Mob Justice

We were walking back to school on a certain night, when we met a large crowd dispersing. I hoped it was not a strike, the situation is volatile right now since it’s almost exam time. Actually, it’s 3 days to start of exams and people are scarcer than ever, in social terms. Guys lock themselves in their rooms or disappear into the library only to reappear at meal times. And they won’t be talking to anybody.

Anyway, after the fear/excitement of a strike had been confirmed to be a false alarm, the next conclusion was a mob justice situation. There have been many like that, though I personally haven’t witnessed any. Someone caught stealing is handed justice right there and then. I think it’s savage and barbaric. For instance, last year, a student was beaten so badly for pocketing a phone. Everyone was just landing blows on him, and whoever tried to help him also got a beating. Eventually, the watchmen rescued him and took him to hospital. He was lucky to have escaped with his life.

Not so lucky is this other guy who was beaten to death this weekend. See what I mean by savage and barbaric? I mean, it’s one thing to punch him in the face, it’s another to carry a piece of metal and repeatedly hammer his head with it. I think his skull was cracked or something. And they did not just stop at metallic pieces of chairs but sticks and stones too. He was caught red handed un-hanging clothes from the men’s lines. Apparently, even the clothes he was wearing were stolen. And so everyone whose clothes had been stolen, or just anyone who felt like beating someone up, chased him, caught up with him and well…

They left him half-dead, is the story I heard. He was taken to hospital but they refused to treat him, saying they do not know him. He was not a student here. While I do not condone theft of any kind, I think guys went too far this time. If only he knew the clothes would cost him his life. He later died after the hospital had refused to treat him.

Seems to me people are getting a taste for violence here. And we say the ancient practices of Roman gladiators was barbaric?

Where was I? Yes..the commotion that night. Asking around, we were told that some guys fought over a chick. The following day, more details emerged. It seems that while this guy and his girl were walking along the paths, another guy eying the chiquitta well..grabbed her ass. The boyfriend did not like this much and turned to defend his lady. I gather he was a small guy and ended up being beaten, but the lady must have loved him more for defending her honor, right? I mean, what did you expect the guy to do, give the grabber the finger and walk off? A punch in the face sounds just right. Now if only he knew kung-fu. The whole school had turned out to witness, and cheer.

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