bad girl. Yeah.

Q: You killed people?

A: Yeah..Yeah..I was brewing chang’aa..

Q: Very strong alcohol..

A: Yeah..I was selling to people, and if you don’t pay me.. I was taking a glass and slaughter you (movements to show this-the slicing across the throat) I can..yaani I can do everything to you. (Smile again). So everybody was fearing me. In Kayole, Soweto.

Q: what about the claims that, you know, some of the girls that join have female circumcision. Is that true?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: So the allegations that we have that people were locked up and are basically forced to have circumcision..

A: (Emphatic shake of head) Not forced. No.

Q: Okay..

A: It’s your wish. Like now..April, there is 20 girls.

Q: 20 girls?

A: yeah. And they come to my house.

Q: How do you do it?

A: there is an old woman, she will come with a knife..and then I’ll take the legs of the girl (demonstrating) and then I’ll cover the neck, like this. (Shows how.) Please please, hold on. Hold on. And then the mama will just cut. Just a small thing. Just a very small thing.

Q: some people might disagree with you that it is a small thing.

A: It’s a small..very small thing.

Q: Doesn’t that mean that by taking away that very small thing, that she won’t be able to enjoy sex in the future?

A: That’s lies. To be circumcised, is a good thing. Coz I can stay..about 3 years without a man. And I can survive. But uncircumcised girls can’t stay. Coz when that thing stands like this, you’ll feel yaani you want a man. You can be fucked by everybody. Even dogs. (Laughs-it’s chilling)

I don’t know who else watched the documentary but as I said no more comments about it. It’s too big to upload and am not even sure if it’s copyrighted. It’s by Sky News. The narrator is called Ross Kemp.
Here is a photo from a scene that literally had me in tears.

The glue community.

Ross Kemp with the community

Ross Kemp with the community

The mother giving her kid glue

The mother giving her kid glue

the kid sniffing away

the kid sniffing away

no one attends to her as she stumbles around

no one attends to her as she stumbles around

as she stares into the camera, what future does she have?

as she stares into the camera, what future does she have?

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